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Monday, July 26, 2004
I was baking in the kitchen today and I made a special cake for some commies: 

Come closer,  and eat some, commies! 

Last blog, I mentioned that Isaac "Science Jew" Asimov was a filthy Al-Qaida imam writing Al-Qaida fatwas.  Well, here is some more proof that Asimov was aiding and abetting bad bad mens:

In October last year, an item appeared on an authoritative Russian studies website that soon had the science-fiction community buzzing with speculative excitement. It asserted that Isaac Asimov's 1951 classic Foundation was translated into Arabic under the title "al-Qaida". And it seemed to have the evidence to back up its claims.
"This peculiar coincidence would be of little interest if not for abundant parallels between the plot of Asimov's book and the events unfolding now," wrote Dmitri Gusev, the scientist who posted the article. He was referring to apparent similarities between the plot of Foundation and the pursuit of the organisation we have come to know, perhaps erroneously, as al-Qaida.
The Arabic word qaida - ordinarily meaning "base" or "foundation" - is also used for "groundwork" and "basis". It is employed in the sense of a military or naval base, and for chemical formulae and geometry: the base of a pyramid, for example. Lane, the best Arab-English lexicon, gives these senses: foundation, basis of a house; the supporting columns or poles of a structure; the lower parts of clouds extending across a horizon; a universal or general rule or canon. With the coming of the computer age, it has gained the further meaning of "database": qaida ma'lumat (information base).
Qaida itself comes from the root verb q-'-d : to sit down, remain, stay, abide. Many people appear to think al-Qaida's name emerged from some idea of a physical base - a command centre from where Bin Laden and other leaders could direct operations. "We've got to get back to al-Qaida on that one," it's possible to imagine a footsoldier saying. Bin Laden himself has spoken, post-September 11, of being in "a very safe place". There have also been stories that his father had a vernal estate called al-Qaida in Yemen or Saudi Arabia. Could there be a sense in which the name of the organisation represents a notion of the eternal home in the consciousness of its fugitive leader?
Science fiction has often featured "evil empires" against which are set utopian ideas whose survival must be fought for against the odds by a small but resourceful band of men. Such empires often turn out to be amazingly fragile when faced by intelligent idealists. Intelligent idealists who are also psychopaths might find comfort in a fictional role model - especially one created by a novelist famous for castigating that "amiable dunce" Ronald Reagan: the president who prosecuted the CIA's secret war in Afghanistan.

The Empire portrayed in Asimov's novels is in turmoil - he cited Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire as an influence. Beset by overconsumption, corruption and inefficiency, "it had been falling for centuries before one man really became aware of that fall. That man was Hari Seldon, the man who represented the one spark of creative effort left among the gathering decay. He developed and brought to its highest pitch the science of psycho-history."
Seldon is a scientist and prophet who predicts the Empire's fall. He sets up his Foundation in a remote corner of the galaxy, hoping to build a new civilisation from the ruins of the old. The Empire attacks the Foundation with all its military arsenal and tries to crush it. Seldon uses a religion (based on scientific illusionism) to further his aims. These are tracked by the novel and its sequels across a vast tract of time. For the most part, his predictions come true.
Seldon, like Bin Laden, transmits videotaped messages for his followers, recorded in advance. There is also some similarity in geopolitical strategy. Seldon's vision seems oddly like the way Bin Laden has conceived his campaign. "Psycho-history" is the statistical treatment of the actions of large populations across epochal periods - the science of mobs as Asimov calls it. "Hari Seldon plotted the social and economic trends of the time, sighted along curves and foresaw the continuing and accelerating fall of civilisation."
In the Arab newspaper al-Hayat, the Muslim intellectual Yussuf Samahah put it like this: "Anyone who believes that his [Bin Laden's] 'ideas' and the new phenomenon [globalisation] are contradictory would be mistaken, because while globalisation is gradually uniting the planet, it is causing many introverted and revivalist reactions which use the tools that globalisation provides to give the impression that they are not only fighting it but will ultimately defeat it." Using something like game-theory, Asimov's Hari Seldon worked on exactly such principles, taking into account, across time, the dynamic between intergalactic megatrends and local reactions to them.
If Bin Laden did read Asimov, when was it? It is clear that from an early age he consumed western products and media, until a fundamentalist reversion occurred when he met the Palestinian preacher Abdullah Azzam, who was to be a crucial influence.
In the wake of September 11, the spectre of another science-fiction novel, Frank Herbert's Dune, was also raised as a possible influence on Bin Laden's self-mythology. It features a mysterious man whose followers, Arabic-speaking sons of the desert, live in caves and tunnels. They engage in a religious jihad against a corrupt imperialist civilisation.
One can't blame Asimov for fuelling the swollen fantasies of the murderous. It is the last thing this committed pacifist ("violence is the last refuge of the incompetent") would have wanted. He may not be the only famous sci-fi author to have been taken up by lunatics, anyway. Killer cultist Charles Manson's favourite book is said to have been Stranger in a Strange Land, written by Asimov's rival for the imaginative future Robert Heinlein.
More generally, the space opera sub-genre of science fiction offers the possibility of a massive expansion of self-mythologising will-to-power. In a 1999 New Yorker article on galactic empires, Oliver Morton beamed up French philosopher Gaston Bachelard, author of The Poetics of Space, to explain all this: "Immensity is a philosophical category of daydream. Daydream undoubtedly feeds on all kinds of sights, but through a sort of natural inclination, it contemplates grandeur. And this contemplation produces an attitude that is so special, an inner state that is so unlike any other, that the daydream transports the dreamer outside the immediate world to a world that bears the mark of infinity." A world, one might add, in which knocking down the twin towers with passenger jets seems a possibility that can be realised.
As a genre, science fiction can't claim exclusive villainous effect. Other figures of extreme public animus have been influenced by different types of novels. Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, who held science in contempt, told his family that he'd read Conrad's The Secret Agent "about a dozen times" in his Montana hut, and is thought to have modelled himself on Conrad's anarchist. He also registered under the name "Conrad" in the Sacramento hotel from which he's believed to have sent his bombs.
Earth First!, the militant US environmental gang, claim inspiration from Edward Abbey's 1975 novel, The Monkey-Wrench Gang, in which eco-guerrillas sabotage dams and bridges. Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh was a fan of neo-Nazi William Pierce's The Turner Diaries, which tells of a group that blows up the FBI headquarters in Washington.
As, in that very same biscuit-brown building in Federal Plaza, more "Most Wanted" pictures of Bin Laden were being pinned up in the wake of September 11, the Asimov/al-Qaida story was spreading. There was a piece in the Ottawa Citizen. On Ansible, one of the most popular science-fiction websites, hip sci-fi novelist China Miéville was quoted: "An expert on the Middle East told me about a rumour circulating about the name of Bin Laden's network. The term al-Qaida seems to have no political precedent in Arabic, and has therefore been something of a conundrum to the experts... Unlikely as it sounds, this is the only theory anyone can come up with."
So there you have it.



