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Thursday, August 19, 2004
Guess who's been doing book reviews of "Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry" by John E. O'Neill, Jerome R. Corsi !!!

The US communist conspiracy must not be exposed, August 19, 2004
Reviewer: Bad Commie (Texas, Nation of Texas) - See all my reviews

This book proves that Kerry was fighting on the wrong side in the wrong war. Like a lot of the fine military cretins who were stupid enough to go to Vietnam, Kerry treated it like a place to get himself some gay jewelry(purple penis hearts). At the time Kerry was there, the coward-traitors in charge of the US Military Industrial complex and Military-Industrial media had already decided to lose the war. The grunts knew that and were all busy shopping for gay jewelry. Kerry just got a better bargain. Kerry also decided to help the enemy abroad in order to better help the enemy at home backstab the grunts.

It is not surprising that normal soldiers trying to fight for freedom hate his guts for leaving his tour of a shitty commie disease hole in 4 months instead of the usual 12-36 on the pathetic pretext of some scratches. Kerry loved communism and loved the man and loved sticking it to the grunt. It's pathetic that Kerry had to lie about warcrimes on live TV, but no more pathetic that the common actions of the people that the American mob elects to congress.

Anyway, the real reason people don't want you to read this book is not that it exposes the trivial crimes of the Kerry, but because it makes obvious that the US is a communist country.

After all, what else can you call a country that taxed the rich at 90% for the vast majority of the last century? What else do you call a country that's twice as communist as China and Russia? This book makes clear that Kerry, the man who missed 78% of all Intelligence Committee meetings, will fulfill his God given unpopular mandate of communizing the American people with the support of his political core - the US Communist party.

Here is a cool post from austin.general:

