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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Pathetic salamifascist Neil Swidey, a Boston Globe pravdacaster, has written this little weasel dropping about how $1 million dollar houses close to Boston are piece of shit "starter" homes and this is somehow the fault of the "free market". Here are some choice politburo slogans from his propaganda:

Houses here cost so much because there are too few of them for all the people who have been drawn to Boston because it's such a great place for great minds to do great things. But that reputation, which has kept Boston competitive all these years, is beginning to buckle under the weight of absurd home prices. Even in a recession, Boston's world-renowned hospitals, higher-education institutions, and biotech firms admit they are seeing their job offers turned down like never before, largely because of housing costs. If prices get so high that it becomes less desirable to move here, how long before it becomes less competitive as well?

Wow, how retarded do you have to be to write this string of sentences every one of which contradicts the previous one? Boston Globe democrat retarded? Yep.
Hey, you retard salamifascist! It's not the "demand" that's driving prices up on the crack houses, you pathetic communist. You wouldn't know demand if it fell on top of you and accidentally raped you. No, its the fascist building restrictions of the communist democra-islamo-salami-fascists that infest the cockroach pile known as Boston and its suburbs. God forbid Crapa-Swampa-Taxa-Commie-chussetts should actually build affordable housing and neighborhoods and ruin the view of some elitist mass murdering communist in power. Shills like you who wonder were all the affordable housing went when the mass murdering communist in front of your face just "voted" against an apartment building are the REAL problem. Can't you see the poor person getting raped by the Boston democrats right in front of you, you stupid spanish fly wetback nigger hating elitist? Are you fucking blind? It's not the "market" doing the raping, its the fat murdering drunk Ted Kennedy. See his penis raping the wetback right in front of you? SEE IT?

Evidently you are fucking blind... Here is some more:

Home prices in Massachusetts are six times what they were in 1980 -- by far the largest spike in the country. But salaries here are only about three times what they were in 1980, creating an enormous imbalance between what we're earning and what we're paying for our houses.
The most insidious effect of the market is its ability to make us numb to the absurdity. Spend some time poring over real estate listings and hanging out at open houses, and you'll overhear observations like "For $925,000, it's not hideous." Spend enough time doing this, as I have in recent months, and these comments actually stop sounding completely warped. The market is changing our conception of what a million dollars means, and, along the way, it might just be changing us as well.

No you pathetic communist shill, its not the market, its YOU.
YOU WHO VOTED TO RESTRICT THE MARKET from building some non Ketchup Prince housing, you unraped unbeaten unlynched TBD.

Consider that in 1972, the Vanderbilt family sold the Breakers, its Newport, Rhode Island, mansion that evokes all the opulence of the Gilded Age, to a historic trust for its appraised value of around $300,000. In today's dollars, that would be about $1.3 million. Hmm, let's see: Cape cramped into an alley or 70-room waterfront palazzo?

How did we get here?

Remember that in the 1970s, much of Massachusetts was a deteriorated industrial area of empty mills and depressed old housing stock, says Patrick Lawler, the chief economist with the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight. (Housing prices were about the same in Boston as in Hartford.) But that all changed with the huge buildup of human capital in the 1980s, thanks in part to the heavy defense spending that benefitted MIT, Draper Laboratory, and all the companies that sprang up around them. Greater Boston became a hot place to live and to locate a business, and all those tired three-bedroom Colonials didn't look so tired anymore.
ASIDE FROM A DROP in the late 1980s and early 1990s, real estate values have been surging here ever since. That's because while demand has been in overdrive, supply here is far more limited than in most of the country. There's not much land left, and much of what is left is off-limits to builders because of conservation and zoning restrictions.

Right, you, pathetic degenerate golden retriever raper, that large batch of free "park swamp" land and that 10 acre house full of free land isn't really "land", is it?. What if I kill you and your whole family for seven generations? Would that be good enough to create land out of thin air? After all, land that was before "not land" would suddenly be "land". Looks like killing islamofascists like you is the real answer. There is plenty of land in Boston and the suburbs. A simple aerial picture will readily confirm that. Please indicate your location, so I may drop nerve gas on you.

Look at the charts Lawler keeps to track the growth in housing prices, state by state, and you see those "two Americas" the Democrats have been talking about so much these days, although it's sometimes hard to tell whose America you'd rather be in [NO ITS NOT YOU DROOLING SHITTY FASCIST]. The housing price boom has really hit only about a dozen states. The data explain why you and your cousin in Oklahoma aren't speaking the same language. Since 1980, housing prices in Massachusetts are up 516 percent the next biggest spike was the 399 percent New York saw). Over the same period, home prices in Oklahoma have risen 74 percent.

Drill down even deeper, and you see that this is essentially a Northeast/West Coast -- or "blue state" -- phenomenon. Of the 14 states that have seen the biggest jumps in home prices since 1975, all but one of them (borderline-blue New Hampshire) voted for Al Gore in 2000. Meanwhile, 24 of the bottom 26 states are solidly in the red. People can debate how much the blue and red states diverge in terms of values, but when it comes to housing, there's no question that we live in two profoundly different worlds.

The endless supply of land, and new subdivisions, in places like Texas keeps the lid on housing costs. But Boston and Manhattan (where the average price of an apartment hit $1 million for the first time a few months ago) and San Francisco are landlocked places that long ago blew the lid off.

Wow, what a pathetic retard. There is no endless supply of land in Texas. There is an endless supply of ASSHOLES, I mean Texans. The problem is not the "supply" which you restrict with democra-fascist government regulation. Only the vilest form of mongoloid mass murderer would tout the supply of government mandated homless Mama Ketchup crack shelters known as "housing" in Boston. No one wants the pathetic government monopoly faux Ketchup housing.

The problem is the OVER SUPPLY.





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