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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Democracy: Where any two idiots outvote a genius.


Here is a republican commie complaining that commies are orwellian because they talk like commies:

In Maryland, food stamp recipients don't actually get "stamps" anymore. They get a card, similar to a bank debit card, for use at grocery stores, etc. The name of this card? The "Independence Card."

As my friend Craig Harrision says, this is beyond euphemism. In Maryland, dependence now means independence.

I suggest that the real orwellocrat is the one who has complete control of congress, presidency and court and who perpetuates a communist system of government with average tax rates of 70% for the last century. That's right an UNSTABBED republican orwellocrat.

Please lets help these people evolve. BY STABBING THEM.

The old guy posted a essay about a israelo-commie complaining about palestini-terror-commies. It's pretty good, so I will reprint it:

A View from the Eye of the Storm Talk delivered by Haim Harari at a meeting of the International Advisory Board of a large multi-national corporation, April 2004.

HAIM HARARI, a theoretical physicist, is the Chair, Davidson Institute of Science Education, and Former President, from 1988 to 2001, of the Weizmann Institute of Science.

During his years as President of the Institute, it entered numerous new scientific fields and projects, built 47 new buildings, raised one Billion Dollars in philanthropic money, hired more than half of its current tenured Professors and became one of the highest royalty-earning academic organizations in the world.

Throughout all his adult life, he has made major contributions to three different fields: Particle Physics Research on the international scene, Science Education in the Israeli school system and Science Administration and Policy Making.)

As you know, I usually provide the scientific and technological "entertainment" in our meetings, but, on this occasion, our Chairman suggested that I present my own personal view on events in the part of the world from which I come. I have never been and I will never be a Government official and I have no privileged information. My perspective is entirely based on what I see, on what I read and on the fact that my family has lived in this region for almost 200 years. You may regard my views as those of the proverbial taxi driver, which you are supposed to question, when you visit a country.

I could have shared with you some fascinating facts and some personal thoughts about the Israeli-Arab conflict. However, I will touch upon it only in passing. I prefer to devote most of my remarks to the broader picture of the region and its place in world events. I refer to the entire area between Pakistan and Morocco, which is predominantly Arab, predominantly Moslem, but includes many non-Arab and also significant non-Moslem minorities.

Why do I put aside Israel and its own immediate neighborhood? Because Israel and any problems related to it, in spite of what you might read or hear in the world media, is not the central issue, and has never been the central issue in the upheaval in the region. Yes, there is a 100 year-old Israeli-Arab conflict, but it is not where the main show is. The millions who died in the Iran-Iraq war had nothing to do with Israel. The mass murder happening right now in Sudan, where the Arab Moslem regime is massacring its black Christian citizens, has nothing to do with Israel. The frequent reports from Algeria about the murders of hundreds of civilian in one village or another by other Algerians have nothing to do with Israel. Saddam Hussein did not invade Kuwait, endangered Saudi Arabia and butchered his own people because of Israel. Egypt did not use poison gas against Yemen in the 60ís because of Israel. Assad the Father did not kill tens of thousands of his own citizens in one week in El Hamma in Syria because of Israel. The Taliban control of Afghanistan and the civil war there had nothing to do with Israel. The Libyan blowing up of the Pan-Am flight had nothing to do with Israel, and I could go on and on and on.

The root of the trouble is that this entire Moslem region is totally dysfunctional, by any standard of the word, and would have been so even if Israel would have joined the Arab league and an independent Palestine would have existed for 100 years. The 22 member countries of the Arab league, from Mauritania to the Gulf States, have a total population of 300 millions, larger than the US and almost as large as the EU before its expansion. They have a land area larger than either the US or all of Europe. These 22 countries, with all their oil and natural resources, have a combined GDP smaller than that of Netherlands plus Belgium and equal to half of the GDP of California alone. Within this meager GDP, the gaps between rich and poor are beyond belief and too many of the rich made their money not by succeeding in business, but by being corrupt rulers. The social status of women is far below what it was in the Western World 150 years ago. Human rights are below any reasonable standard, in spite of the grotesque fact that Libya was elected Chair of the UN Human Rights commission. According to a report prepared by a committee of Arab intellectuals and published under the auspices of the U.N., the number of books translated by the entire Arab world is much smaller than what little Greece alone translates. The total number of scientific publications of 300 million Arabs is less than that of 6 million Israelis. Birth rates in the region are very high, increasing the poverty, the social gaps and the cultural decline. And all of this is happening in a region, which only 30 years ago, was believed to be the next wealthy part of the world, and in a Moslem area, which developed, at some point in history, one of the most advanced cultures in the world.

It is fair to say that this creates an unprecedented breeding ground for cruel dictators, terror networks, fanaticism, incitement, suicide murders and general decline. It is also a fact that almost everybody in the region blames this situation on the United States, on Israel, on Western Civilization, on Judaism and Christianity, on anyone and anything, except themselves.

Do I say all of this with the satisfaction of someone discussing the failings of his enemies? On the contrary, I firmly believe that the world would have been a much better place and my own neighborhood would have been much more pleasant and peaceful, if things were different.

I should also say a word about the millions of decent, honest, good people who are either devout Moslems or are not very religious but grew up in Moslem families. They are double victims of an outside world, which now develops Islamophobia and of their own environment, which breaks their heart by being totally dysfunctional. The problem is that the vast silent majority of these Moslems are not part of the terror and of the incitement but they also do not stand up against it. They become accomplices, by omission, and this applies to political leaders, intellectuals, business people and many others. Many of them can certainly tell right from wrong, but are afraid to express their views.

The events of the last few years have amplified four issues, which have always existed, but have never been as rampant as in the present upheaval in the region. These are the four main pillars of the current World Conflict, or perhaps we should already refer to it as "the undeclared World War III". I have no better name for the present situation. A few more years may pass before everybody acknowledges that it is a World War, but we are already well into it.

