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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Hypothetical question: Let's say a town of drooling morons, thieves and liars gets drunk and tossed by their media and as a result of all of that elects the worst sort of thieves to make their laws. The thieves, seizing power, immediately steal everything in sight. Like that Kelo New London thing or than Gran Havana San Diego thing.

Is the above situation twice as "good for the public" as that in Massachusetts or three times as good for the public as that in Texas? How many sheets of US Constitution toilet paper will a resident of Cuba waste drying his tears laughing at the US?

Is 80% taxes theft?

Is eminent domain theft?

Is mass murder theft?

These people who are chronically uanble to learn due to low IQ think that drunks and thieves will stop being drunk and stealing.

What's worse, a person who expects Nero to behave like a monk or an American who pretends to be free while licking the boot of the thief overlord that makes him pay 80% taxes?



May all fucking commies die.
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