Here are some poems about Lance to replace the now burned information:

Around the competition he runs rings,
To the States another trophy he'll bring,
The frogs are all clueless
That in the land of the ball-less,
The one balled man is King.
Can a man on a bike get more gay?
In his tights he just pedals away
With faces so grim
frogs try to catch him
From behind to watch his ass sway
Will there ever be another Lance?
Will there ever be a powerful france?
I don't know about you
but Paris is long overdue
for a big German army advance
There once was a Texan named Lance,
Who always kicks ass in france.
The frogs get all pissed,
Spit, scream, and hiss,
But nothing can stop his advance.
There once was a cuntry named france
that got tired of losing to lance
they changed all the rules
but they still looked like fools
when he beat them while wearing tight pants
There once was a Texan named Lance
He was possibly gay since he had really tight pants
Like the germans he invaded and raped the frank
All he needed was his bike and not a tank
He rode so fast he made the dead roadside grandmas dance!

Saturday, July 24, 2004
Here is what a JUDGE says about this:

BOSTON -- A federal judge ordered the city on Thursday to allow protesters to march directly past the site of the Democratic National Convention, but refused to change a nearby protest zone, despite calling the fenced-in area "an affront to free expression."
Woodlock described the site -- which features overhead netting, chain link fence and razor wire -- as a "festering boil," but refused to make any of the changes protesters sought.
"I at first thought, before taking a view (of the protest zone), that the characterization of the space being like a concentration camp was litigation hyperbole," he said. "Now I believe it's an understatement."
"One cannot conceive of other elements put in place to create a space that is more of an affront to the idea of free expression than the designated demonstration zone."

How about the idea of government stealing all your money and putting you in concentration camps using enforcer thugs known as judges? Boy these judges sure have a poor imagination!

Coupled with their election stealing and their disenfranchisement of millions of californians by letting illiterate smelly illegal wetbacks vote (i.e. give illusion of mandate to dictators), democrats are really really bad americans. Not "bad" as in "Bad Commie" bad. But "bad" as in "Stalin". Like Hitler-Stalin-Kerrys - every single one of them. Meanwhile, the republicans are all democrats also:

Once upon a time, in a Congress far, far away, Republicans believed in smaller government. But you sure wouldn't know it from last month's budget-reform fiasco on the House floor.
On June 25, by an astonishing vote of 326 to 88, the GOP-controlled body rejected the Family Budget Protection Act, which would have removed the bias toward greater spending inherent in the current Congressional budget process. Even among Republicans, the bill lost 131 to 88. The Members also nixed the Spending Control Act, a less ambitious bill that Budget Committee Chairman Jim Nussle championed to impose spending caps, by a vote of 248 to 146.

Most of the credit for this repudiation of GOP principle belongs to the so-called College of Cardinals, the chairmen of the 13 Appropriations subcommittees and protectors of sacred pork, who threatened their fellow Republicans with legislative excommunication if they voted for the reforms sponsored by some very brave GOP backbenchers. Specifically, they vowed to zero out all pork projects for their districts.

In other news, filthy violence loving communist Isaac Asimov has been writing the bible for Osama bin Terrorists:
Asimov's novel I, Robot—which "suggested" the new movie of the same name—is basically an evangelical work, an argument against man's superstitious fear of machines. By the end of the book, machines run the economy and most of the government. Their superior intelligence and cool rationality eliminate imperfections such as famine and unemployment. Asimov mocks unions for having shortsightedly "opposed robot competition for human jobs," and he derides religious objections to new technology as the work of "Fundamentalist radicals." Almost without exception, anytime robots in the book appear to be doing wrong or seeking to harm their human masters, it turns out that the suspicious humans are misguided; the robots, as programmed, are acting in man's best interest. [Like the "government" ???]

Asimov's faith in the rule of robots was genuine and based on his faith in the rule of reason. He viewed his now-canonical Rules of Robotics—the code for robot behavior used in his books—as a roadmap for human ethics. Just as Asimov's machines are better than people at calculating mathematics, they're superior at coming to moral judgments as well. Susan Calvin, the book's protagonist, calls robots a "cleaner better breed" than humans because they're "essentially decent." [i.e "democrats"] Superior logic produces superior ethics. [Obviosuly they haven't read this blog!!!]
it's not unusual for sociopaths to glom onto works of fiction and use them to defend their aims. But Asimov may be the rare writer who has been adopted by two WMD-seeking terrorist leaders. Soon after the Sept. 11 attacks, some began speculating that al-Qaida, too, was inspired by Asimov. Why? Foundation, when it was published in Arabic in 1952, was translated as Al-Qaida.
That's right. You read it correctly. Osama bin Laden is a science fiction fan! STAB STAB STAB commie Asimov and his commie faith in "Futurama Bender" robot.
In other news about Stalin, looks like the communist libertarian candidate Badnarick hates gays. He says:

"All individuals have the right to contract and to fall in love without whomever they choose," he explained. "It is clearly not a government issue.
"Most people don't know that the first marriage licenses were instituted … to prevent interracial marriages."

So, even though he knows that marriage licenses are there to prevent marriage, he thinks gays should have them. Imagine being licensed to breathe, to earn money, to drive cars, to LOVE. Oh wait. Ooops. My bad. I thought I wasn't living in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Texas. Never mind. Carry on fellow commies. I'll just stab  you one by one instead of ideaomologically all in a group.

BTW, good thing I don't live in Commiechussetts:
The state of Massachusetts has done it again.  First, legislators ignored the voters.  Next, the Supreme Judicial Court ignored the Constitution.  As of yesterday, Governor Romney signed a law which represents a fundamental assault on private property.  It seems apparent that every branch of the Commonwealth’s government has decided to vacillate between anarchy and fascism.
My article “Is Massachusetts A Lawless Society” itemized how Massachusetts has turned up the heat on the frog over the years.  In 1986, voters overturned seat belt laws in The Commonwealth -- and the legislature proceeded to overturn the voters, twice.  In 2003, we voted for English immersion and elimination of bi-lingual education.  The legislature overruled us.  And yes, we even voted for lower taxes; the legislature decided to say “no.”
Fascists are bullies with a vision. Though frequently associated with nationalists and communists, fascists differ in that they require neither moral consistency nor philosophical justification. There is no logical stopping point once we abandon our respect for property and other rights.  However, not until we recognize that a "public" space (excluding government "owned" places) is nothing more than private property that the owner allows others to enter given certain conditions, we will continue down the road of tyranny.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004
My attempt to EZ-Bake some Jews in the last episode didn't really work. The oven only seems to toast and the Jews got a nice suntan. F-ing jew machinery. Last time I try to bake some Jew Pie. 

