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Sunday, January 30, 2005
Hmmm. More Iraqis happy. Which criminal did this?

Who the hell allowed Ted Kennedy to vote? That's Fraud! I call fraud! Hurry up an assplode already, Teddy K!

What the hell is up with this chicken dance:

Aha, I found some that were crying from pain:

Hmm, wait that doesn't look like pain. Stupid W, making people happy again, that ass kisser. Doesn't he know that democrats need to get elected on their policies of national failure for the United States.

Wait... Hmmm... has W been reading the NYT again?

One Clear Conscience, 60 Years After Auschwitz

Published: January 30, 2005

As the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz is marked with solemn exhortations never to allow the infamy of the Nazi death camps to return, I find myself thinking of a Pole with a bad leg and dirty fingernails who did not need such lessons in the nature of evil.

His name is Miecyslaw Kasprzyk. He lives in a shack atop a hill outside the southern Polish town of Wielicka, near Krakow. Clucking chickens are his principal companions. Now 79, Mr. Kasprzyk stands ramrod straight. He squints at the world through thick spectacles and he likes his vodka, but he sees clearly enough, always has.

His bad leg dates to 1936, when it was broken in an accident. Then, in 1941, the leg was injured again: He was shot while trying to smuggle a message to his father in the Polish underground. Without that leg, I might not have found him.

I am pleased that I did, pleased that I witnessed his reunion with a Jewish woman, born Amalia Gelband, whose life he saved by hiding her from the Nazis during World War II. Over more than 50 years, a lot is forgotten, but Mr. Kasprzyk's limp stuck in Amalia's mind, an awkward mnemonic.

She was 11, a child adrift in the Nazi-terrorized Europe of 1942, when Mr. Kasprzyk, risking his life, hid her in his family's farmhouse outside Wielicka. Her mother, Frimeta, was already dead, killed that year by the Germans. Her father was overseas, unreachable.

Mr. Kasprzyk took her in, along with her older brother, Zygmunt. Encouraged by his mother, he hid them in the attic of their isolated home. The children were known to him through an uncle who knew their uncle Pinkus Sobel, a horse trader. "How can you not help, if a child asks?" Mr. Kasprzyk said to me.

How indeed? How can simple humanity be drained from so many people? But it was. Millions of Germans, and those complicit with them in countries the Nazis overran, must have known that what they were doing, or allowing to happen, was vile and unconscionable. It must have occurred to them to try to stop the mass murder.

But almost every one of them, after whatever internal debate occurred, acting out of fear or opportunism or anger or for simple convenience, sided with complicity, active or passive. They knew and nodded, or they knew and looked away, or they told themselves they really did not know.

Not Mr. Kasprzyk. Soon after the German invasion of Poland in 1939, he understood. Polish police officers ordered him to bring a small group of Jews to a local Jewish cemetery in his horse cart. The Jews were stripped and shot dead, their jewelry distributed to local officials.

"It was the first time I had seen a naked woman," said Mr. Kasprzyk, who was 14 at the time.

The episode stuck in his throat. "Someone who does not know the difference between good and evil is worth nothing," he said. "In fact, such a person belongs in a mental institution."

When the attic hiding-place seemed too vulnerable, Mr. Kasprzyk ushered Amalia to greater safety. Late in 1942, he helped her and her brother find work on two farms near Pleszow, on the outskirts of Krakow.

Amalia assumed the name Helena Kowalska, went to church every Sunday, slept on the kitchen floor, peeled potatoes, and told anyone who asked that she was a Catholic whose father was a prisoner of war and whose stepmother had driven her out. The Gebala family, who put her to work, never knew her true identity. In 1945, when Poland was liberated, Amalia, alias Helena, left the farm and found refuge with her brother in a Jewish orphanage in Krakow.

War's end brought no relief from penury for the modest Pole who protected them. People, he noted, talked for a while about the missing Jews, but soon the blur of discomfiting names was lost in silence.

Hidden in the woods above Wielicka stands a monument to the town's murdered Jews. No road or path leads there. Weeds and nettles advance. An inscription records the slaughtered "Polish Jews." Somebody has tried to scratch out the word Polish.