The first element is the suicide murder. Suicide murders are not a new invention but they have been made popular, if I may use this expression, only lately. Even after September 11, it seems that most of the Western World does not yet understand this weapon. It is a very potent psychological weapon. Its real direct impact is relatively minor. The total number of casualties from hundreds of suicide murders within Israel in the last three years is much smaller than those due to car accidents. September 11 was quantitatively much less lethal than many earthquakes. More people die from AIDS in one day in Africa than all the Russians who died in the hands of Chechnya-based Moslem suicide murderers since that conflict started. Saddam killed every month more people than all those who died from suicide murders since the Coalition occupation of Iraq.

So what is all the fuss about suicide killings? It creates headlines. It is spectacular. It is frightening. It is a very cruel death with bodies dismembered and horrible severe lifelong injuries to many of the wounded. It is always shown on television in great detail. One such murder, with the help of hysterical media coverage, can destroy the tourism industry of a country for quite a while, as it did in Bali and in Turkey.

But the real fear comes from the undisputed fact that no defense and no preventive measures can succeed against a determined suicide murderer. This has not yet penetrated the thinking of the Western World. The U.S. and Europe are constantly improving their defense against the last murder, not the next one. We may arrange for the best airport security in the world. But if you want to murder by suicide, you do not have to board a plane in order to explode yourself and kill many people. Who could stop a suicide murder in the midst of the crowded line waiting to be checked by the airport metal detector? How about the lines to the check-in counters in a busy travel period? Put a metal detector in front of every train station in Spain and the terrorists will get the buses. Protect the buses and they will explode in movie theaters, concert halls, supermarkets, shopping malls, schools and hospitals. Put guards in front of every concert hall and there will always be a line of people to be checked by the guards and this line will be the target, not to speak of killing the guards themselves. You can somewhat reduce your vulnerability by preventive and defensive measures and by strict border controls but not eliminate it and definitely not win the war in a defensive way. And it is a war!

What is behind the suicide murders? Money, power and cold-blooded murderous incitement, nothing else. It has nothing to do with true fanatic religious beliefs. No Moslem preacher has ever blown himself up. No son of an Arab politician or religious leader has ever blown himself. No relative of anyone influential has done it. Wouldn’t you expect some of the religious leaders to do it themselves, or to talk their sons into doing it, if this is truly a supreme act of religious fervor? Aren’t they interested in the benefits of going to Heaven? Instead, they send outcast women, naive children, retarded people and young incited hotheads. They promise them the delights, mostly sexual, of the next world, and pay their families handsomely after the supreme act is performed and enough innocent people are dead.

Suicide murders also have nothing to do with poverty and despair. The poorest region in the world, by far, is Africa. It never happens there. There are numerous desperate people in the world, in different cultures, countries and continents. Desperation does not provide anyone with explosives, reconnaissance and transportation. There was certainly more despair in Saddam’s Iraq then in Paul Bremmer’s Iraq, and no one exploded himself. A suicide murder is simply a horrible, vicious weapon of cruel, inhuman, cynical, well-funded terrorists, with no regard to human life, including the life of their fellow countrymen, but with very high regard to their own affluent well-being and their hunger for power.

The only way to fight this new popular weapon is identical to the only way in which you fight organized crime or pirates on the high seas: the offensive way. Like in the case of organized crime, it is crucial that the forces on the offensive be united and it is crucial to reach the top of the crime pyramid. You cannot eliminate organized crime by arresting the little drug dealer in the street corner. You must go after the head of the "Family".

If part of the public supports it, others tolerate it, many are afraid of it and some try to explain it away by poverty or by a miserable childhood, organized crime will thrive and so will terrorism. The United States understands this now, after September 11. Russia is beginning to understand it. Turkey understands it well. I am very much afraid that most of Europe still does not understand it. Unfortunately, it seems that Europe will understand it only after suicide murders will arrive in Europe in a big way. In my humble opinion, this will definitely happen. The Spanish trains and the Istanbul bombings are only the beginning. The unity of the Civilized World in fighting this horror is absolutely indispensable. Until Europe wakes up, this unity will not be achieved.

The second ingredient is words, more precisely lies. Words can be lethal. They kill people. It is often said that politicians, diplomats and perhaps also lawyers and business people must sometimes lie, as part of their professional life. But the norms of politics and diplomacy are childish, in comparison with the level of incitement and total absolute deliberate fabrications, which have reached new heights in the region we are talking about. An incredible number of people in the Arab world believe that September 11 never happened, or was an American provocation or, even better, a Jewish plot.

You all remember the Iraqi Minister of Information, Mr. Mouhamad Said al-Sahaf and his press conferences when the US forces were already inside Baghdad. Disinformation at time of war is an accepted tactic. But to stand, day after day, and to make such preposterous statements, known to everybody to be lies, without even being ridiculed in your own milieu, can only happen in this region. Mr. Sahaf eventually became a popular icon as a court jester, but this did not stop some allegedly respectable newspapers from giving him equal time. It also does not prevent the Western press from giving credence, every day, even now, to similar liars. After all, if you want to be an antisemite, there are subtle ways of doing it. You do not have to claim that the holocaust never happened and that the Jewish temple in Jerusalem never existed. But millions of Moslems are told by their leaders that this is the case. When these same leaders make other statements, the Western media report them as if they could be true.

It is a daily occurrence that the same people, who finance, arm and dispatch suicide murderers, condemn the act in English in front of western TV cameras, talking to a world audience, which even partly believes them. It is a daily routine to hear the same leader making opposite statements in Arabic to his people and in English to the rest of the world. Incitement by Arab TV, accompanied by horror pictures of mutilated bodies, has become a powerful weapon of those who lie, distort and want to destroy everything. Little children are raised on deep hatred and on admiration of so-called martyrs, and the Western World does not notice it because its own TV sets are mostly tuned to soap operas and game shows. I recommend to you, even though most of you do not understand Arabic, to watch Al Jaseera, from time to time. You will not believe your own eyes.