On the other hand, fully half the commies stabbed in the last stablog stayed down!

Here are some cool stories to cheer you up!

From worldnetdaily:

MONDAY, JULY 12, 2004

Texas cop exposes truth of America's border security

I have been employed as a police officer, a town marshal (yes, Texas still has a few), and a deputy sheriff. All this within seven years. I do not have to worry about speaking out and getting fired anymore – I am pretty much blackballed from the profession.

On [Joseph Farah's radio] show, I have heard uninformed people state that the police did nothing about this or that illegal alien problem. I cannot speak for the rest of the world, but here in Texas, you can't touch them. You cannot even ask them for a green card. You cannot even question them about their citizenship ... or your job will be in grave jeopardy. There are subtle ways to work around it, but you have to tip toe, and be real careful, or a lawyer will have you crucified, and your department will run like hell.

These "undocumented workers" are a protected more than the horned toad. Let me tell you how this works, especially in rural Texas. These people work for nothing. So your farmers, feed yards, construction companies, and the like want them for labor purposes. These people are the pillars of the community that control the local government. They are the county commissioners, city councilmen, mayors, etc. They want them employed during the day, and disappear when the work day is done.

The common people in the town have to deal with the aftermath, and so do the police. They go to the country club and complain about "those damn Mexicans" when they engage in the culture they bring with them, but want them at work bright and early. Arrest the wrong one who needs to be at work and not in jail, and his employer makes a phone call. Bad things come down on you for arresting this poor immigrant, you're labeled a racist (by the person who the night before called them a "damn Mexican"), and the poor immigrant is released from jail to go back to work.

You are now in the hot seat. Put the police administrator in this position too many times, and you are going to lose your job for something petty.

This, of course, does not take into account the "diversity" that is now so very important in the modern day department. Nowadays, you are more than likely not going to get a cop job in the first place if you do not speak the language of our invaders. Departments are leaning heavy to the proper ethnicity of police applicants, to better serve the "immigrant."

Ironically, even though it is not proper to say, more bad things happen because of the close-knit Hispanic community. For example, you hire a Hispanic officer or dispatcher. They have intimate knowledge of the upcoming arrival of the Border Patrol. You can guarantee that when they arrive, there will not be an "immigrant" to be found.

You can lay money on the fact that if you are going to run a search warrant, arrest warrant, or just pay a visit to the local Hispanic community, they will be warned. If your insider does not inform them, you can bet the administrator will make sure his butt is covered so that the people who control his future are well informed and can take appropriate measures.

Furthermore, we have the all important "cultural sensitivity" training we must endure. Agree with it or not, if you misbehave in class, you don't get the mandatory credit for the training. Therefore, you lose your license, and you have no job. In these classes, we are told we must take into consideration the "culture" of the immigrant we are dealing with.

[For example], it may be permissible for a man to beat his wife and have sexual relations with his daughters in the country of his origin. We need to be sensitive to this, and heavily consider this when it comes time to press charges. We might want to consider ourselves a racist if we proceed without checking to see if this was acceptable in his "culture," say in Mexico. And then, of course, you must deal with the aftermath of picking on the Mexican people, from those within your department, who are Mexican first, American when it is convenient.

Can you see how this dominoes? You get to the point where you could witness a Hispanic or black male walking down the street buck naked with a chainsaw in one hand and a severed head in the other, and you fail to see it. You get a sudden urge for donuts on the other side of town. You do not mean to be this way, it just builds on you.

Not one peace officer, that I have ever met, intends to be the way he is after a few years on the street. You just get trapped. You start out wanting to rescue lost children, and save the world from the evils of humanity, and before long, you just don't give a crap. This is when it happens. You either find away to become corrupt, subvert your own beliefs and integrity (and the printed law for that matter), or you just say "screw it, people are not worth it," and walk away.

Being a peace officer is a calling. I brought home $875.50 a month my first job as a peace officer. This was in 1995! If I chose to have medical insurance for my wife, it would have cost me $435 a month. I could not afford to insure my wife. She had to put her education on hold because we could not afford it. We could not afford a car. She walked to work for me, so I could answer my calling.

But if I arrested a Mexican "immigrant" for a blatant crime committed, I had to worry about how to pay for a lawyer if I arrested the wrong one, at the wrong time. I wish I had been given a different calling. The seven years I spent trying to serve and protect people was a waste. Get the picture?

Oh, by the way, My job as a deputy sheriff [was] on duty with no backup, in a county of 900 square miles, with about 8,000 citizens to serve, no city police, and about 40 percent Hispanic, I earned about $1,123 a month. No health insurance for my family.

I eventually said "screw it, people are not worth it."

I am now employed by the U.S. government. One of the first things I was instructed on at my present job, is to be "sensitive" in what I say. I was informed that a guard was recently fired for saying "blackbird."

This guard was sent to an alarm. When he arrived at the building where the alarm was tripped, he found that a blackbird was the culprit. So he notified dispatch that all was secure, a blackbird had tripped the alarm and he had removed it from the area. A complaint was filed by a person of color [claiming] he made a racist statement. It was found that he had "made a racist statement," and was fired.

The upside is that I make five times what I made as a peace officer, my family is covered by health care, I have a retirement system in place, and I am not required to do a damn thing. My job is to remember to breathe while I am on duty. I am now able to feed, clothe and house my family, and do not have to do a damn thing for it.

This makes it very easy to not give a damn if I can't say "blackbird," or acknowledge the fact that certain minority groups are destroying my city, county, state and country. This is why we do not deserve the country, and freedom we have been given.

David Watson

From the comments on some blog, I forgot where:

Rob -

My long departed grandparents had a dozen pear trees out back between their house and the barn where my granddaddy had moved around the outhouse for about 75 years (maybe more)... just another example of the crafty Scot row crop farmer capturing as much of farm life as he could. Waste not the waste... that was my grandfather's idea of a joke. He never liked doing his business in the house although he put indoor plumbing in to satisfy my grandmother. Anyhow... every summer the bannana spiders would spring up and weave fantastic webs from tree to tree.

The spiders themselves were wonderful. Some of them got as big as my hand, bright yellow and red and green creatures who could leap from pear tree to pear tree and scare the girls. Me too, occasionally.

One fall I noticed that one of the bigger examples was making a little cubby for himself near one of the calf pens that was both in the full sun and backed up against the hay barn: a spider survival strategy! A way to hide from the frost.