Forgotten Jewish cemeteries, defaced headstones and crumbling little monuments to dead Jews dot Poland and Hungary. I saw a monument last year in Goncz, Hungary, that listed each of the town's Christian World War II dead by name; at the bottom it mentioned that 168 Jews also died. These Hungarian Jews were nameless, citizens of a different class.

Mr. Kasprzyk, a righteous Pole, should have his name widely known. He did not do well after the war: The same nonconformism that led him to defy the Nazis with decency also led him to defy Communist authority. "I was never a member of the party, and you had to be to get ahead," he said. "I do not belong to anyone, not even Christ. I do not like anyone to give me orders."

Instead of all the pious speeches surrounding this 60th anniversary, I wonder why Europe does not clean up some of those little monuments in towns like Wielicka and Goncz, and does not honor the likes of Mr. Kasprzyk.

As Fritz Stern, the great historian of Germany, said recently: "Even in the darkest period, there were individuals who showed active decency, who, defying intimidation and repression, opposed evil and tried to ease suffering. I wish these people would be given a proper European memorial not to appease our conscience, but to summon the courage of future generations."

In this particular case, I confess to a personal interest in the memorializing of Mr. Kasprzyk. I see him limping toward Amalia as they met again after almost six decades. I see their embrace serenaded with clucking. I hear his tender words: "Malvinka, Malvinka."

The "Malvinka" he saved, now Amalia Baranek, a Brazilian citizen, is the mother of my wife.

Roger Cohen writes the "Globalist" column for The International Herald Tribune.

Fucking warmongering Iraq-help-happy New York Times.

"Samir Hassan, 32, who lost his leg in a car bomb blast in October, was determined to vote. "I would have crawled here if I had to. I don't want terrorists to kill other Iraqis like they tried to kill me. Today I am voting for peace," he said, leaning on his crutches."




Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Oh Noes! Bad Commie Horrifically Violent Footsoldiers of Hot Buttered Commie Stabbing Death Arrested! Commies intimidated with threats of stabbing!

Excellent, Excellent, I've got them on the run!

Here is the threat:

OCALA, Fla. -- Two boys, ages 9 and 10, were charged with felonies and taken away from school in handcuffs, accused of making violent drawings of stick figures.

The boys were arrested Monday on charges of making a written threat to kill or harm another person, a second-degree felony.

The special education students used pencil and red crayon to draw primitive stick figure scenes on scrap paper that showed a 10-year-old classmate being stabbed and hung, police said.

"The officer found they were drawing these pictures for the sole purpose of intimidating and scaring the victim," said Ocala Police Sgt. Russ Kern.

The boy depicted in the drawings told his teacher, who took the sketches and contacted the school dean, Marty Clifford. Clifford called police, who arrested the boys after consulting with the State Attorney's Office.

They were also suspended from school.

One drawing showed the two boys standing on either side of the other boy and "holding knives pointed through" his body, according to a police report. The figures were identified by written names or initials.

Another drawing showed a stick figure hanging, tears falling from his eyes, with two other stick figures standing below him. Other pieces of scrap paper listed misspelled profanities and the initials of the boy who was allegedly threatened.

Parents of both of the arrested boys said they thought the boys should be punished by the school and families, not the legal system.

Ocala police said they stand behind the decision to arrest the children.

"When an adult or even myself look at the picture looked at it at first I was thinking there is really not much to the picture or I would not be that scared by the picture those children drew," Ocala police spokesman Russ Kearn said. "However, we have to put ourselves in his mind and that's the bottom line here. It is his well-being and the way he perceived that picture to be. It actually put him in extreme fear and he was in fear for his life."




Sunday, January 23, 2005
W, the mad pirate monkey of lower than average intelligence (the test results were faked) evil geniusity, has put into motion his plan to shipwreck communism. The first stage of this plan is to take all the global warming, which he has been desperately and evilly hiding against the advice of genius level UN certified scientists of all colors, and to put that global warming right where it belongs: RIGHT ON TOP OF TED KENNEDY IN THE FORM OF SNOW.

Now, the problem is, you see, that our mad pirate monkey king W doesn't know exactly where this so called communism is that he needs to shipwreck. It could be anywhere! It could be right behind you!