But words also work in other ways, more subtle. A demonstration in Berlin, carrying banners supporting Saddam’s regime and featuring three-year old babies dressed as suicide murderers, is defined by the press and by political leaders as a peace demonstration. You may support or oppose the Iraq war, but to refer to fans of Saddam, Arafat or Bin Laden as peace activists is a bit too much. A woman walks into an Israeli restaurant in mid-day, eats, observes families with old people and children eating their lunch in the adjacent tables and pays the bill. She then blows herself up, killing 20 people, including many children, with heads and arms rolling around in the restaurant. She is called martyr by several Arab leaders and activist by the European press. Dignitaries condemn the act but visit her bereaved family and the money flows.

There is a new game in town: The actual murderer is called the military wing, the one who pays him, equips him and sends him is now called the political wing and the head of the operation is called the spiritual leader. There are numerous other examples of such Orwellian nomenclature, used every day not only by terror chiefs but also by Western media. These words are much more dangerous than many people realize. They provide an emotional infrastructure for atrocities. It was Joseph Goebels who said that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it. He is now being outperformed by his successors.

The third aspect is money. Huge amounts of money, which could have solved many social problems in this dysfunctional part of the world, are channeled into three concentric spheres supporting death and murder. In the inner circle are the terrorists themselves. The money funds their travel, explosives, hideouts and permanent search for soft vulnerable targets. They are surrounded by a second wider circle of direct supporters, planners, commanders, preachers, all of whom make a living, usually a very comfortable living, by serving as terror infrastructure. Finally, we find the third circle of so-called religious, educational and welfare organizations, which actually do some good, feed the hungry and provide some schooling, but brainwash a new generation with hatred, lies and ignorance. This circle operates mostly through mosques, madrasas and other religious establishments but also through inciting electronic and printed media. It is this circle that makes sure that women remain inferior, that democracy is unthinkable and that exposure to the outside world is minimal. It is also that circle that leads the way in blaming everybody outside the Moslem world, for the miseries of the region.

Figuratively speaking, this outer circle is the guardian, which makes sure that the people look and listen inwards to the inner circle of terror and incitement, rather than to the world outside. Some parts of this same outer circle actually operate as a result of fear from, or blackmail by, the inner circles. The horrifying added factor is the high birth rate. Half of the population of the Arab world is under the age of 20, the most receptive age to incitement, guaranteeing two more generations of blind hatred.

Of the three circles described above, the inner circles are primarily financed by terrorist states like Iran and Syria, until recently also by Iraq and Libya and earlier also by some of the Communist regimes. These states, as well as the Palestinian Authority, are the safe havens of the wholesale murder vendors. The outer circle is largely financed by Saudi Arabia, but also by donations from certain Moslem communities in the United States and Europe and, to a smaller extent, by donations of European Governments to various NGO's and by certain United Nations organizations, whose goals may be noble, but they are infested and exploited by agents of the outer circle. The Saudi regime, of course, will be the next victim of major terror, when the inner circle will explode into the outer circle. The Saudis are beginning to understand it, but they fight the inner circles, while still financing the infrastructure at the outer circle.

Some of the leaders of these various circles live very comfortably on their loot. You meet their children in the best private schools in Europe, not in the training camps of suicide murderers. The Jihad "soldiers" join packaged death tours to Iraq and other hotspots, while some of their leaders ski in Switzerland. Mrs. Arafat, who lives in Paris with her daughter, receives tens of thousands Dollars per month from the allegedly bankrupt Palestinian Authority while a typical local ringleader of the Al-Aksa brigade, reporting to Arafat, receives only a cash payment of a couple of hundred dollars, for performing murders at the retail level. The fourth element of the current world conflict is the total breaking of all laws. The civilized world believes in democracy, the rule of law, including international law, human rights, free speech and free press, among other liberties. There are naive old-fashioned habits such as respecting religious sites and symbols, not using ambulances and hospitals for acts of war, avoiding the mutilation of dead bodies and not using children as human shields or human bombs. Never in history, not even in the Nazi period, was there such total disregard of all of the above as we observe now. Every student of political science debates how you prevent an anti-democratic force from winning a democratic election and abolishing democracy. Other aspects of a civilized society must also have limitations. Can a policeman open fire on someone trying to kill him? Can a government listen to phone conversations of terrorists and drug dealers? Does free speech protects you when you shout fire in a crowded theater? Should there be death penalty for deliberate multiple murders? These are the old-fashioned dilemmas. But now we have an entire new set.

Do you raid a mosque, which serves as a terrorist ammunition storage? Do you return fire, if you are attacked from a hospital? Do you storm a church taken over by terrorists who took the priests hostages? Do you search every ambulance after a few suicide murderers use ambulances to reach their targets? Do you strip every woman because one pretended to be pregnant and carried a suicide bomb on her belly? Do you shoot back at someone trying to kill you, standing deliberately behind a group of children? Do you raid terrorist headquarters, hidden in a mental hospital? Do you shoot an arch-murderer who deliberately moves from one location to another, always surrounded by children? All of these happen daily in Iraq and in the Palestinian areas. What do you do? Well, you do not want to face the dilemma. But it cannot be avoided.

Suppose, for the sake of discussion, that someone would openly stay in a well-known address in Teheran, hosted by the Iranian Government and financed by it, executing one atrocity after another in Spain or in France, killing hundreds of innocent people, accepting responsibility for the crimes, promising in public TV interviews to do more of the same, while the Government of Iran issues public condemnations of his acts but continues to host him, invite him to official functions and treat him as a great dignitary. I leave it to you as homework to figure out what Spain or France would have done, in such a situation.

The problem is that the civilized world is still having illusions about the rule of law in a totally lawless environment. It is trying to play ice hockey by sending a ballerina ice-skater into the rink or to knock out a heavyweight boxer by a chess player. In the same way that no country has a law against cannibals eating its prime minister, because such an act is unthinkable, international law does not address killers shooting from hospitals, mosques and ambulances, while being protected by their Government or society. International law does not know how to handle someone who sends children to throw stones, stands behind them and shoots with immunity and cannot be arrested because he is sheltered by a Government. International law does not know how to deal with a leader of murderers who is royally and comfortably hosted by a country, which pretends to condemn his acts or just claims to be too weak to arrest him. The amazing thing is that all of these crooks demand protection under international law and define all those who attack them as war criminals, with some Western media repeating the allegations. The good news is that all of this is temporary, because the evolution of international law has always adapted itself to reality. The punishment for suicide murder should be death or arrest before the murder, not during and not after. After every world war, the rules of international law have changed and the same will happen after the present one. But during the twilight zone, a lot of harm can be done.

