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Thursday, September 30, 2004
Bad Commie "debate"!

Like dual campaign anti commercials only with more stabbings....


[The Bad Commie setting:
Coliseum with traps and archers and lion release every time a lie is told.]

[Mandatory uniforms: Scottish kilts, push up bras, BIG BIG KNIFE, and bunny slippers.]

Moderator Commie: Welcome. To Special Bad Commie sponsored debate with Kerry-Commie, W-Commie, Ralph Nader's Angry Ghost-Commie, Teddy K Suicide Bomber Nazi-Commie.

[contestants enter]

[Teddy K Explodes]

Moderator Commie: Eww. I've got pieces of a palestinian nazi all over me.

W-Commie: Get Ready for the Good, Bad and Ugly! I am gonna slice you bitches up!

Kerry-Commie: My butler General will Kick your ass by covering you in ketchup! You so dumb you invaded wrong country!

[Lion eats Ralph Nader's angry ghost-commie]

Kerry-Commie: See that fat lion? See the missing ralph nader? LET THIS BE A LESSON.

[W-Commie motions for republican archers to shoot kerry in leg]

W-Commie: Who got a wound in Vietnam now, bitch? Right Wing republican Attack Archers for DEAD COMMIES!

Kerry-Commie: Hmm, those lions look dangerous. Let me turn over and stick my ass up in their air so they can rape me while making french love sounds. Mon Cherie! You are soooo beautiful. Here lion, lion, lion!

[Lion commits suicide]

Moderator-Commie: This has been an excellent debate so far, with 60% casualties. Now, a question for the W-Commie...

W-Commie: Stop trying to distract me, you baggy eyed bolshevik, I'm going to KILL BAD PEOPLE, not talk to them.

[W-Commie runs after Kerry-Commie waving his sword]

Kerry-Commie: What's this a flower?

[Kerry-Commie bends down to sniff flower. W's stab misses and stabs the moderator, who remains alive.]

Moderator-Commie: What the fuck did you do that for you stupid republican nazi dipshit?

[Republican archers shoot moderator dead for being biased]

W-Commie: Eh, one dead commie is good as another, Osama, Saddam, Democrat, what do I care? They are all the same. Good work Republi-Archers! Mission accomplished! Ooops I forgot...

[W-Commie makes jet plane noises to show he is pilot]

[Kerry-Commie realizes moderator is dead]

Kerry-Commie: Oh no! Moderator is dead. You have angered me! I killed women and children in Vietnam! AND I WILL KILL YOU.

[Kerry takes out chinese machine gun and shoots all republi-archers!]

W-Commie: Heh, Heh, Heh, who's the nazi now? Look at all those dead republicans! Cool!

[Badnarick comes in with a swinging suitcase]


[suitcase nuke goes off]

Osama bin Commie: Thank you for watching! This has been an excellent debate with 200% casualty rates! God Bless all you infidels in the proper and typical god-blessing way!

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