That spider lived through an admittedly mild winter and emerged the next spring twice the size of a man's hand and a banana spider to be reckoned with. My grandmother said that they would bite and that I shouldn't get near the pear trees, but I dearly loved to get at those crunchy sweeties.

I saw that spinder catch a small bird in his web one afternoon, wrapping the bird up round and round and round. Amazing. Fighting the thing like he meant business.

The spider outgrew his hidey hole by the end of that summer and was left to face the first frost alone. He didn't survive the wet fall that brought winter in the next October.

Damned the things that you'll remember. Where did that come from? I still have the old house. I've always been afraid that my grandparents might come up out of the ground if I ever actually pretended to sell the old place.

The pear trees are still there but they haven't been pruned in so long that there isn't much fruit. Maybe I'll go prune the things this fall and see if I can bring them back. There's proof that I'm getting too old to boogie. I miss the spiders too.



Eleven thousand soldiers
lay beneath the dirt and stone,
all buried on a distant land
so far away from home.
For just a strip of dismal beach
they paid a hero's price,
to save a foreign nation
they all made the sacrifice.
And now the shores of Normandy
are lined with blocks of white:
Americans who didn't turn
from someone else's plight.
Eleven thousand reasons
for the French to take our side,
but in the moment of our need,
they chose to run and hide.
Chirac said every war means loss,
perhaps for France that's true,
for they've lost every battle
since the days of Waterloo.
Without a soldier worth a damn
to be found within the region,
the French became the only land
to need a Foreign Legion.
You French all say we're arrogant.
Well hell, we've earned the right--
We saved your sorry nation
when you lacked the guts to fight.
But now you've made a big mistake,
and one that you'll regret;
you took sides with our enemies,
and that we won't forget.
It wasn't just our citizens
you spit on when you turned,
but every one of yours
who fell the day the towers burned.
You spit upon our soldiers,
on our pilots and Marines,
and now you'll get a little sense
of just what payback means.
So keep your Paris fashions
and your wine and your champagne,
and find some other market
that will buy your aeroplanes.
And try to find somebody else
to wear your French cologne,
for you're about to find out
what it means to stand alone.
You see, you need us far more
than we ever needed you.
America has better friends
who know how to be true.
I'd rather stand with warriors
who have the will and might,
than huddle in the dark
with those whose only flag is white.
I'll take the Brits, the Aussies,
the Israelis and the rest,
for when it comes to valor
we have seen that they're the best.
We'll count on one another
as we face a moment dire,
while you sit on the sideline
with a sign, "friendship for hire."
We'll win this war without you
and we'll total up the cost,
and take it from your foreign aid,
and then you'll feel the loss.
And when your nation starts to fall,
well Frenchie, you can spare us,
just call the Germans for a hand,
they know the way to Paris.
Don Fichthorn, Major USMC (Retired)
Is this ketchup safe to eat?

Friday, July 16, 2004
Everyone check out this awesome frontstab magazine stabber

“WHEN A WHITE PERSON KILLS A BLACK PERSON, we all go out in the street to protest,” said Reverend Floyd Flake. “But our children are being educationally killed every day in public schools and nobody says a thing.”
Rev. Flake understands this problem – and why few outcries are heard. He once was part of the conspiracy that causes this. He served for six terms in Congress as a New York Democrat.

The Democratic Party’s two evil co-conspirators in this systematic destruction of black childrens’ minds, dreams and futures are a labor union, the National Education Association (NEA), and what used to be regarded as a civil rights organization, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). 
All three groups in this unholy trinity exploit children – as surely as did 19th Century plantation slave owners or Dickensian industrial factory owners – destroying millions of young African-American lives for their own selfish gain.
“By the time African-American students reach 8th grade, only 12% can read proficiently and only 7% are proficient in math…. The average black high-school senior is leaving 12th grade with 8th grade skills,” wrote U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige, himself African-American, in the July 15 Wall Street Journal. “Fifty years ago, the NAACP’s Thurgood Marshall made the oral argument before the Supreme Court in the historic Brown v. Board of Education case that outlawed racial segregation in school. He said that ‘nothing can repay’ wasted years and a lost education. I agree.”
But today, by cynically working together the NAACP, NEA and Democratic Party have created for themselves a symbiotic iron triangle of wealth and power that would fall apart if any one of the three departed from their symbiotic, self-aggrandizing behavior. Their wealth and power are being paid for with the enslavement and wrecked futures of millions of black children and the betrayal of African-American parents.
But the NAACP grew from left-bent roots, and those roots have in recent years killed the moderate branches that were briefly grafted to this twisted tree. The NAACP’s roots reach back to the Niagara Movement, founded in 1905 by radical black political activist William Edward Burghardt DuBois to oppose the “elevate yourselves through hard work and economic gain” values taught by another African-American leader Booker T. Washington.
W.E.B. DuBois, born in Massachusetts in 1868, believed that blacks should rely not on their own accomplishments and hard work but instead on political agitation and the government to advance. In 1909 he and 13 others who shared this view formed the American Negro Committee, soon re-named the NAACP, with DuBois as its promoter and editor of its journal The Crisis.
Oddly, DuBois was the only Negro, the only “person of color,” among these founders. The other 13 were white and Jewish. Nearly seven decades would pass before, in 1975, the NAACP got its first African-American President.
Almost from the NAACP’s birth, the color it advanced was not so much black as red. DuBois had been a Socialist Party member and hailed the 1917 Russian Revolution, traveling to the Soviet Union in 1926 and 1936 and praising “the racial attitudes of the Communists.”
In 1922 the NAACP began receiving grants from the Communist-linked Garland Fund, whose officials included William Z. Foster, Benjamin Gitlow, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Scott Nearing and American Civil Liberties Union founder Roger Baldwin. In 1938 the NAACP was represented at the Soviet-controlled World Youth Congress, and during the 1940s it was affiliated with the Communist-involved World Federation of Democratic Youth. In 1946 the NAACP gave support to the establishment of the Communist-dominated Progressive Party, which ran former FDR Vice President Henry Wallace for President in the 1948 election.
“Attempts to label the NAACP subversive, Communist-influenced, or out and out Communist have continued for a long time,” acknowledged its 1962 quasi-official history Fight for Freedom: The Story of the NAACP. This book’s author was poet Langston Hughes, a Stalinist.
Democratic Presidential candidate Senator John F. Kerry has adopted as his campaign slogan “Let America Be America Again,” a line he credits to one of Langston Hughes’ poems. Kerry, moreover, has written a preface to a collection of Hughes’ poems with this line as its title scheduled for August publication by Vintage Books. This pander to intellectuals and African-Americans presumably could not have been penned without Mr. Kerry learning of Hughes’ many links to Communism, which range from reporting from the leftist side during the Spanish Civil War to Hughes’ frequent praise for Marx, Lenin and Stalin and outspoken hatred for American capitalism. (In another poem, “Revolution,” Hughes calls on the mob to attack the capitalist “And tear him limb from limb, Split his golden throat Ear to ear.” What should we think of this presidential candidate who is either so ignorant or so arrogant that he embraces a slogan written by a violence-espousing Marxist?
(Presumably Senator Kerry also knows that the Communist Party USA has directed its members to vote for him, calling Kerry “the vehicle by which George W. Bush…can be defeated.” But John Kerry has said nothing to disavow or distance himself from this CPUSA support.)
The same should be asked about the current chairman of the NAACP Board of Directors, former Democrat Georgia state legislator Julian Bond, who closed his July 11 speech to the organization’s national convention in Philadelphia by quoting the same poem from which Kerry takes his campaign slogan, a poem in which Hughes also wrote “America never was America to me.”
The hate-filled radical leftwing politics of Langston Hughes and W.E.B. DuBois (who publicly joined the Communist Party USA, moved to the Marxist-run African nation of Ghana and renounced his U.S. citizenship before dying in 1963) has been resurrected in Bond and the NAACP’s current President, former Democratic Congressman from Maryland Kweisi Mfume.

