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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Recently, the vice poodle of the US has been caught shooting gay retard loving lawyers who believe:
"While serving on the board of the Texas Department of Corrections in the 1980's and after observing the conditions in many state prisons, he once claimed, "Prisons are to crime what greenhouses are to plants."

Its no wonder that a communist republicoon like Cheney shot this liberal dead.

Clearly though, this negligent manslaughter with primary to murder could have been solved with gun control, just like the homeless welfare queen says. She explained that this was clearly negligent murder.

It was negligent because in the North East having a gun is negligence. And murder because he is going to die any day now, just like all murder victims die eventually after they have been murdered by a shooting. Some murder victims even die of old age after being murdered. Also it was negligent because you don't shoot lawyers with birdhsot. You shoot them with buckshot which is a much better form of abortion and birth control.

In any case, its clear that the vice president is not allowed to murder people, while the chief poodle is. At least without telling the press immediately about it, which seems to be the chief complaint in our media. In fact he should have even told them before he committed negligent murder, just to make sure no one was going to make a fuss.

Of course, the chief poodle is remote controlled by the vice poodle according to his enemies, so as best as I can understand it, vice poodle is allowed to commit remote control murder, while chief poodle can murder anyone he wants, like Clinton had Foster killed. I'm pretty sure this means W shot the lawyer.

All very confusing. However, if murder results in keeping the media employed, I'm against murder. Well, maybe not of the media first.

This is Bad Commie, Pee Stabbing his way to dry pants freedom.

I found a picture of the reallife badcommie blogger -- check it out, he is anonymous no longer:

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