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Tuesday, December 28, 2004
I would just like to send a shout out to my homie, the GGGGGGGGGG Block Man, God, for offing all of those brown people and foreign tourists and children, some of whom were undoubtedly vicious degenerate capitalism hating commies.

On the other hand, there is quite a good chance that this was the fault of Jesus, who was either trying to compulsively wash them or baptize them, being the religious right wing truth hating bigot that he is. Also, it's almost certain that the toonami was the fault of the ******Jew****** supermodel Moses who was trying to part the red sea again. How many people did that Jew kill when he did it the first time? Huh? HOW MANY???

Now some of you may think the tsunami is somehow immoral or, worse, amoral. I assure you killing brown people and children and foreign tourists is very very moral and good for everyone. I would like to put my reputation on the line and say I support the morality of this act 1000%. For example, look at the stock market, as capitalism magazine would say - clearly the stock market is going up - this is a moral activity.
China and Europe and India has been genociding the culturally unacceptable (crippled, stupid, girls) for the last 30 years. If that government activity is moral, what about the uber government and uber bureaucracy of God? Clearly that is even more moral. Killing the weak, stupid, culturally unacceptable, or brown is always moral. And even if the foreign tourists weren't brown, they would have been if they kept on staying in the sun.


Thank you God, thank you. I bow my head in reverence.

Bet you can't get me, bitch! I'm safely inland. What are you gonna do? Stop crying bitch!


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