Hoowee! Now that's what you call a persuasive stabber! I'm gonna git me some NAACP members and lynch them! Preferably one of those manly blacks that Michael Moore says could have stopped the 9/11 terrorists but didn't. I'm sure they were NAACP terrorists. After all, they is Michael's friends and colored to boot.  And after I'm done lynching some of these filthy colored NAACP people, I'm gonna e-zbake me some jews!  That's right! You heard me! EZ-BAKE SOME JEWS. After all, everyone knows that jews were accused by all of being insufficiently capitalist in Germany, and not up to Hitler's German Aryan standard.  Here is some more about these joooooos:

Why do so many Russians, Ukrainians, Lithuanians and others blame "the Jews" for so much misfortune?
A Taboo Subject
Although officially Jews have never made up more than five percent of the country's total population, they played a highly disproportionate and probably decisive role in the infant Bolshevik regime, effectively dominating the Soviet government during its early years. Soviet historians, along with most of their colleagues in the West, for decades preferred to ignore this subject. The facts, though, cannot be denied.
With the notable exception of Lenin (Vladimir Ulyanov), most of the leading Communists who took control of Russia in 1917-20 were Jews. Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) headed the Red Army and, for a time, was chief of Soviet foreign affairs. Yakov Sverdlov (Solomon) was both the Bolshevik party's executive secretary and -- as chairman of the Central Executive Committee -- head of the Soviet government. Grigori Zinoviev (Radomyslsky) headed the Communist International (Comintern), the central agency for spreading revolution in foreign countries. Other prominent Jews included press commissar Karl Radek (Sobelsohn), foreign affairs commissar Maxim Litvinov (Wallach), Lev Kamenev (Rosenfeld) and Moisei Uritsky.
Lenin himself was of mostly Russian and Kalmuck ancestry, but he was also one-quarter Jewish. His maternal grandfather, Israel (Alexander) Blank, was a Ukrainian Jew who was later baptized into the Russian Orthodox Church.
A thorough-going internationalist, Lenin viewed ethnic or cultural loyalties with contempt. He had little regard for his own countrymen. "An intelligent Russian," he once remarked, "is almost always a Jew or someone with Jewish blood in his veins."

  Heh. Lenin stabs from the grave!
Speaking of joooos, here is what a true red example of canadian manhood says:

If a cup is filled half of the way up with water, do you consider it half-full or half-empty? Some of you MORONS emailing me would no doubt consider it half-empty, because it seems like all you can do is focus on the negative side of the holocaust. Sure, Hitler was kind of a jerk (a lot less so than the MASS MEDIA would have you believe, though). At least he was a MAN OF HIS WORD. Ever read "Mein Kampf"? He wrote that BEFORE he came into power, and in it he explained exactly WHAT HE BELIEVED and WHAT HE WANTED TO DO! How many U.S. PRESIDENTS keep their campaign promises after they come into power? Hitler did! He didn't pussy-foot around the reasons he wanted to go to war with people, either, unlike *cough* SOMEBODY. Sure, killing all of those people was bad, but the numbers were EXAGGERATED, and it's been LONG ENOUGH to mourn over their deaths. It's time to look at the positive side of things.
Be honest with yourself. If you could be any villain in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD, including all of the comic book baddies ever invented, you'd choose Hitler, wouldn't you? The Unites States knew how WICKED SWEET he looked when they decided to fabricate lies in order to convince the public to go to war with him. He's SO evil looking that opposition to WW2 was PRACTICALLY NONEXISTENT. Every immoral war the U.S. fights needs a bad guy for the U.S. government to demonize, and Hitler fit the role perfectly. Ever since WW2 they've been trying to recreate the good thing they had with him, but they keep picking LOSERS like Saddam and Milosevic. No wonder the U.S. starts and ends wars so fast these days. When Saddam was captured he looked like a grizzled old lumberjack, how could the American public stay mad at THAT?
I just don't understand you Americans. Do you know how many ethnic cleansings occurred in the 20th century that were as bad as or worse than what Hitler did? But because the United States IGNORED them you IDIOTS don't care (or know). All you care about is maintaining your DISTORTED VIEW of world evil. On the scale of evil dictators, from 1 to 10, Hitler was probably a 3! HE'S PRACTICALLY A HARMLESS KITTEN. The ignorance some of you show me in your emails makes me sick. I sure wish Hitler would put YOU in camps. 

Hmm, Hitler a 3? Well, that's probably true - after all the worlds biggest murderers were the stalinists and the chinks. Stalinists, like the founder of the NAACP -  that commie nigger Dubois - who renounced his american citizenship because 90 % taxes on the rich were TOO capitalist for him. By the way, Prince Consort Ketchup's favorite Poet is a Stalinist and Edwards the Health Cost Raiser quotes communist "two america" speeches.
That's The Soviet Socialist Union of America for you. This Jib Jab Awesome Bad Commie Flash cartoon  sums it up perfectly.
Good thing my knife makes an anti-commie zone for me.