The picture I described here is not pretty. What can we do about it? In the short run, only fight and win. In the long run only educate the next generation and open it to the world. The inner circles can and must be destroyed by force. The outer circle cannot be eliminated by force. Here we need financial starvation of the organizing elite, more power to women, more education, counter propaganda, boycott whenever feasible and access to Western media, internet and the international scene. Above all, we need a total absolute unity and determination of the civilized world against all three circles of evil.

Allow me, for a moment, to depart from my alleged role as a taxi driver and return to science. When you have a malignant tumor, you may remove the tumor itself surgically. You may also starve it by preventing new blood from reaching it from other parts of the body, thereby preventing new "supplies" from expanding the tumor. If you want to be sure, it is best to do both.

But before you fight and win, by force or otherwise, you have to realize that you are in a war, and this may take Europe a few more years. In order to win, it is necessary to first eliminate the terrorist regimes, so that no Government in the world will serve as a safe haven for these people. I do not want to comment here on whether the American-led attack on Iraq was justified from the point of view of weapons of mass destruction or any other pre-war argument, but I can look at the post-war map of Western Asia. Now that Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya are out, two and a half terrorist states remain: Iran, Syria and Lebanon, the latter being a Syrian colony. Perhaps Sudan should be added to the list. As a result of the conquest of Afghanistan and Iraq, both Iran and Syria are now totally surrounded by territories unfriendly to them. Iran is encircled by Afghanistan, by the Gulf States, Iraq and the Moslem republics of the former Soviet Union. Syria is surrounded by Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Israel. This is a significant strategic change and it applies strong pressure on the terrorist countries. It is not surprising that Iran is so active in trying to incite a Shiite uprising in Iraq. I do not know if the American plan was actually to encircle both Iran and Syria, but that is the resulting situation.

In my humble opinion, the number one danger to the world today is Iran and its regime. It definitely has ambitions to rule vast areas and to expand in all directions. It has an ideology, which claims supremacy over Western culture. It is ruthless. It has proven that it can execute elaborate terrorist acts without leaving too many traces, using Iranian Embassies. It is clearly trying to develop Nuclear Weapons. Its so-called moderates and conservatives play their own virtuoso version of the good-cop versus bad-cop game. Iran sponsors Syrian terrorism, it is certainly behind much of the action in Iraq, it is fully funding the Hizbulla and, through it, the Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad, it performed acts of terror at least in Europe and in South America and probably also in Uzbekhistan and Saudi Arabia and it truly leads a multi-national terror consortium, which includes, as minor players, Syria, Lebanon and certain Shiite elements in Iraq. Nevertheless, most European countries still trade with Iran, try to appease it and refuse to read the clear signals.

In order to win the war it is also necessary to dry the financial resources of the terror conglomerate. It is pointless to try to understand the subtle differences between the Sunni terror of Al Qaida and Hamas and the Shiite terror of Hizbulla, Sadr and other Iranian inspired enterprises. When it serves their business needs, all of them collaborate beautifully.

It is crucial to stop Saudi and other financial support of the outer circle, which is the fertile breeding ground of terror. It is important to monitor all donations from the Western World to Islamic organizations, to monitor the finances of international relief organizations and to react with forceful economic measures to any small sign of financial aid to any of the three circles of terrorism. It is also important to act decisively against the campaign of lies and fabrications and to monitor those Western media who collaborate with it out of naivety, financial interests or ignorance.

Above all, never surrender to terror. No one will ever know whether the recent elections in Spain would have yielded a different result, if not for the train bombings a few days earlier. But it really does not matter. What matters is that the terrorists believe that they caused the result and that they won by driving Spain out of Iraq. The Spanish story will surely end up being extremely costly to other European countries, including France, who is now expelling inciting preachers and forbidding veils and including others who sent troops to Iraq. In the long run, Spain itself will pay even more.

Is the solution a democratic Arab world? If by democracy we mean free elections but also free press, free speech, a functioning judicial system, civil liberties, equality to women, free international travel, exposure to international media and ideas, laws against racial incitement and against defamation, and avoidance of lawless behavior regarding hospitals, places of worship and children, then yes, democracy is the solution. If democracy is just free elections, it is likely that the most fanatic regime will be elected, the one whose incitement and fabrications are the most inflammatory. We have seen it already in Algeria and, to a certain extent, in Turkey. It will happen again, if the ground is not prepared very carefully. On the other hand, a certain transition democracy, as in Jordan, may be a better temporary solution, paving the way for the real thing, perhaps in the same way that an immediate sudden democracy did not work in Russia and would not have worked in China.

I have no doubt that the civilized world will prevail. But the longer it takes us to understand the new landscape of this war, the more costly and painful the victory will be. Europe, more than any other region, is the key. Its understandable recoil from wars, following the horrors of World War II, may cost thousands of additional innocent lives, before the tide will turn.

Sunday, June 27, 2004
Dear readers, lets say you lived in a prison. And every second day, the guard came in and brutally raped you and then took a shit all over your room. This goes on and on for 20 years - you have a life sentence. What would you call an inmate, under these kind of conditions, that, on the day the guard was not raping him, would hold the cell bars in between his hands and yell to the other inmates "Rape is wrong, I do not know any people who rape anyone, but I know that morally, rape is wrong". Would you call this kind of person crazy? Clinically Insane? Idealistic? Normal?

An analysis of The United States Tinpot Communist Elected Dictators and their rates of theft. Now I know it's really congresscommies that are responsible for all the taxes, but I don't care. A dictator that presides over a country where the policy details are set by commies is still a commie dictator.

