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Sunday, September 26, 2004
Who is the best commie killer? Bad Commie serial stabs all commies until they are dead, but is that really enough? Should I shoot women and children commies with an assault rifle like John Kerry? Should I send young men and women commies to die needlessly like the political coward limousine liberal W?

Of-course, the homosexual degenerate evironmentalist mother nature is the bestest commie killer. She's got the all time video game commie killing high score. Even better than the great commie stabber Stalin.


Maybe I need to start some community self help seminars.
How about this for an agenda:


Where be the commies? Using money as bait.

How did they sneak in across the anti commie border - are wetbacks or frostbacks responsible?


What to do if they are hiding but you know they are there - elect them to public office so they are easier to find.

Commie niggerism in the self selected political class:
Teresa Heinz - billionaire, 10 slave porter slave carriage french nigger.
Republican aspirations to be billionaire niggers like Teresa Heinz

Societal Effects of Communism:
Social contract of republi-commies with armed forces not to waste their lives - can republicans even read much less sign their own name?

Treason - the normal state of affairs if someone has more than one handgun of power. Safety locks on guns of commies - techniques from iraqi Improvised Explosive Device experts.


What to do about commies. How fast can you stab?

Teaching the police to stop being communism supporting anarchists - threaten to take away all donuts.

Killing democratic babies and democratic mothers so that they don't grow up to be republican communists. Not extreme enough, but may be necessary.

Killing seven generations at once - best technique. Arab Leaders Who Vote for Kerry as Guest Speakers. Note, commies are NOT jews.

Crushing the testicles of congress-commies in a meat grinder - it works for dogs, why not politicians?

Dropping nuclear bombs on fallujah or washington dc, either one, hopefully both. Osama bin Laden guest speaker.

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