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Saturday, September 11, 2004
Looks like islamofascist Dan Rather suicide bombed a school bus full of big media not-so-innocent children. The interesting thing is that the remote control detonator was triggered by Kerry Campaign Staffers. I assume that the reason this cheap third grade forgery was used to entertainingly get Danny boy to self explode was that the big media was somehow undermining the Kerry campaign of terror. On the other hand, maybe it was a lesson to the big media not to fuck with Kerry by giving bush even one second of ungarbled speaking time. Either way, Dan Rather the palestinian suicide bomber, is now toast and Stalin-Kerry's lesson is clear to everyone. Don't fuck with Stalin-Kerry or he will make your whole apartment building government-media complex explode.

A video of cheering republi-commies dancing in the streets and brandishing their newly purchased commie AK47s is available at all officially non-approved sources.

I look forward to Dan Rather being shot on the spot for his pathetic incompetent lies. If, however, the republi-commies fail to shoot Dan Rather, this shows enormous weakness which must be followed up immediately by mass extermination of all republi-commies because weak pathetic and puny communists can not be tolerated.

In any case, I suggest you get busy stabbing commies and not watch the commie drama queen freak show which is designed to make you feel involved in the ass raping process known as the "elections" - which is how the new communist dictator comes to power.

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