[Tax year] [Top marginal tax rate (%)] [Top marginal tax rate (%) on
earned income, if different<1>] [Taxable income over] [The filthy tinpot commie that was president] [what percentage of the "vote" that the filthy commie got] [How much the commie bitch raised taxes]
1913 7% TAX RATE 500,000 Woodrow Wilson - Democrat - 41.9% of POPULAR VOTE
1914 7% 500,000 Woodrow Wilson - Democrat - 41.9%
1915 7% 500,000 Woodrow Wilson - Democrat - 41.9%
1916 15 2,000,000 Woodrow Wilson - Democrat - 49.4% RETARDED COMMIE DOUBLED TAXES
1918 77 1,000,000 Woodrow Wilson - Democrat - 49.4%
1919 73 1,000,000 Woodrow Wilson - Democrat - 49.4%
1920 73 1,000,000 Warren Harding - Republican - 60.6%
1921 73 1,000,000 Warren Harding - Republican - 60.6%
1922 58 200,000 Warren Harding - Republican - 60.6% STOLE LESS THAT THE USUAL MASS MURDERER
1923 43.5 200,000 Warren Harding - Republican - 60.6% GOT A CONSCIENCE?
1924 46 500,000 Calvin Coolidge - Republican - 54.0%
1925 25 100,000 Calvin Coolidge - Republican - 54.0% FIGURED OUT TAXES BAD AFTER YEARS OF THEFT?
1926 25 100,000 Calvin Coolidge - Republican - 54.0%
1927 25 100,000 Calvin Coolidge - Republican - 54.0%
1928 25 100,000 Herbert Hoover - Republican - 58.2%
1929 24 100,000 Herbert Hoover - Republican - 58.2%
1930 25 100,000 Herbert Hoover - Republican - 58.2%
1931 25 100,000 Herbert Hoover - Republican - 58.2%
1932 63 1,000,000 Frankin D Roosevelt - Democrat - 57.7% PIECE OF SHIT COMMIE SPY
1933 63 1,000,000 Frankin D Roosevelt - Democrat - 57.7%
1934 63 1,000,000 Frankin D Roosevelt - Democrat - 57.7%
1935 63 1,000,000 Frankin D Roosevelt - Democrat - 57.7%
1936 79 5,000,000 Franlin D Roosevelt - Democrat - 60.8% SQUEEZE TIGHTER UNTILL ALL DEAD
1937 79 5,000,000 Franlin D Roosevelt - Democrat - 60.8%
1938 79 5,000,000 Franlin D Roosevelt - Democrat - 60.8%
1939 79 5,000,000 Franlin D Roosevelt - Democrat - 60.8%
1940 81.1 5,000,000 Franlin D Roosevelt - Democrat - 54.8%
1941 81 5,000,000 Franlin D Roosevelt - Democrat - 54.8%
1942 88 200,000 Franlin D Roosevelt - Democrat - 54.8%
1943 88 200,000 Franlin D Roosevelt - Democrat - 54.8%
1944 94 <2> 200,000 Franlin D Roosevelt - Democrat - 53.5% DIDN'T I BEAT THE CITIZENS ALL TO DEATH YET?
1945 94 <2> 200,000 Franlin D Roosevelt - Democrat - 53.5%
1946 86.45 <3> 200,000 Franlin D Roosevelt - Democrat - 53.5%
1947 86.45 <3> 200,000 Franlin D Roosevelt - Democrat - 53.5%
1948 82.13 <4> 400,000 Harry Truman - Democrat - 49.7%
1949 82.13 <4> 400,000 Harry Truman - Democrat - 49.7%
1950 84.36 400,000 Harry Truman - Democrat - 49.7%
1951 91 <5> 400,000 Harry Truman - Democrat - 49.7%
1952 92 <6> 400,000 Dwight Eisenhower - Republican - 55.0%
1953 92 <6> 400,000 Dwight Eisenhower - Republican - 55.0%
1954 91 <7> 400,000 Dwight Eisenhower - Republican - 55.0%
1955 91 <7> 400,000 Dwight Eisenhower - Republican - 55.0%
1956 91 <7> 400,000 Dwight Eisenhower - Republican - 57.5%
1957 91 <7> 400,000 Dwight Eisenhower - Republican - 57.5%
1958 91 <7> 400,000 Dwight Eisenhower - Republican - 57.5%
1959 91 <7> 400,000 Dwight Eisenhower - Republican - 57.5%
1960 91 <7> 400,000 John F Kennedy - Democrat - 49.7%
1961 91 <7> 400,000 John F Kennedy - Democrat - 49.7%
1962 91 <7> 400,000 John F Kennedy - Democrat - 49.7%
1963 91 <7> 400,000 John F Kennedy - Democrat - 49.7%
1964 77 400,000 Lyndon Johnson - Democrat - 61.0% OH MY GOD I KILLED MY OWN GRANDMA WITH TAXES
1965 70 200,000 Lyndon Johnson - Democrat - 61.0%
1966 70 200,000 Lyndon Johnson - Democrat - 61.0%
1967 70 200,000 Lyndon Johnson - Democrat - 61.0%
1968 75.25 200,000 Richard Nixon - Republican - 43.2%
1969 77 200,000 Richard Nixon - Republican - 43.2%
1970 71.75 200,000 Richard Nixon - Republican - 43.2%
1971 70 60 200,000 Richard Nixon - Republican - 43.2%
1972 70 50 200,000 Richard Nixon - Republican - 60.7%
1973 70 50 200,000 Richard Nixon - Republican - 60.7%
1974 70 50 200,000 Richard Nixon - Republican - 60.7%
1975 70 50 200,000 Richard Nixon - Republican - 60.7%
1976 70 50 200,000 Jimmy Crater - Democrat - 50.0%
1977 70 50 203,200 Jimmy Crater - Democrat - 50.0%
1978 70 50 203,200 Jimmy Crater - Democrat - 50.0%
1979 70 50 215,400 Jimmy Crater - Democrat - 50.0%
1980 70 50 215,400 Ronald Reagan - Republican - 50.9%
1981 69.125 50 215,400 Ronald Reagan - Republican - 50.9%
1982 50 85,600 Ronald Reagan - Republican - 50.9% GRANDMA KILLING SPREE ENDS. NOW ONLY KILLING NEIGHBORS.
1983 50 109,400 Ronald Reagan - Republican - 50.9%
1984 50 162,400 Ronald Reagan - Republican - 58.8%
1985 50 169,020 Ronald Reagan - Republican - 58.8%
1986 50 175,250 Ronald Reagan - Republican - 58.8%
1987 38.5 90,000 Ronald Reagan - Republican - 58.8%
1988 28 <8> 29,750 <8> George H Bush - Republican - 53.4% FINALLY MURDER ENDS AND LOOTING BEGINS AS DICTATOR FALLS.
1989 28 <8> 30,950 <8> George H Bush - Republican - 53.4%
1990 28 <8> 32,450 <8> George H Bush - Republican - 53.4%
1991 31 82,150 George H Bush - Republican - 53.4%
1992 31 86,500 William Clinton - Democrat - 42.9%
1993 39.6 89,150 William Clinton - Democrat - 42.9% WHOOPS I DID IT AGAIN. BECAUSE I COULD.
1994 39.6 250,000 William Clinton - Democrat - 42.9%
1995 39.6 256,500 William Clinton - Democrat - 42.9%
1996 39.6 263,750 William Clinton - Democrat - 49.24%
1997 39.6 271,050 William Clinton - Democrat - 49.24%
1998 39.6 278,450 William Clinton - Democrat - 49.24%
1999 39.6 283,150 William Clinton - Democrat - 49.24%
2000 39.6 288,350 George W Bush - Republican - 47.87%
2001 39.1 297,350 George W Bush - Republican - 47.87%
2002 38.6 307,050 George W Bush - Republican - 47.87%
2003 35 TAX RATE 311,950 George W Bush - Republican - 47.87% of POPULAR VOTE

