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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Imagine if you discovered that you could pay your Visa bill by scrawling "I O U $75" with a Sharpie on a Post-It and mailing it in. At the end of a 50-year period, you could then argue that your credit debt was at a healthy level of zero, notwithstanding a coincidental "Post-It Note imbalance" of $275,000.00. Or, rather, you couldn't -- since you don't operate a first-world nation that hundreds of millions of people trust with their very lives, you'd simply be jailed on charges of Stupid.

More fascinating terrorism here: This guy clearly needs to be arrested and executed for going faster than 60 logical conclusions per hour. So is all of the current debt an artifact of the useless and criminal great society garbage? Probably. FDR was a retarded commie crapping cockroach after all.

I have been busy entertaining myself by watching the movie "High Noon" instead of the meat grinding of the Breck girl in the debates. Here is an excellent movie review of the communist propaganda western "High Noon" by a finn:

by - jfkettunen (Wed Jul 28 08:40:13) Ignore this User | Report Abuse

With all your commie paranoia, are you sure the water you're drinking is not polluted by the communists, and who knows, maybe the commies are watching you from their base on the Red Planet? And safety belts, isn't that definitely a rotten communist plot? And isn't it suspicious how people turn red when they blush?
Don't get me wrong, I hate communism, as an ideology it's far worse than nazism or anything I can think of; I live in Finland and we've had to fight the Russians off our soil a couple of times, and I know what communism means - it was just across the border for over 70 years. I simply find the conservative American paranoia so amusing, whenever someone acts suspiciously then he must be a bloody Commie, whenever someone stands for social welfare then he's a Commie too. Commie this, commie that. For you it's a vague, undefined enemy that can be seen everywhere lurking in the shadows. You have such funny ideas about communism. What exactly makes High Noon a communist movie? Is it communist because there's no John Wayne shooting down the Indians, or is it communist because the people in town are not perfect examples of the American ideals? The McCarthy red scare was nothing but a shameful witch hunt in a country that so endorses the freedom of speech, freedom of thoughts and democratic values. McCarthy was no better than the Soviet KGB inquisition, accuse them until they confess and then send them to exile.
John Wayne was a great actor, and Rio Bravo is a great western, but so is High Noon. Labeling it communist is ludicrous, not to mention irrelevant.

In other entertaining news, debt collection in Boston is now illegal:

BOSTON - State banking regulators have ordered an Ohio-based company to stop trying to collect debts in Massachusetts because of questions about the firm's practices and financial stability.
Cadle also denied that the company had used any hardball tactics in the state, saying it was "very passive" and pursued debts only over the phone.
Schlichtmann alleged the company had used hardball tactics to try to collect debts, harassing and abusing people by making false reports to ruin their credit, calling their neighbors, talking to children about their parents' debts, threatening to take people's homes, and taking people to court.

Schlichtmann himself battled the company for years as the company tried to collect debts from him even after he had declared bankruptcy.

Schlichtmann had gone bankrupt while fighting an environmental case in Woburn. His battle was documented in the book "A Civil Action" and a movie of the same name.

I think I'm going to go steal from a commie Bostoner before it steals from me.

In other news it turns out that Bill Burkett, of Dan Rather Circle Jerk fame, is an awesome writer. Check this out:

As I said, a UN vote would not stop GW Bush from attacking Iraq. Nor will anything else. And weapons of mass destruction will be discovered in great quantities; but the entire affair will stink to high heavens because it will be as staged as the White House press conference you just viewed.

The human death toll will publicly not be mentioned, yet in truth, it will far exceed 120,000. Our vast size and force will quickly break the back of any Iraqi resistance, yet we will not break their spirit. This is a society which has learned to live in troubled politics. They will go about their business while seething inside. There will be small uprisings, but they will quickly be crushed. The emotion and anger that we will have built will spill over into other countries and meld like an alloy with other problem areas of the Middle East, becoming a deeper seated problem. We will have insured that America's dynasty is nearing an end.

While GW Bush will be cast as a conquering hero by his political team and accepted by the population as such, history will treat him as Napoleonic. Bush will reach a new lofty level of acceptance by first fear and then staged triumph. Those who waited too long to gain their voice will lose their voice again.

America will over pledge economically in order to establish this new footprint; but the economic worth will not go to offset our fiscal investment, or to the Iraqi people. Iraq will be stripped by the vanquishers; the major corporations, who will then control not only the assets, but the cash flow. Their names will be Mobil, Exxon, Halliburton and the likes.

Our homeland warnings will again revert to 'fusia' a color only associated with confusion, and cosmetic image.

And America will again be asked to bow at the feet of this small man with big ideas.

Lost within a short time will be the name Saddam; for like Osama, he was never the purpose of this campaign. Never in the history of the world has a great society survived whenever its focus was allowed to magnetize to its most powerful. And here we will clearly have in view that there is little value accorded to the innocent 3-year-old Iraqi girl who will today be playing in the streets, or the 19-year-old soldier who will launch the missile that will kill her.

Heh! That's a good stabber!

Here is more on the breck girl john edwards and his exaggerated licking of the republican bananas:

What happened, of course, is that all the good reformists held their noses and voted for Edwards to keep Duke out of the governor's mansion. A popular bumper sticker at the time read: VOTE FOR THE CROOK, IT'S IMPORTANT.






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