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Sunday, March 19, 2006
I saw the movie "V for Vendetta" yesterday.

According to this New Yorker article, its a British-German drive by media assassination of Thatcher:

Moore, in an introduction to the book, insisted that "the government has expressed a desire to eradicate homosexuality." He also said that "the tabloid press are circulating the idea of concentration camps for persons with AIDS." As far as one can tell, Moore and Lloyd's work was fuelled by the British left's disgust with Thatcher's policies, combined with imaginary menaces culled from antic British tabloids.

When it was rewritten, it was - no doubt - twisted to fit whatever hysterical anti-American lies the German and French medias are printing these days. Also it will play well in feeding the overactive lurid imaginations of the whiners who are still participating in American dictatorship by election and citizen representation by the George Money and Kerry Lies characters.

Now, I'm all for Christian extremists blowing things up. Too bad Guy Fawkes the Christian extremist was incompetent. If he had been more competent like the communists in charge of Britain or Hitler, we might have seen some form of government in Britain other than "representation by symbolic building" and the non retarded people who didnt want to crossdress wouldn't have gone to the US. Of-Course, the Muslim Osama wasn't Christian and the German Hitler had no need to use religion what a pistol shot to the head sufficed quite nicely. But lets not let facts get in the way of europeasants blowing themselves up using whatever whiny rationales they want. Any time a building in Europe gets blown up an angel gets its wings.

Now, the New Yorker review above is pretty good. Except when it gets to the end - it says:

The country "doesn't need a building," V says. "It needs an idea." Yes, but Vendetta doesn't have any ideas, except for a misbegotten belief in cleansing acts of violence.

I don't understand what the problem is with using bleach when killing commies. Personally I prefer dirtying acts of violence, but if someone wants to stab commies neatly and clean up the mess with fire, what's the big problem with that?

Anyway, the europeasants are quite right that some buildings need to get blowed up by superheroes, or since marvel trademarked that word, lets all use "underwear perverts". I don't understand why it is the psychotic gay people that need to blow shit up instead of god fearing Christians like the incompetent Guy Fawkes, but its ok with me. Just as long as more europeasants die in comical campaigns of educational violence.

Stab all commies BEFORE watching their movies.

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