Read the "History" of the United States Taxation System here.


Saturday, June 26, 2004
Heh. Bad Commie is Censored Again!

As my faithful reader(s?) know, Ann Coulter is definitely a commie spy. Now FOXXOR News is pushing a new Ann Coulter Brand Commie Spy called Commie Spy Michelle Malkin. What happened is that Ann looks really thin and ugly and can't have an interactive conversation with anyone, so they needed a more commercialized insulter in chief.

This particular one seems to be really really vain. Commie Spy Ann Coulter, oops sorry, I mean Commie Spy Michelle Malkin is new at this blogging stuff and is still vainly trying to have a blog with comments. It has to be censored at the rate of about 1 comment a minute. She constantly has to scan it and remove negative comments to satisfy her vanity. Anyway, as I was telling Osama bin Texan, I can get censored from any commie site in no more than 2 sentences. Commie Spy Michelle Malkin has been busy. She has had to censor 3-4 of my little present so far:

Your comment could not be submitted due to questionable content: badcommie blogspot com
Please correct the error in the form below, then press Post to post your comment.

Your comment could not be submitted due to questionable content: Bad Commie

Questionable? Dear Readers, I SHOULD HOPE SO. I assume by "correct the error" she means "Die you filthy capitalist pig dog, my commie ideology will crush you!".

Anyway, I managed to sneak one in. It will be removed soon:

Ahh, the filthy Michelle Commie bloviates again. How does it feel to be a filthy communist spy? I mean, you ARE a spy aren't you? Because I notice that you haven't STABBED a SINGLE commie just like that commie spy Ann Coulter. Michelle Malkin is a filthy communist spy. Commies all around - ALL ALIVE.

What's the matter? Can't handle the truth. Go back to wearing fur hats and drinking vodka you commie spy.

Heh. Now I made your bog unable to have the word "commie" in it.

Posted by B*d Commie at June 26, 2004 07:57 AM

Ahh the life of a censor. Ever busy. Ever watchful. I have added her to the extra special list of Bad Commie censors on the side of the blog.

I think Michelle is secretly Imam Khomeini. Maybe I should correct her misconceptions on her blog? No, I can't do that, little censor problem, you see. Oh well, I will just post her misconceptions here:

Imam Khomeini Commie Spy's Michelle Malkin's Religious Teachings on sex with Animals
"The meat of horses, mules, or donkeys is not recommended. It is strictly forbidden if the animal was sodomized while alive by a man. In that case, the animal must be taken outside the city and sold."

Editor's notes: I wonder if it is OK to sodomize a dead animal? What happens if the buyer brings the poor animal back into the city?

"If one commits an act of sodomy with a cow, a ewe, or a camel, their urine and their excrements become impure, and even their milk may no longer be consumed. The animal must then be killed as quickly as possible and burned, and the price of it paid to its owner by him who sodomized it."

Editor's note: The poor animal first is sodomized and then killed and burned. What an Islamic justice towards animals? Where are the animal rights group?

"It is forbidden to consume the excrement of animals or their nasal secretions. But if such are mixed in minute proportions into other foods their consumption is not forbidden."

"If a man __ God protect him from it! _ fornicates with an animal and ejaculates, ablution is necessary."

Editor's note: It does not say who should have ablution the animal or the man?

Hmmm. Ewww Commie Spy Michelle Malkin? Animals? What? I'm shocked!

Everyone check out this extra proof of Reagan being a commie spy:

Adler said the Reagan-era officials who pushed the case against Wilson had been embarrassed by revelations they were trading arms for information. It was a defense mechanism, he said, to make individual operatives rather than CIA policy the scapegoats.

But the problem in the Wilson case, Adler said, was the Justice Department -- not the CIA. The CIA informed the Justice Department, albeit belatedly, that the affidavit should not be used.

Hughes, who keeps a bust of Abraham Lincoln displayed prominently in his office, wrote:

"America did not defeat the Axis because it locked up Japanese-Americans. America did not defeat the Soviet Union because it tried to lock up its philosophic fellow-travelers here. America will not defeat Libyan terrorism by double-crossing a part-time, informal government agent."

Well, OK, readers of my blog don't need proof, do they? Stab first, judicial process later, that's what I say.

