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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
Fox news just ordered me to brainwash myself with the information that Terminator-fornia is letting people see on the web if their neighbors are degenerate perverts. I don't understand the point of this since this is California we are talking about. Maybe they are letting people see who is registered as a democrat? Hmmm. Wait, fox news brainwashing just came in with further orders.... something about sex offenders?.... Hmmm, all of this seems like 100 percent state resident coverage to me. Still don't see the point..... The commander in thought chief is mumbling something about "4 times more likely" recidivism rates. Do they mean that criminals that are watched commit crimes? And if you don't watch criminals you don't see crimes? Hmmm. Oh I get it! Maybe they mean white collar sex law perverts in the legislature are getting a web page? Hmmmm, no. I guess they are already registered. Come to think of it, voters are registered too. Maybe they just want to register the remaining non criminals? That's probably it.

OK, now fox thought central is terrorizing UN bureaucrats on the street. Just walking up to them and asking them annoying questions. Boy these idiots are ineffective suicide exploders and heat choppers. Don't they watch al-jazeera? The SAY they do...

I would have asked better questions.

Bad Commie: We are doing a comparison of degenerate bad-darky apologizers for mass murderers of bad-darkies - would you say you are number 3 or number 4 all time? Can I personally kill 1 million bad-darkies and then you will apologize for me? If I kill a bunch of Iraqis and say you can have their oil, can you give me money too? I have more legitimacy than the last guy!

Crap, my stabbing rate is falling below 4 degenerate commie thieves per second. This is bad commie,


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