However W is making an anti-educated guess. There is a very good chance that evil mass murdering fascist state controlled communism (I repeat myself) is in SATAN's little man-democrat kids love room: MASSACHUSETTS. Hence the crack storm, you see. Well, it was supposed to be a crack storm, but they couldn't find enough crack because the democrats smoked it all at the national commintern party convention. So they had to find global warming where it was hiding, threaten to shoot its children, and then dump it right on top of that fat murdering drunk Teddy K.

Now for part 2 of the evil plan. Communism, where ever and whatever it may be, is going to shipwreck itself right on the snow in Massachusetts. Its just plain obvious. That much snow has got to be good for something. And W PROMISED. HE SAID IT WOULD HAPPEN.

Who delivers 10 times out of 10? Who got communism to shipwreck by hitting the Teddy K murdering drunk iceberg? That's right, W that's who.

This is Bad Commie, shafting off.



Thursday, January 20, 2005
W has been inaugermetated! Every day should be inaugerBBQation day! I notice that W, the evil communist pirate of communism, has been "shipwrecking communism". Now, this is an excellent plan, as a shipwreck is almost always followed by multiple stabbings of great vigor. Stabbings make me happy.

Going back to what W speechified, I assume W is referring to shipwrecking the economy of the United States, the most communist country on earth (steals by far the most from its citizens by force). He is probably going to use pirate ships from the United States, the most capitalist country on earth (most enrons), to kill the evil communism pirate. It's strange that in countries like Spain, the party that calls itself communist and socialist has FAR more fiscally conservative and sound policies than the republi-commies. But that's what happens when you let north eastern Texan elitists like W sniff money. We should have kept him sniffing the coke.

At least that retarded child murdering war criminal dishonorably discharged open communist Kerry is not getting inaugermeatated. That would have been tragic, to have a war criminal as the leader of the most communist best country on earth!

This is Bad Commie, stabbing stabbing stabbing for freedom propulsionating throughout the whole world, with mexicans for everyone!

Long live W - King of Communism! May freedom be exported and not imported!

Sunday, January 09, 2005
The proper burning and stabbing of witches.

First, someone must fall sick and die. Preferably some git you don't like. Ideally, you don't have to wait for them to die, but can help them out like the KKKlintons helped Vince and Teddy helped the drowner.

Then you have to go consult the most retarded person you can find a - a local fortuneteller, a nyt journalist or a CBS producer. In other words a priest of the democratic hard core religious fascists.

After the git dies you pretend that you are unhappy. Now its time for the fun part!

Get some idiot from the global village to start yapping about responsibility. Some fascist and thief is sure to want to use this opportunity to push it's retarded agenda. So, as soon as you get the fucker ranting, strategically mention that someone must be held responsible. Do this well enough, and you can force the brainless ranting to focus on finding a victim to blame for your murder. Be sure to refer liberally to ancestral spirits like the communist slave raping framers of the constitution, or some sadistic pervert who liked shocking things like Ben Franklin. People love to worship dead white guys! Be sure to put words in the mouths of the zombie ancestral spirit corpses. Now, for the source of all evil! Find a dead chicken and smear the fall guy with it. After he is covered in chicken blood, make him take fair tests like:

Did the chicken die with its legs pointing up? If so you are a witch.
Does the blood make you red colored? If so you are a witch.
Are you scared? If so you are a witch.

You get the idea.

After the fall guy is mathematically proven guilty beyond all shadow of a doubt, with numerous fair tests (sort of like democrats demanding recounts), watch the witch suffer and cackle gleefully as you see tears of ultimate sadness. You can even lick the tears from the witch's face.

And as everyone knows, the process worked here. The process clearly identified a guilty person and was a just and fair process because now we get to torture the witch.

With any luck, even the idiot you have selected to take responsibility for your crime will be convinced she is guilty - after all the chicken DID die with its legs up. Watch the son of the witch proclaim that he is sure of her guilt!


Monday, January 03, 2005
Looks like the shit has hit the fan and brown people wearing Osama tshirts are having fun raping little children:

"We have received reports of incidents of rape, gang rape, molestation and physical abuse of women and girls in the course of unsupervised rescue operations and while resident in temporary shelters," the Women and Media Collective group said.

