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Friday, February 04, 2005
Paul Krugman, the retarded communist strikes again! The power of other people's money is limitless!

Check out this communist drivel:

Confusions about Social Security Paul Krugman, Princeton "University"

"Confusions" is his way of saying that too many people are not falling for his homebrewed propaganda and are "ignorant". Note how he is trying really really hard not to call them retards in the title like they obviously desrved to be called.

Some excerpts:

The bigger problem for those who want to see a crisis in Social Security's future is this: if Social Security is just part of the federal budget, with no budget or trust fund of its own, then, well, it's just part of the federal budget: there can't be a Social Security crisis. All you can have is a general budget crisis. Rising Social Security benefit payments might be one reason for that crisis, but it's hard to make the case that it will be central.

Lets, see so if A+B=C and A gets bigger and causes C to get bigger, A is not the problem? Only if you're a crack smoking communist liberal tenured retard.

The Social Security system won't be in trouble: it will, in fact, still have a growing trust fund, because of the interest that the trust earns on its accumulated surplus. The only way Social Security gets in trouble is if Congress votes not to honor U.S. government bonds held by Social Security. That's not going to happen. So legally, mechanically, 2018 has no meaning.

Huh? "Interest" ? What is this baby muching skin lampshade diarrhetic weasel butt sniffer smoking? Exactly how does a government earn interest? A government can only LOSE money - 100% of all the money it collects - it can't EARN a SINGLE DOLLAR.

What we really have is a looming crisis in the General Fund. Social Security, with its own dedicated tax, has been run responsibly; the rest of the government has not. So why are we talking about a Social Security crisis?

Ummmm? Social security is a responsibly run theft scam? It is responsible to take my money and give me nothing in return? At least ragheads get bombed when W takes my money. What is Krugman's personal vodka stash getting me? Nothing, that's what. Because he is a retarded communist thief.

I'm not a Pollyanna; I think that we may well be facing a fiscal crisis. But it's deeply misleading, and in fact an evasion of the real issues, to call it a Social Security crisis.

Yes, Yes, English is so misleading. A is not A. Lets just call it a communist crisis.

Now it's true that in the past stocks have yielded a very good return, around 7 percent in real terms - more than enough to compensate for additional risk. But a weird thing has happened in the debate: proposals by erstwhile serious economists such as Martin Feldstein appear to be based on the assertion that it's a sort of economic law that stocks will always yield a much higher rate of return than
bonds. They seem to treat that 7 percent rate of return as if it were a natural constant, like the speed of light.

I see, Commie-conomist is a creationist - he certainly doesn't believe in science! What does this retarded weasel think is going to happen that has not happened in the last 100 years? Magical fairy thieves are going to spinkle pixie dust on the market? I assume he thinks the return rate will get bigger because humanity now has enough resources to feed and clothe and house everyone? Oh wait, I forgot. He's a communist who doesn't understand win-win and would never assume something like that.

What ordinary economics tells us is just the opposite: if there is a natural law here, it's that easy returns get competed away, and there's no such thing as a free lunch.

But there IS a free dictionary. And if you use it, you would not have to put unrelated words together to make nonsense.

Then there are management fees. In Britain, they're about 1.1 percent. So now we're down to 2.7 percent on personal accounts - barely above the implicit
return on Social Security right now, but with lots of added risk. Except for Wall
Street firms collecting fees, this is a formula to make everyone worse off.

So, British Commie Poodle-Puppies steal at 1.1% Who cares? When ameriCANS see communist thieves, they stab them. He assumes the people in charge are retarded thieves and then he says the plan will fail because they behave like retarded thieves. Wow, circular logic is so insightful.
ObT says: "Not only are the people in charge retarded theives, so are ALL THE SOCIAL SECURITY PARTICIPANTS".

account holders would be given the option to upgrade to actively managed funds, which would invest in a more diverse range of assets with higher risk and potentially larger fees. (My emphasis.)
At first? Hmm. So the low-fee thing wouldn't be a permanent commitment. Within months, not years, the agitation to allow "choice" would begin. And the British experience shows that this would quickly lead to substantial dissipation on management fees.

Ummm, Paul Krugman the commie-conomist is ranting again. Additional optional choice is bad, eh commie? Come closer so I can give you your choice of knives, unstabbed retard.

To sum up: claims that stocks will always yield high, low-risk returns are just bad economics. And tens of millions of small private accounts are a bad way to take advantage of whatever the stock market does have to offer. There is no free lunch, and certainly not from private accounts.

So he is saying that the government buraucracy is more viable/smarter/richer than good ole American know-how and business? Government invited the automobile? Government invented the computer? Government invented electricity?
It's the government that EARNS our money by working hard and not business?


But does it make any sense to worry now about how to pay for all that?Intergenerational responsibility is a fine thing, but I can't see why the cost of medical treatments that have not yet been invented, applied to people who have not yet been born, should play any role in shaping today's policy.

Yes, saving for the future and college and the science stuff is so new-fangled. Did you know that with science we can mass produce knives the better to stab you with? Let's just assume you and your children will be dead of stab wounds from being communist.

Privatization is a solution in search of a problem As I've described it, the case for privatization is a mix of strange and inconsistent budget doctrines, bad economics, dubious political economy, and science fiction. What's wrong with these people?
The answer is definitely not that they are stupid. In fact, the case made by the privatizers is fiendishly ingenious in its Jesuitical logic, its persuasiveness to the unprepared mind.

Yes, we have to listen to your retardese for months so you can "educate" us that the government can do better with our money than we can. I got some education for you. WITH A KNIFE.

There are both crude and subtle reasons why economists who know better don't take a stand against the illogic of many of the privatizers' positions. The crude reason is that a conservative economist who doesn't support every twist and turn of the push for privatization faces political exile. Any hint of intellectual unease would, for example, kill the chances of anyone hoping to be appointed as Greenspan's successor. The subtle reason is that many economists hold the defensible position that a pay-as-you-go system is bad for savings and long-run growth. And they hope that a bad privatization plan may nonetheless be the start of a reform that eventually creates a better system.
But those hopes are surely misplaced. So far, everyone - and I mean everyone - who has signed on to Bush administration plans in the hope that they can be converted into something better has ended up used, abused, and discarded. It happened to John DiIulio, it happened to Colin Powell, it happened to Greg Mankiw, and it's a safe prediction that those who think they can turn the Bush drive to dismantle Social Security into something good will suffer the same fate.

All economists disagree with you because they want to be appointed King Greenspan?

Everyone got shrubberized? Even that "violent welfare queen" secretary Rice? Clarence "dumb nigger" Thomas? Speedy "drunk lazy vicious mexican" Gonzales? Both houses of Congress (a pox on their name)?




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