Speaking of other Commie Spies than Commie Spy Michelle Malkin, we have Franzistan banning SUVs for being not adapted to communism, and the BBC, well, gold star for the BBC for this one:

The BBC efforts not to "offend" Arab extremists even extend to their reports on ethnic cleansing and genocide. On both the occasions in the last week when I heard BBC World Service Radio refer to the ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing in Sudan, the BBC took scrupulous care to avoid saying who the perpetrators were (they are Arab militias) and who the victims are (hundreds of thousands of Black Sudanese Africans - Muslims, Christians, and Animists). The BBC didn't make any mention whatever of the long history of mass slavery in Sudan, carried out by Arabs with non-Arabs as their victims; nor of the scorched-earth policies, and systematic rape being carried out there by Arabs.

Yet in one of these very same news bulletins, the BBC mentioned that "settlers" in Gaza were "Jewish" and the land they were settling is "Palestinian." . . .

The BBC's Middle East problem is not just a British problem but also an international one. The BBC pours forth its worldview not just in English, but in almost every language of the Middle East: Pashto, Persian, Arabic, Turkish.

Of Course, BBC, France, Germans, Nazis, Mass Murderers, Rapists, all the same:

"There are more than two million military personnel in the forces of the European NATO allies," Bereuter said, "yet only two percent of those forces are deployed on NATO missions in Afghanistan and the Balkans.

"The NATO allies have promised to make more than 1,000 infantry companies available for NATO missions. They have promised to make more than 2,000 helicopters available for NATO missions. They have promised to make almost 300 transport aircraft available for NATO missions. Yet, for the mission in Afghanistan, the allies seemingly cannot find a few more infantry companies, cannot find a few more helicopters, and cannot find a few more transport aircraft that are essential to avoid failure.

"This is a failure of political will, pure and simple," Bereuter said. "It is a failure that jeopardizes the success of the mission in Afghanistan and jeopardizes the very credibility of the Alliance."

Bereuter took the same message to the 248 member NATO Parliamentary Assembly meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia, last month. Following his speech to the Assembly, the heads of all 26 national delegations authorized him to write to the leaders of all NATO countries, urging them to meet their obligations to provide resources for ISAF.

That's right. You ARE COMMIES.

Oh, and just to clarify, here is what I think of the British:

The british are a bunch of cross dressing homosexual wig wearers. I'm still waiting for brit45 to strap on a suicide belt and take out the commie propaganda organ called the bbc - see AntiFrench's expose on the main page.

Basically, there is a reason why Americans left the oppressive British gulag. There is a reason why crime in UK skyrocketed after banning guns. There is a reason why the communist propaganda welfare queens called the BBC are on the government dole.



I'm an American and COMMUNIST bRitain gave me NOTHING. bRitain can go to hell. And if the founding fathers say they are bRitish, i'm going to dig them up from their grave RIGHT NOW. And send them back where they belong - to france.

I don't need any lessons in wearing wigs from communist nobility pretending to be elitist judges.

American justice is based on THE JURY. The laws DO NOT MATTER. The judge and the congress are dumb bitches. The jury convicts based on the penalty - not the law. British courts and laws can go to hell.


Wednesday, June 23, 2004
BC: Hi, Osama bin Texan! Did you hear how the democrat fake Iraqis executed the eager dog eater (Korean)?
ObT: Yes. Yellow dog democrats were angry about the dog eating.
BC: If I eat dogs, will Al Qaida hate me too? I don't think I'm sufficiently hated. French people seem to like me. I have this secret fear that Al Qaida will like me because I will vote for W.
ObT: yes -- be very afraid
ObT: They might elect you assistant treasurer or something and then tell Asscraft so he will gitmo you.
BC: That's fine. First, I get to be the treasurer. As my first act I will decree the us fiscally and morally bankrupt and suicide bomb all of congress.
BC: I saw the gitmo video on fox. It was so nice and clean and airy. And they had nice books and it was very good weather. Its very nice. Much better than my commie dwelling.
BC: Oh - and just think! At the interrogations someone would listen to me!!!!
I could tell them all about my blog!
They will probably let me keep blogging... It will be so great!

I was listening to michael savage on radio - he was talking about how clinton was a filthy fascist mass murderer. Everyone check out what that Commie Hitler Herr Clinton did in Belgrade:

I am very surprise, Sam. You have never been a naive artist. I can't believe that you trust propaganda of neo-Nazi media such as CNN and similar criminals. They are not journalist, they don't have any moral, they are simple lying, they work for money.

The war criminals from NATO attacked my country on March 24, with bombs and missiles, tearing down a building, mostly civil, killing everybody. Do you believe that the bombs differentiate between Serbs and Albanians? The truth is that refugees appear AFTER bombing. They lost homes, war disaster make it. They are war refugees. It is not true that Yugoslav Army force them out from their homes. Human beings have fear of the death and, death and disaster bringing NATO killers. You can also find Serbs refugees on the other side. Difference is only that Albanians are saved on the border but Serbs are not. NATO murderers succeed them in killing children, women, old people. They destroy buildings, schools, hospitals, historical monuments. Who gave them that right? We have United Nations, we have the Security Council there. Do you know that nobody can make any action, any attack, without permission of the Security Council? They didn't get it, they even didn't ask it. They think that they can do everything with power. Stupid Clinton, sexual pervert, who escaped from Vietnam war and now pushes thousand of young Americans in nonsense war. Do you really think that USA have some vital interest in Yugoslavia, in Kosovo? Who do they think that they are? Policemen on duty? They are without any moral, they are corrupt liars. Sam, don't forget that person, who used the cigar for Monica, instead of natural thing can be normal!! Adolf Clinton doesn't like Milosevic. (I am not his supporter, by the way.) He doesn't like Saddam Hussein, he doesn't like anybody. He is a sick guy. Maybe he likes Madeleine Albright. She is sick, too. I am not sure that even you would like to fuck her.

Do you know, Sam, that NATO is a defense organization. They can't attack anybody. My country Yugoslavia is an independent state, one of the founders of UN. My country did not attack anybody. Finally my country is not a "banana" state.

