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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
I heard that some smelly wetbacks found Osama bin Texan huddled crying in a ditch, dirty and scared, and trying to flee back to Mexico (where he belongs) after the absolutely vicious stabbing he received in the last blog entry. Let this be a lesson to all Texans. You shall support ALL cowboys in white hats or you WILL suffer the CONSEQUENCES.

Speaking of commies supporting commies, it seems like the homosexual buttfucking olympics has once again come out of the filthy homo greek closet. As everyone knows from my last expose on the greeks, they are all filthy communist scum. Athens was the home of a bunch of homosexual degenerates who invented something called democracy which is a communist dictatorship where everyone gets to buttfuck their little slave boys while their moms are toiling in the fields. Check out the british commie poodle puppies and what they have to say about the degenerate greek olympics:

The modern Olympic ideal is completely alien to the spirit of the Greek original, which despised women, slaves and foreigners and celebrated sectarian religion, nudity, pain and winning at any cost.
A law attributed to Solon forbade slaves even to oil themselves, let alone compete. (Slaves were also forbidden to take boys as lovers, of which more later.)
Equally obviously to Romans such as Pliny, oiling was disgusting, all one with the Greeks' other vile vices.
The Olympic games originated in a stew of human flesh.
Demeter failed to notice that the shoulder she had munched was human, but the other gods twigged, and restored Pelops to life, with a replacement ivory shoulder.
But for a thousand years or more, until the games were abolished by the Emperor Theodosius in 393 ad, tourists were shown the ivory shoulder of Pelops - proving the foundational story.
At Olympia black rams were sacrificed in a pit in honour of Pelops, and oxen, 100 at a time, sacrificed to Zeus, the ashes from which piled up more than 20ft high over the years. What with this and no lavatories, a crowded Olympics would have been smelly
the Olympic games were about cultic sacrifice, not atavistic hunting rituals.
Plutarch tells us that the soldier Philopoemen despaired of athletes making good soldiers. "The athlete eats a lot, sleeps a lot, and trains regularly, while the soldier must endure lack of food and sleep, and exert himself at irregular moments. Once he had discovered these differences, Philopoemen despised athletics. When he became a general he used to say that men who were otherwise fit for war became through athletics too delicate for battle."
Plenty of pieces of red-figure earthenware show sexual acts in gymnasiums and between athletes. Sometimes boys are labelled as kalos, "beautiful", but so they are in other settings, such as drinking parties.

Ideas we take for granted were not shared by the ancient Greeks. They thought that barbarians had big pricks, and that this was a bad thing. Crucially, the Greeks did not subscribe to what might be called the Californian ideal of homosexuality. Modern Californians tend to think that homosexuality is for grown-up men who would ideally form lifelong partnerships. The ancient Greeks took it for granted that boys, that is, adolescents, were objects of sexual gratification. That is now the sin without forgiveness.
Sexual acts or even affairs might take place between grown men (as in Aeschylus' version of the love between Achilles and his friend Patroclus, hence their nervous handling by the makers of the terrible film Troy). But such acts did not define men as gay. The Greeks had no word for "homosexual".
In that foundational Olympic myth, Pelops won his chariot race by cheating, and killing his rival. In the Iliad, Nestor tells Antilochus that if he smashes his chariot up in the race, it will be "a delight to others", whereas in the 1896 Olympics when a Greek athlete's bicycle (yes, bicycle) broke down in mid race, his French competitor waited till he'd mended it. For the Greeks, winning was everything. There was no second or third place.

At Olympia athletes and trainers made an oath to keep the rules, sworn on slices of boar-flesh before an image of Zeus that held a thunderbolt in each hand, and was said to strike terror into men's hearts. They still went on cheating.
The famous athlete Arrhachion won his third Olympic victory even though he had just died, because at that very moment he had broken the toe of his opponent, who submitted.

Arrhachion was perfectly legally strangled. The event was pankration, a combination of boxing and wrestling which remained determinedly violent despite rules against biting and eye-gouging. Kicking and breaking fingers were quite all right.

Sport and games are inappropriate words for what the Greeks were up to at the Olympics. Competitive exercises were called agon, connected with our word agony. Gymnikos agon - naked struggle - was athletic competition. Athletes expected ponos, pain, both in training and in the event; the god Ponos was the son of Eris (strife) and Erebus (darkness). Winners had arete, virtue, of a sort.
As for the Olympic flame, it is not quite true that it originated at the Nazi Olympics of 1936. There had been a flame at Amsterdam in 1928. But for Hitler's event, 3,000 runners were chosen to carry the flame from Olympia. The torches were made by the arms manufacturer Krupp.

So, at this point its crystal clear. All greeks are homosexual degenerates and Athens invented communism and therefore that pisshole deserves to be nuked immediately. If you see a greek, spit on it.

Oh and all countries and athletes who participate in the olympics are unfulfilled boy butt fuckers.

This has been another episode of degenerate commie history. Don't like it?


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