"Mapanari" wrote in message news:<>...
> (Ron M.) you babbled and
> > The most disgusting thing about this individual is his playing up of
> > his pathetic "Vietnam veteran" persona. Fact: after he graduated
> > from Harvard, Kerry applied for a draft deferment, to avoid military
> > service. It was denied, so he joined the naval as an electrician.
> > Needing some "combat" experience for his political career, however,
> > he later volunteered for Swift Boat duty, which at that time was
> > technically "combat," but spent its time performing harmless shore
> > patrols.
> I don't like Kerry, and I know exactly where he's coming from, but you
> have to not interject lies, absudities and suppositions into this if
> you want people to believe the read facts that need to come out; to wit:
> Riverene/Swift boat/PBR duty was not harmless shore patrol. This was
> almost as dangerous as being a door gunner on a Huey (lowest life
> expectancy in Nam).
> Made of fiberglass and thinly armoured, but fast, the newer swift
> boats were jet water propulsion with a very low draft and could go
> just about anywhere.
> There is nothing like the feeling of motoring down a canal in the
> Mekong where you have brush and trees hitting you from both sides,
> blind as a bat, knowing that just a 20' on either side are rice
> paddays and maybe 300 cong set up with RPGs waiting for you. Speed don hep you none atol der.
> >
> > Later, however, the Swift Boats were changed to dangerous interior
> > river missions. Shortly thereafter, Kerry earned his first "purple
> > heart." It was a tiny scratch on his arm. He demanded a purple
> > heart, and his commanding officer refused, saying it was serious
> > enough, and he couldn't even tell where it came from. "It looked
> > like he had been scratched by a fingernail," the CO said in recent interviews.
> Medals are awarded if another officer puts you in. No other
> confirmation needed because you are assumed to "An officer and a
> gentleman". Enlisted troops needed eye witnesses plus the recomendation of his CO.
> After about 1968 Vietnam became a medal bonanza with day trippers from
> the Pentagon flying over to fuck little girls, do a line of Heroin
> (this is pre-drug testing) buy some Jap motorcycles and stereo duty
> free and fly home using US Military cargo plans to bring all their
> loot, uninspected by the MPs of course like the ground pounders had to have done.
> Al Gore was part of this connected rich people with influence VIPs
> that came over, decided to become a "Photographer", put on a tiger
> suit, bought himself a boonie hat from the Aussies and posed
> everywhere for pictures of himself, then flew on a Huey to a nice
> clean LZ after a firefight so he could get his required set of CIB and
> Iwasthere medals. Then he flew home, before his tour of "duty" was over.
> So did Kerry. He flew home nice and safe before his tour was over too.
> See the pattern?
> Medals were handed out like candy by officers. The deal was, FTA
> (Fuck the
> army) attitude, we'd lost anyway (everyone knew it back in 68) and so
> fuck it, don mean nutin' atal gets what you can gets.
> Officer got medals. They gave them to each other in bucketfuls, sort
> of like Grenada and Panama. People got purples hearts for Hangnails,
> for stepping on a nail. Everyone got bronze stars and the coveted CIB
> (combat Infantry Badge). Well connected officers would get
> re-assiagned to diferent service branch's units so they could suck up a whole new chest full of medals.
> No one gave a shit. No one believed in anything. It was every man for
> himself.
> The corruption was legandary; hundreds of millions of dollars of food,
> supplies, weapons, PX goods, MPC converted to Francs and Dollars,
> anything that wasn't restricted and nuclear was sold on the open
> market by LTs, SGts and anyone with access to the goodies. Everyone
> was in the black market, even down to the lowest newbie to the highest generals. Who gave a shit?
> The fuckers at home didn't, the army didn't, the politicians didn't,
> you had to get your own while the getting was good.
> Kerry was simply a small part of this corruption. If he'd been at a
> supply base he'd have been selling tons of concrete, wire and
> corrugated tin to anyone with money out the back gate.
> If I were Kerry, I'd let my "heroic's" die down and not talk about it.
> The other Kerry, Bob, did and it turned out that democratic senator is
> an unconvicted war criminal who massacred a whole village of innocent
> Vietnamese and is still getting away with it!
> >
> > Kerry didn't quit - he actually went over his CO's head, until he
> > finally got the medal. His second injury was similar, just a scratch.
> > The third was a little deeper, when the boat hit a mine. It took him
> > out of action for a whole 2 days. The military had a policy of
> > letting soldiers transfer to non-combat positions if they received
> > three purple hearts; Kerry pounced on the opportunity and left
> > Vietnam 8 months before his tour was over.
> That was the coward's and the sneaky way to get out. Even though we
> knew that war was lost, you have to be a rather fucking asshole that
> no one liked and didn't fit in to want to leave your buddies and leave
> early; a lot of shame involved there.
> >
> > It's appalling to hear him constantly bragging about being a Vietnam
> > war hero, as if he were some sort of real-life Rambo. During his
> > acceptance speech tonight, he's going to stand there and pretend to
> > be all weepy, and hug some triple amputee who's a Vietnam vet. Kinda
> > makes you want to puke, doesn't it?
> Yup. At least Bush made no bones about wanting to stay in the USA and
> pulling strings to get into a coveted NAt. Guard unit.
> >
> > And the idea of this flip-wristed Massachusetts idiot being our
> > Commander-in-Chief? It takes your breath away. This guy voted
> > AGAINST funding for, among others:
> >
> > -the B1/B2/Stealth bombers
> Useless bombers. Overpriced pieces of shit.
> > -the Abrams main battle tank
> Overpriced piece of shit. Should have been killed
> > -the Bradley Fighting Vehicle
> Horribly overpriced and vulnerable and can't do most of the missions
> it was originally desiegned/speced for.
> > -the Patriot anti-missle system
> One of the biggest failures and boondogles in US History of weapons
> procurment.
> He was right to vote against those. But wrong, especially for the F-18.
> >
> > That's why you have to lie to them, the way Clinton did about the
> > "middle class tax cut" and "total health care reform." Or the way
> > Bush did about the weapons of mass destruction - of COURSE he lied
> > about it; that was the only way we could sell the war to the public.
> > He couldn't just get on TV and say, "ok, folks, next month we're
> > going to invade the Middle East."
> I still chuckle when people get upset about government and politicians
> lying to them....what? Are they 9 years old and finally finding out
> that Santa Claus is their dad?
> You can't trust one fucking thing a politician says. Except for a
> couple of notable exeptions, like Nader, Perot and a few others, they all lie.
> >
> > Oh, by the way, after we finish with Iraq, we're going to take out
> > Iran and Syria. Shhhhhhh. You're not supposed to know.
> We're too cowardly and chicken to take out Iran; Iran can fight back.
> Syria now is another story.
> Don't you know we only pick on little kids?
> The last time we picked on a little kid, that little fucker went into
> caves, underground and kicked our asses all the hell and gone out of
> Vietnam and won.
> We can't even find Osama or control Iraq with 100,000 troops!
> Why?
> Because we're political cowards.
> Drag Al Sadr out of his fucking mosque and behead him in public and I
> guaruntee you everything would be very quiet for awhile.
> >
> > Ron M.
> >
> --
> ---Mapanari---

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