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Saturday, July 24, 2004
Here is what a JUDGE says about this:

BOSTON -- A federal judge ordered the city on Thursday to allow protesters to march directly past the site of the Democratic National Convention, but refused to change a nearby protest zone, despite calling the fenced-in area "an affront to free expression."
Woodlock described the site -- which features overhead netting, chain link fence and razor wire -- as a "festering boil," but refused to make any of the changes protesters sought.
"I at first thought, before taking a view (of the protest zone), that the characterization of the space being like a concentration camp was litigation hyperbole," he said. "Now I believe it's an understatement."
"One cannot conceive of other elements put in place to create a space that is more of an affront to the idea of free expression than the designated demonstration zone."

How about the idea of government stealing all your money and putting you in concentration camps using enforcer thugs known as judges? Boy these judges sure have a poor imagination!

Coupled with their election stealing and their disenfranchisement of millions of californians by letting illiterate smelly illegal wetbacks vote (i.e. give illusion of mandate to dictators), democrats are really really bad americans. Not "bad" as in "Bad Commie" bad. But "bad" as in "Stalin". Like Hitler-Stalin-Kerrys - every single one of them. Meanwhile, the republicans are all democrats also:

Once upon a time, in a Congress far, far away, Republicans believed in smaller government. But you sure wouldn't know it from last month's budget-reform fiasco on the House floor.
On June 25, by an astonishing vote of 326 to 88, the GOP-controlled body rejected the Family Budget Protection Act, which would have removed the bias toward greater spending inherent in the current Congressional budget process. Even among Republicans, the bill lost 131 to 88. The Members also nixed the Spending Control Act, a less ambitious bill that Budget Committee Chairman Jim Nussle championed to impose spending caps, by a vote of 248 to 146.

Most of the credit for this repudiation of GOP principle belongs to the so-called College of Cardinals, the chairmen of the 13 Appropriations subcommittees and protectors of sacred pork, who threatened their fellow Republicans with legislative excommunication if they voted for the reforms sponsored by some very brave GOP backbenchers. Specifically, they vowed to zero out all pork projects for their districts.

In other news, filthy violence loving communist Isaac Asimov has been writing the bible for Osama bin Terrorists:
Asimov's novel I, Robot—which "suggested" the new movie of the same name—is basically an evangelical work, an argument against man's superstitious fear of machines. By the end of the book, machines run the economy and most of the government. Their superior intelligence and cool rationality eliminate imperfections such as famine and unemployment. Asimov mocks unions for having shortsightedly "opposed robot competition for human jobs," and he derides religious objections to new technology as the work of "Fundamentalist radicals." Almost without exception, anytime robots in the book appear to be doing wrong or seeking to harm their human masters, it turns out that the suspicious humans are misguided; the robots, as programmed, are acting in man's best interest. [Like the "government" ???]

Asimov's faith in the rule of robots was genuine and based on his faith in the rule of reason. He viewed his now-canonical Rules of Robotics—the code for robot behavior used in his books—as a roadmap for human ethics. Just as Asimov's machines are better than people at calculating mathematics, they're superior at coming to moral judgments as well. Susan Calvin, the book's protagonist, calls robots a "cleaner better breed" than humans because they're "essentially decent." [i.e "democrats"] Superior logic produces superior ethics. [Obviosuly they haven't read this blog!!!]
it's not unusual for sociopaths to glom onto works of fiction and use them to defend their aims. But Asimov may be the rare writer who has been adopted by two WMD-seeking terrorist leaders. Soon after the Sept. 11 attacks, some began speculating that al-Qaida, too, was inspired by Asimov. Why? Foundation, when it was published in Arabic in 1952, was translated as Al-Qaida.
That's right. You read it correctly. Osama bin Laden is a science fiction fan! STAB STAB STAB commie Asimov and his commie faith in "Futurama Bender" robot.
In other news about Stalin, looks like the communist libertarian candidate Badnarick hates gays. He says:

"All individuals have the right to contract and to fall in love without whomever they choose," he explained. "It is clearly not a government issue.
"Most people don't know that the first marriage licenses were instituted … to prevent interracial marriages."

So, even though he knows that marriage licenses are there to prevent marriage, he thinks gays should have them. Imagine being licensed to breathe, to earn money, to drive cars, to LOVE. Oh wait. Ooops. My bad. I thought I wasn't living in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Texas. Never mind. Carry on fellow commies. I'll just stab  you one by one instead of ideaomologically all in a group.

BTW, good thing I don't live in Commiechussetts:
The state of Massachusetts has done it again.  First, legislators ignored the voters.  Next, the Supreme Judicial Court ignored the Constitution.  As of yesterday, Governor Romney signed a law which represents a fundamental assault on private property.  It seems apparent that every branch of the Commonwealth’s government has decided to vacillate between anarchy and fascism.
My article “Is Massachusetts A Lawless Society” itemized how Massachusetts has turned up the heat on the frog over the years.  In 1986, voters overturned seat belt laws in The Commonwealth -- and the legislature proceeded to overturn the voters, twice.  In 2003, we voted for English immersion and elimination of bi-lingual education.  The legislature overruled us.  And yes, we even voted for lower taxes; the legislature decided to say “no.”
Fascists are bullies with a vision. Though frequently associated with nationalists and communists, fascists differ in that they require neither moral consistency nor philosophical justification. There is no logical stopping point once we abandon our respect for property and other rights.  However, not until we recognize that a "public" space (excluding government "owned" places) is nothing more than private property that the owner allows others to enter given certain conditions, we will continue down the road of tyranny.

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