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Thursday, January 20, 2005
W has been inaugermetated! Every day should be inaugerBBQation day! I notice that W, the evil communist pirate of communism, has been "shipwrecking communism". Now, this is an excellent plan, as a shipwreck is almost always followed by multiple stabbings of great vigor. Stabbings make me happy.

Going back to what W speechified, I assume W is referring to shipwrecking the economy of the United States, the most communist country on earth (steals by far the most from its citizens by force). He is probably going to use pirate ships from the United States, the most capitalist country on earth (most enrons), to kill the evil communism pirate. It's strange that in countries like Spain, the party that calls itself communist and socialist has FAR more fiscally conservative and sound policies than the republi-commies. But that's what happens when you let north eastern Texan elitists like W sniff money. We should have kept him sniffing the coke.

At least that retarded child murdering war criminal dishonorably discharged open communist Kerry is not getting inaugermeatated. That would have been tragic, to have a war criminal as the leader of the most communist best country on earth!

This is Bad Commie, stabbing stabbing stabbing for freedom propulsionating throughout the whole world, with mexicans for everyone!

Long live W - King of Communism! May freedom be exported and not imported!

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