Admittedly, this is liberal news (the only kind of news), so the reporters probably did it themselves, just like when the liberal reporters help palestinians sneak around and make Jew chunky pate out of pregnant Israeli women. I think we should have rape gangs raping the reporters and the UN. That seems a fitting punishment for attention whores who couldn't give a shit about brown monkeys. Oh, and the rape gangs should be composed of brown monkeys - they are good at it, being muslims and all.

More on the Osama tshirts which are worn by every person in that region:

Occasionally [BBC PROPAGANDA] one runs into an Osama Bin Laden T-shirt as well.

At the local market I decided to interview a young man who was selling them.

"How's business?"' I asked him. "Oh, it's doing well" came the reply.

"Who buys these T-shirts?" was my next question.

He replied "Everyone. Lots of kids like them. We also sell them to dealers who come from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines.

"They buy them by the hundreds and then they sell them back home."

I asked him: "So do you support Osama too? I mean, would you be happy if people like these came here, and turned Thailand into a country like Afghanistan under the Taleban?"

He gave me a broad grin and said: "Oh no, no, noooo! I have a girlfriend man! I enjoy the motorbike races on the weekends and going out to have drinks with my friends, racing on the highways, playing computer games, and all that."

"So why do you sell these T-shirts then?" I asked him.

He replied: "It's simple man - we are fed up with what our government in Bangkok is doing to us. I mean, look at how poor we are.

"But Bangkok is more interested in supporting the Americans and the Americans hate Osama.

"So we wear the Osama T-shirt to say: 'We don't care about your policy with the United States. We have our own identity and we want you to respect it'."

Gooooooo Osama!!!!!!! Help the brown monkeys die!!!

Anyway, who cares about poor brown people. Lets get back to what's important: THE WORDS OF THE LIVING JESUS IN THE GOSPEL OF THOMAS.


10 Jesus said, "I have cast fire upon the world, and look, I'm guarding it until it blazes."


114 Simon Peter said to them, "Make Mary leave us, for females don't deserve life." Jesus said, "Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter the kingdom of Heaven."


86 Jesus said, "[Foxes have] their dens and birds have their nests, but human beings have no place to lay down and rest."


79 A woman in the crowd said to him, "Lucky are the womb that bore you and the breasts that fed you."

He said to [her], "Lucky are those who have heard the word of the Father and have truly kept it. For there will be days when you will say, 'Lucky are the womb that has not conceived and the breasts that have not given milk.'"



Saturday, January 01, 2005
The secret gospel of Bad Jesus Commie!

Suppressed by the catholic church as deeply threatening of the church's power! Declared heresy in order to avoid proof of the religious immorality of the vatican!
Hailed by holy wine makers makers everywhere as beneficial to their trade!

This gospel was found in the outskirts of Jerusalem in the trousers of a priest-king buried in 50 AD. There were 12 vibrator shaped objects in a holy circle around this gospel.

It has finally been translated from ancient aramaic (jew chat), here it is:

1) Jesus said Get away from me you fucking Jew, that's my money! Keep your nose out of my vibrator collection!

Mary was pleased because she really liked the collection and didn't want the Jew police stealing it.

2) Jesus said Why the hell do the Jew boys get better hats? I'm gonna get me a goat and make the biggest hat ever! With horns! I'll paint it red!

Mary said shut up you drunk goat fucker.

3) Jesus said Beating women should be done daily

Mary said see if you get any supper today

4) Jesus said Be nice to women for they are made in the image of a roast red goat with horns, sorry I mean God and they will give you supper.

Mary said OK then, you can live another day

5) Jesus said I'm going to go lay my hands on Naomi to heal her miraculously.

Mary said I will go to the market and buy some posion leaves.

6) Jesus said I have lost my healing powers, it is a sign from God!

Mary said, not that's a sign from my daddy!

7) Jesus said OK see you later, I'm going to go see if I can get rid of this spolied wine somehow.

Peter said Where is Jesus?

Mary said If he doesn't get back here in 10 minutes, he's dead.

8) Jesus said No I'm not, See - I'm resurrected.

And this it was so, by the 12 holy vibrators.

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