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Saturday, February 12, 2005
Bad Commie Expose! Secrets of the jury trial exposed!

What is a jury trial?

That's when a bunch of KKK full members get together and lynch you.

For some reason, the television is busy telling me that a jury trial magically determines a person's guilt or innocence. Evidently, after a person that you know didn't kill anyone gets lynched, the government is allowed to kill you if you say and act as if that person was innocent. This is commonly accepted fact.

I don't know why we would believe the evidence of our own eyes instead of taking the words of 7 drunk people, selected especially for the qualities of being mentally retarded and easy to influence by the lawyers. That's somehow called justice when you worship drunks.

Anyway, after the corrupt prosecutor and lazy and incompetent investigators set you up for murder (to get their media masters of their backs), and then brainwash the jury, you are declared guilty - by the highest authority there is, the font of all wisdom, the holiest of holies - the chief judger - 7 drunk people. Then everyone must respect the 7 drunks and pretend like they are coughing up God's judgment about who is and who is not innocent. And when the drunks say something is true it becomes true.

In Bad Commie World, the jury is just a carefully selected lynch mob authorized by the state to kill.
When the lynch mob votes to lynch someone, the government goes and kills the victim. The government really really likes killing. It is awesomely good at doing it and rationalizing it.

Now, I don't object to 7 drunks getting together and killing assholes, but I want to be free to get my own 7 drunks, if 7 drunks go after me. I also want the drunks to do any killing, not some commie army with a gun. For the process to be fair, I believe every accused criminal (we are all guilty criminals) should be able to create a counter jury that is fully authorized by the government to kill anyone trying to oppress the criminal, including any government "agent". After all, what if the original 7 drunks are wrong and are killing an innocent man? Shouldn't they immediately go on automatic trial any time they make a life and death decision? I think so. After all, statistics and DNA evidence show that it is the jury and the commie government that is the REAL MURDERER 50% of the time in death penalty cases.

Everyone involved in the process I propose can follow the rule of law, instead of the anarchy that is followed in our current system. In the process I propose you actually have a just outcome because everyone has a chance to get killed for being a murderer and no one is artificially protected by the state's commie army.

I guess the criminal could get off, if his mob wins. Well, you know, shit happens. If the criminal can get 7 people to believe in him, maybe his victim DESERVED to DIE.

Everyone in any way involved with murder should be threatened with death, no matter if its the accused or the accusers or the jury or the government agents who want to kill the accused. All should have the negative reinforcement of being killed if they get out of line by causing murder or life imprisonment(same as murder) to be committed. Kind of like that justice league episode where your lawyer gets killed if he looses your case.


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Shoeless Joe Stalin here. I can arrange for you to chill out in... Siberia, anonymous. We know who and where you are. We do not bother with trials. Bad post, Good Commie.
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