Sunday, July 11, 2004
Bad Commie has PERMANENTLY squished several tax CATs since the last passing on of my fabulously gay wisdom. Some people seem to be upset:

Dear Bad Commie,

I am the mother of 14 year old Necropimp who sent you a threatening E-Mail earlier in the day. I want you to know that I do not endorse his behavior and that I have insisted that he apologize for threatening you. However, please be informed that your graphic images can cause emotionally disturbed children to react with horror. My son is under the care of a psychiatrist and I must monitor what he sees. Again I apologize for his behavior (making threats to you). Thank you, Melinda Waller

You know, in a way I kind of sympathize, but the Kerry Quantum tax CAT PUSSY WILL BE CRUSHED UNTIL IT IS NOTHING BUT A SMEAR OF COMMIE BLOOD ON THE PAVEMENT. Kerry is one of those filthy old people that lives in filthy filth with 1000 tax CATs crawling and peeing all over him. Oh well. It only takes 20 second to squish one. I don't care if the FBI comes after me, I'm squishing all the tax CATs.

In other non tax CAT related news,
Censored by the FCC!!
Guess who? That's right.
Bad Commie

Bad Commie tried to post this on Michael Powell's "blog" (filthy communist lie - it's not a blog):

Hello Communist Asswipe Powell,

What is it that you are famous for? Running an agency that censors people? Stifling small pravdacasters? Preventing capitalism by stopping people from using their money to buy things? REGULATE THIS DICKHEAD. GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE INTERNET YOU COMMUNIST PIECE OF SHIT. And take your retarded father with you.

You Filthy Wigger.

Bad Commie

Of course, it doesn't let you "talk" (post) unless asscraft can track you for your own good. (you are "registered" and logged in). Oh well. For some unfathomable reason I decided not to register with the authorities.

More entertaining news discovered on the internet. It turns out that the filthy donkey-commie-crats have been on a rampage in Pakistan (probably trying to kill Osama bin Laden)

Thirty-eight passengers on the bus were killed, while 16 others were badly injured. The car driver lost control after hitting a donkey and crashed head on into the bus.

Patriotic Americans have this to say about the communist donkey rampage:

"The donkey waited in the stifling Kartoum heat, idling swatting flies and doing his best to appear nonchalant, while every donkey sense was attuned to find that bus, that one bus that carried the man who swatted him with the hellish 2x4 over and over just to get his attention. Today that demon in the shape of a man would die."

Pakistan has Donkeys of mass-destruction! Send in the inspectors!

Hmmm. Hmmm. Interestingly enough, Palestinian conservatives are upset at self-exploding donkey-crats:

"If you have the opportunity, will you please add to your burdens my request that you appeal to all those who listen to you to leave the animals out of this conflict?"

Ms Newkirk says she has not asked Mr Arafat to try to stop suicide bombings that kill people.

"It's not my business to inject myself into human wars," she told the Washington Post.

She adopted a polite tone in the letter because the group always try to "ask nicely" the first time, a Peta spokesman says.

A spokesman for the Israeli Embassy in Washington said: "When you have a regime that has no respect for human life, can you really expect them to respect animal life?"

Actually that confused me. Who is the animal? Who is the conservative? Is the donkey the conservative in this parable? Or is it the palestinian murderer or the PETA terrorist? I think I'd better STAB FIRST AND ASK QUESTIONS LATER.

In other news, pigs and dogs have been genocided in Africa for committing a felony against the laws of nature. Those commie pig-dogs (heh, capitalist pig dogs jealous?) have just been frivolously violating any law of nature that they feel like:

Kenya, July 9: A Kenyan mayor ordered more than 500 pigs to be shot dead because they were mating with stray dogs, the East African Standard reported on Friday.

A squad of town council guards moved from estate to estate shooting pigs roaming free in Nyahururu town, 150 km (95 miles) north of the capital Nairobi.

Town mayor Muritu Karumba said he ordered Thursday's cull to avoid an outbreak of disease caused by the pigs and dogs mating, which he said broke the laws of nature and "caused unnecessary commotion".

This kind of lawbreaking just can not be tolerated. Pig-Dogs must be CAPITALIST, not COMMUNIST.


Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Today Bad Commie makes the case AGAINST COMMIE OPTIMISM.

The Attorney General of MY ASS (Massachusetts I assume) has been busy tabulating and abacusing, and cash register opening and closing. He has been trying to figure out Communist Kerry's Tax Shell Game where a tax raise (i.e tax "relief") is called a tax CAT. You see, he thinks that if you give a two dollar tax CAT to mom, and take away 4 dollars from dad, it counts as a two dollar tax CAT by his logic. Similarly, if you give a worker a five dollar tax CAT and raise taxes per worker on the business owner by 10 dollars, he thinks that counts as a 5 dollar tax CAT. And what will the business owner do? Whose salary will he lower?


Of-Course, the attorney general of my ass is fooled by the lies that Edwards and Ketchup are telling. Everyone is so happy and optimistic in Ketchup World. This is a filthy commie lie. Commies promise a worker's paradise. But a worker who works for NOTHING is NOT HAPPY. A happy worker in Ketchup world is a communist worker working for the government corporation of Halli-Ketchup. Workers should be unhappy, stupid and drunk - you know - like irishmen. A happy worker that is happy because he is in a workers paradise is a COMMUNIST. OPTIMISM CAN GO TO HELL.


In Texas, Optimists are shot on sight.

Early settlers usually owned several guns because they wanted one gun in each room.
"If you take 17 million people in Texas and multiply that by about three,
you've probably got that many guns," he says, basing his estimates on conversations with people throughout the state.


Texans know what July 4th is about too:

As we celebrate our independence this weekend, let's keep in mind that we're celebrating our independence from overweening government; British or American.


Here is the real meaning of independence:

America's cities and towns will soon fill with parades, fireworks, and barbecues. They will be celebrating the Fourth of July, the 228th birthday of America. But one hopes that on this third post-September 11 Independence Day the speeches will contain fewer bromides and more attention to exactly what is being celebrated. The Fourth of July is Independence Day, but America's leaders and intellectuals have been trying to move us further and further away from the meaning of Independence Day, away from the philosophy that created this country.

What we hear from politicians, intellectuals, and the media is that independence is passe, that we've reached a new age of "interdependence." We hear demands for mandatory "volunteering" to serve others, for sacrifice to the nation. We hear demands from trust-busters that successful companies be punished for being "greedy" and not serving society. But this is not the message of America. It is the direct opposite of why America became a beacon of hope for the truly oppressed throughout the world. They have come here to escape poverty and dictatorship; they have come here to live their own lives, where they aren't owned by the state, the community, or the tribe.

"Independence Day" is a critically important title. It signifies the fundamental meaning of this nation, not just of the holiday. The American Revolution remains unique in human history: a revolution and a nation founded on a moral principle, the principle of individual rights. Jefferson at Philadelphia, and Washington at Valley Forge, pledged their "lives, fortunes, and sacred honor." For what? Not for mere separation from England, not like most rebels for the "freedom" to set up their own tyranny. In fact, Britain's tyranny over the colonists was mild compared to what most current governments do to their citizens.

