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Saturday, November 27, 2004
Booyah! I slowly sneak up on the filthy fascist republican bloodskull orc scout as he is getting a hummer from the monica bloodskull orc priest. Then, I feel the rage welling up inside me and great gouts of fire and ice come out and burn the filthy republican fascists and all their books to cinders. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! As the horribly mutilated republican corpses lie beneath my feet, I ponder the succulent lugubrious fate of the republican fascists - those very same fascists that sold out to big business and thereby destroyed the family and family values, horribly increasing illiteracy and immorality with their destruction and hate for Yankee village entrepreneurs. After all, big business must have its mindless worker drones.

And then, a thought clubs me (or possibly it was one of the insufficiently toasted orcs) - why stop there in my spree of rage filled republi-cide? After all, what is a republican, except a democrat by another name? Democra-cide here I come!

So I boldly and proudly walk into the city and begin decapitating the democratic fascist intentioned road-to-hell-ers. For who is it that supports the public school re-education concentration camp system? That very same torture system that was designed by international social doom planners to produce mindless worker drones. Who is it that makes sure that big business gets its daily affirmative action quota of slaves, while making sure that any slightly Texas minded person who steps out of line and gets uppity about the government degenerate daily theft gets the full might of the government court system jackboot? That very same court system that was designed to instill an unthinking docility and stop people from relying on themselves to solve problems? That very same court system that is deliberately designed to INCREASE the incidence of crime and to make sure horrifically violent financial crime can proceed at will, backed by armies of jackboot law-less-yers.

The death screams of the degenerate depraved democrat stalin thugs reach a hellish volume and girlish pitch all around me. Their clothes, cats, and baby midget mini-me democrats burn like cheap plastic at a rubber book fire. Their death screams permeate the very essence of my consciousness and tell me that I am doing the right thing!





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