Jefferson and Washington fought a war for the principle of independence, meaning the moral right of an individual to live his own life as he sees fit. Independence was proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence as the rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." What are these rights? The right to life means that every individual has a right to his own independent life, that one's life belongs to oneself, not to others to use as they see fit.

The right to liberty means the right to freedom of action, to act on one's own judgment, the right not to have a gun pointed at one's head and be forced to do what someone else commands. And the right to the pursuit of happiness means that an individual may properly pursue his own happiness, e.g., his own career, friends, hobbies, and not exist as a mere tool to serve the goals of others. The Founding Fathers did not proclaim a right to the attainment of happiness, knowing full well that such a policy would carry with it the obligation of others to make one happy and result in the enslavement of all to all. The Declaration of Independence was a declaration against servitude, not just servitude to the Crown but servitude to anyone. (That some signers still owned slaves does not negate the fact that they established the philosophy that doomed slavery.)

Political independence is not a primary. It rests on a more fundamental type of independence: the independence of the human mind. It is the ability of a human being to think for himself and guide his own life that makes political independence possible and necessary. The government as envisaged by the Founding Fathers existed to protect the freedom to think and to act on one's thinking. If human beings were unable to reason, to think for themselves, there would be no autonomy or independence for a government to protect. It is this independence that defines the American Revolution and the American spirit.

To the Founding Fathers, there was no authority higher than the individual mind, not King George, not God, not society. Reason, wrote Ethan Allen, is "the only oracle of man," and Thomas Jefferson advised us to "fix reason firmly in her seat and call to her tribunal every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God." That is the meaning of independence: trust in your own judgment, in reason; do not sacrifice your mind to the state, the church, the race, the nation, or your neighbors.

Independence is the foundation of America. Independence is what should be celebrated on Independence Day. That is the legacy our Founding Fathers left us. It is a legacy we should keep, not because it is a legacy, but because it is right and just. It has made America the freest and most prosperous country in history.

CopySTAB (c) 2004 Ayn Rand(r) Institute. All rights reserved TO THE COMMIE GOVERNMENT.

Monday, July 05, 2004
In this stabbing episode, the question of armless Texans is considered:

By Lizardking

Something happened to me today that I would like to share wit FF. I would like to know what your opinions are.
I stopped at a local gas station to get gas and the owner, who is Iraqi, told me that he refused to do business with a Marine who helped invade his country illegally. He also told me that other Iraqi business owners felt the same. My family has also been banned from his store. I have known this man for a long time and have always been respectful to him and his family. I do not want to see other service men and women put up with this kind of crap.

By GoodFrogDeadFrog


My family also thinks that I should alert the media, but the last thing I need is more publicity . I also believe that the majority of Iraqis in the Dallas Fort Worth area do not share this one rag heads beliefs.
The only reason I wrote my message to FF, is because I was pissed and wanted to talk with people I do not know, in order to get an honest answer as to what I should do next.
I personally like the idea about the gas though.

Here is his name Mohammad al-Sadr, and the Mosque he attends, Dallas Central Mosque
I don't want to give the name of his business, but it rhymes with Nobile.
Thank you all for you kind words and suggestions, but I have had time to drink a six-pack of Corona and calm down a little. Now I think I will just move on and forget the whole thing. I have a feeling that if the liberals here knew how a few Iraqis truly felt, they would say see how Iraqis hate what you are doing, and blame it all on Bush and his war for oil program. My life is already fucked up enough, the last thing I need is to have to say president Kerry.
Now I just need to concentrate on fucking with the French.

You live in Dallas and you're going to take that you stupid pussy? GO BACK TO MEXICO!


"You live in Dallas and you're going to take that you stupid pussy? GO BACK TO MEXICO! YOU ARE NOT A TEXAN."

Who in the fuck do you think you are calling me a pussy? You don’t have a clue what I have gone through in the last eight months. First I lost my right arm in a
traffic accident on base, and if that wasn’t bad enough, I had to spend three months in the asshole of Europe. (Landstuhl, Germany. Landstuhl Regional Medical Center) Now I will probably be on disability for the rest of my life.
I think I have done my part. If you are angry at what this piece of shit rag head
has done you might want to read this. . . .
This morning I spoke with a friend at The 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton,
and he said that he will contact the Marine Corps Community Services on Tuesday.

>>You don't have a clue what I have gone through in the last eight months. First I lost my right arm in a

Do you mean to tell me that Armless Texan can't kick the ass of any IRAQI EVER BORN? YOU ARE A DEFEATIST. WE CAN EXTRADITE YOU TO MASSACHUSSETTS FOR TALK LIKE THAT. But I notice you did something about it, all though it was suspiciously indirect behavior.

TXMom is a wetback from massachussetts. We'll find out where she lives and throw her back across the border for being an illegal immigrant.

Did you at least save your arm so you could beat non Texans to death with it?

"Did you at least save your arm so you could beat non Texans to death with it?"

I have to admit, that was funny.

Actually Osama Bin Texan (you have to remember that he is a terrorist and not very nice) told me to say: ""It's not my fault you can't salute Bush and jack off Rumsfield at the same time, you fascist", but we both thought it was very mean, althought it was very very funny. Sigh.

Speaking of very funny, this is super funny:

We hunkered down and got ready for a long wait, fondly reminiscing about the glorious Clinton years - an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity. Although Clinton had flaws (he was only human), there was a chicken in every pot, a pie in every window, and a Chinese communist in every nuclear laboratory. France loved and respected us, and we had virtually no enemies in the whole world. Even Shrub's manvillained villian, Saddam Hussein, was contained and pacified. Adored by all for his wisdom and compassion, Clinton brought out the best in us, inspiring us to overcome right-wing adversity and become better Americans - and even better human beings.

I'll add BlameBush to my blogroll.

For any Democra-terrorists who want to have Eric Schwartz help them "Keep Your Jesus off My Penis", click here. I didn't know Jesus was Monica Lewinsky, but you learn something new every day.

Sunday, July 04, 2004
Today, Bad Commie offers a mild criticism of the British:

This is a picture of the British (i.e. Bush's commie puppy poodle):

Check out this BBC headline:
The unexpected early handover in Iraq has provided the new interim Iraqi government and the departing Coalition with a rare propaganda coup - but the advantage is likely to be short-lived as Iraq's problems press in. . . .


Any good news is "propaganda"? And what do they call their reporting? Al-Queda Advertising? Material Aid and Support to Terrorists? OH WAIT. THAT'S WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS.


You see, I don't disagree when you say "Britain is better than A". That's all true. But Britain is still a commie piece of shit. The key facts are a state FUNDED propaganda machine, taxes, and no guns.

It's quite simple really.

even a commie piece of shit dictator can have a good day.




Brit45, you reading comprehension is like that of a retarded muslim frog.

When did I ever say I listen to CNN? What would it matter if I did? When did I ever say anything about who owned the BBC? It is FUNDED by the GOVERNMENT ( . . . ). A COMMUNIST state like Britain has no property rights so it is incorrect for you to talk of ownership in the first place. When you are surrounded by commie thieves, no ownership is possible.

The fact that the BBC is a propaganda machine is not in question by anyone. The FACT that the BBC has its own side is not indicative of Britain being non commie. Propaganda often has a life of its own and NEVER helps a non corrupt government and never helps the people. THE BBC is against all non corrupt officials.







Only a mental patient educated by liberal elitist professors and fascist democrats would value tolerance.

I will tolerate communists by squishing them flat with my jack boot of victory.

>>Where is the abolishment of class structure?
>>Why is there a strong government still in place?

That is retarded communist propaganda. REAL communism was never about making people equal or having weak governments. You can't use the terminology of the mass murderer to judge the mass murderer. Communism is identified by the 3 things I said before:
taxes, state propaganda and no guns allowed. Human beings, BEING HUMAN BEINGS, will insure that the rest of the society looks the same no matter what lefty rhetoric some retarded mongoloid communists spouts.

By brit45
How will you manage to squish yourself then! I'm intrigued!

really REALLY big boot, Mr British Commie Puppy



Some filthy commie academic lies to you about what communism it to desperately exempt himself and you believe him?

Do you know most college professors are welfare queens desperately trying to characterize themselves as anything other than what they are? Filthy parasite communists on the government dole.

A. History advances by means of class struggle, always nudged in a benign direction by the leadership of a communist party

This fits any of the modern societies - ESPECIALLY COMMUNIST BRITAIN

B Centrally Planned Economy

US - check, Britain - check, frence - double check, Russia - check


C Single-Party Rule

Well, doh! The prime-fascist is the elected dictator and he rules. Not only single party. Single MAN. Keep on bowing down to your "elected" dictators controlled by a cabal.

D Restrictions on Individual Freedom

You're kidding, right? Try just POINTING a gun at a criminal, fool.

So, these filthy commucrap academics gave you some bullshit criteria. Put these academics in the oven and close the door. And stick their books there too.

Communism is PROPERTY STEALING (taxes), THOUGHT CONTROL(state propaganda like the BBC), AND REPRESSION(no guns for anyone except government)



oh i see, the stinky odor coming from you is really coming from me
By GoodFrogDeadFrog

[hl=commie red]What you telling us is what YOU think communism means in blind regards to the fact that the meaning of the word has been well defined by Karl Marx well before you were born.
Since there has never been any nation with "REAL communism", your entire nonsense is void.[/hl]

Listen, you 14 year old retard, people have been stealing other people's stuff and brainwashing them long before some inconsequential propagandists called Marxlin, or whomever it is you pray to, came along. I'm not interested in playing your stupid word games where I have to believe that when a filthy nazimunnist government of frence steals and kills it's somehow different when the filthy nazimunnist government of Hitler steals and kill jews. I just don't care. I know a commie thief of private property supported by the state when I see one.

[hl=commie red]history has advanced, the world is so much different now.[/hl]

What happened? Did your father Hitler suddenly gain 50 IQ points in the history books while some Americans weren't looking? Is that why things are different now?

[hl=commie red]So, in your worldview the US, Russia and all European countries are socialistic??? Are you a bit crazy? I really don't know from where you are, but obviously you have learned nothing at school.[/hl]

In the AMERICAN world view ALL governments are corrupt communist pieces of shit. Almost all NAZI-FROGGY-BRITAIN-STAN residents are communist pieces of shit, while most americans are not. Oh, and the only thing I'm going to do with your communist school is use it as firewood for a really good BBQ. Hopefully I can burn Shitraq and his lover Stalin-ddam at the stake while I am at it.

[hl=commie red]So, you are an anarchist!? Congratulations, you are the very first one of this rare species here on May I ask you in which country you live?[/hl]

No I'm an AMERICAN. You can tell by the feel of the mud on your face and the boot in your ass.

[hl=commie red]Ah, you can decide who is a criminal and who isn't. You are really an anarchist. I have never met one before.[/hl]

Wow. You really are totally retarded. Do you know anything about Britain and guns?

We'll "meet" again when BOOT meets ASS.


oh I don't, do I?
By GoodFrogDeadFrog

That's right. We AMERICANS don't have your "special" understanding of why Saddam should be allowed to rape and kill and steal, you filthy communist french nazi.

When we see a commie, WE KILL IT.






On July 4, 1776, we claimed our independence from COMMIE England and Democracy was born - SOMETHING ENGLAND NEVER EVER HAD. Every day thousands leave their homeland to come to the "land of the free and the home of the brave" so they can begin their American Dream. These thousands flee from tin pot communist dictatorships like england and its vicious communist state propaganda organ called the BBC. In England the government forces you to pay for the BBC at the point of a gun. That's right. The communist thief and american-hater that works at the BBC - Where does his paycheck come from? IT IS STOLEN AT THE POINT OF A GUN FROM THE BRITISH PEOPLE BY THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT.

The United States is truly a diverse nation made up of dynamic people. What a contrast between the US and BR-ANCE.

Of course, filthy Britain was the inspiration for the common thieves Enges and Marx to create their own "new" Brand of thievery called "communism" which was really no different from any other thievery.

You can read about the truth here:

"Returning to Germany in 1845 Engels published his book, "The Conditions of the Working Class in England". He became friendly with Karl Marx " . . .


It is no wonder that real Americans will spit in the face of these filthy wig wearing cross dressers who hate life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and will tax the air you breathe and the water you drink (the liars usually call water tea). And as for the english "justice" system. American justice involved JURIES. English justice involves the king raping your wife and then killing your whole family under the backslapping admiration of a wig wearing prostitute known as the elitist aristocrat judge.

As an American, I am mighty glad we severed all our ties with the communist hellhole known as BRANCE.



I'm not American first, I'm Texan first. If you want to take the king's orders you'll find out what that means.



I'm watching them VERY VERY CLOSELY. They tried to invade us and tax us to death numerous times.

Now they seem to disclaim all responsibility for the actions of "those people we don't know anything about or support - the BBC" while paying the salaries of those people. They are not to be trusted. And all those stories of how the British are freely living in parts of Europe .... they make me more worried.

The only way they could be so free to live in Europe is if the Europeans think they are JUST LIKE THEM.

And fully HALF of THEM support the retarded piece of shit known as the European toilet paper constitution. That, in itself, is a very bad sign.

I'm going to make my bullet count if they step one foot in the USA.

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