Do you know who made "humanitarian catastrophe"? NATO with killing innocent people, with brutal attack on civil. Who can take the right to kill innocent people for any other excuse. Excuse for murderers doesn't exist. I remember our discussion in Abu Dhabi Chess Club about Sri Lanka people. About power, about money. Well, NATO is the strongest military force that has ever been in the world. They attack a small country like Yugoslavia. Brutal attacks continued more than two weeks. They can't do anything to Yugoslav Army, and that is reason why they attack civilian people. Till now NATO lost more than 20 airplanes (F 117A stealth, too), Americans soldiers begin to come back in plastic bags. I hope that their mothers will ask monster Clinton why he killed them.

NATO can continue with bombing. They are bombing exactly now during my writing. I am on 4th floor with my mother, she is 90 years and my new wife. I lost my wife in the first part of Yugoslav crack.

Sam, I am not afraid. I am sorry that I am not young to fight with cowardly NATO criminals. I am sure that they will finish on some "Nuremberg" court. Killed so many people and stays unpunished. It is not possible.

I would like to meet some of brave soldiers, criminals of neo-Nazi. Do you really believe that USA will invade ground troops and fight house by house in Belgrade...

Sam, you have to study little bit of history. We fight with aggressor in two world wars, and won. We have experience with fascist. My father had Hitler and I have Clinton. Of course, Clinton is the worse but the end will be the same.

Of Course - what really happened in Belgrade was that the retard Clinton bombed a whole bunch of civilians for fun. AFTER ALL...




Right here, commies, click click click.

In order to clear my mind of the clenis, It's time for some BAD COMMIE POETRY!

Kipling Version:

The Gods of the Copybook Heading
by Rudyard Kipling

As I pass through my incarnations in every age and race,
I make my proper prostrations to the Gods of the Market-Place.
Peering through reverent fingers I watch them flourish and fall,
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings, I notice, outlast them all.

We were living in trees when they met us. They showed us each in turn.
That Water would certainly wet us, as Fire would certainly burn:
But we found them lacking in Uplift, Vision and Breath of Mind,
So we left them to teach the Gorillas while we followed the March of Mankind.

We moved as the Spirit listed. They never altered their pace,
Being neither cloud nor wind-borne like the Gods of the Market-Place;
But they always caught up with our progress, and presently word would come
That a tribe had been wiped off its icefield, or the lights had gone out in Rome.

With the Hopes that our World is built on they were utterly out of touch.
They denied that the Moon was Stilton; they denied she was even Dutch.
They denied that Wishes were Horses; they denied that a Pig had Wings.
So we worshipped the Gods of the Market Who promised these beautiful things.

When the Cambrian measures were forming, They promised perpetual peace.
They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.
But when we disarmed They sold us and delivered us bound to our foe,
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: "Stick to the Devil you know."

On the first Feminian Sandstones we were promised the Fuller Life
(Which started by loving our neighbour and ended by loving his wife)
Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,
And the Gods of the Copybook Heading said: "The Wages of Sin is Death."

In the Carboniferous Epoch we were promised abundance for all,
By robbing selected Peter to pay for collective Paul;
But, though we had plenty of money, there was nothing our money could buy,
And the Gods of the Copybook Heading said: "If you don't work you die."

Then the Gods of the Market tumbled, and their smooth-tongued wizards withdrew,
And the hearts of the meanest were humbled and began to believe it was true
That All is not Gold that Glitters, and Two and Two make Four-
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.
There are only four things certain since Social Progress began:-
That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,

And the burnt Fool's bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;
And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins

When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!

Bad Commie Version!:

The Knives of the Citizen Stabbers.
by Bad Commie

As the knife of the commie stabber flashes, in every age and race
I say my prayers to the Gods of the Republican About-Face.
Peering through my bloody claws, I watch the commies stab and then fall
And the Gods of the VICIOUS STABBINGS WITH BIG MANLY KNIVES, I notice outlast them all.

We were living in piles of dead commie corpses when they met us. They showed us each in turn.
That Water would certainly wet us, as Fire would certainly burn:
But we found them lacking in dead commies, Capitalism and axes to grind,
So we left them to teach the French Homosexuals while we followed the March of American-kind.

We moved as the holy knife guided us. They never altered their pace,
Being neither liberal nor conservative born, like the Gods of the Republican About-Face;
But they always caught up with our capitalism orgy, and presently word would come
That a industrialist had been wiped off his factory, or the lights had gone out in Texas - capitalist home.

With the Money that Life is made of, they were hopelessly out of touch.
They denied that the Moon was a Liberal Myth; they denied that she was even a commie plot - as such.
They denied that Knives were useful; They denied that a republican can buy wings.
So we kept on worshipping the Gods of the Many Stabbings who promised us piles of the dead commie it-things.

When the Commie Reagan was speechifying, they promised perpetual war.
They swore, if we gave the russkies a can of whoopass, that the commies would do their impression of a dead boar.
But when we maxed out our credit card via reaganomics, they made our nation a commie hell,
And the gods of The COMMIE STABBERS gave a great big ring of their Liberty Bell.

During the first feminist man bashing, we were promised a happy sex filled life
(Which started by loving our fem-hos and ended by not having a wife)
Our female commie stabbers ran out of smaller commie stabbers and the men lost their knives,
And the Gods of the Horrific Commie Stabbings reminded us that commies have very short lives

In the 60's love fest, we were promised drugs to improve the commie stabbing technique of all
By stealing the drugs from Canada we decided to behave like a gaul;
But, though we had plenty of money, the knife store said that there was nothing we could buy
And the Gods of the Stabbed Commies said: "If you don't stab them you will die."

Then the Republicans flip flopped, and their commie leaders said fuck you,
And the heart of Bad Commie was humbled and he began to believe it was true
That a Conservative Republican is just a filthy commie thief, and that the commie went where the money was
And the Gods of the VICIOUS COMMIE STABBINGS knew all about the best way to increase commie blood loss

There are only four things certain, since the commie discovered the cash:-

That the Commie and Congress are brothers, and that war is never a quagmire
And that Commies shriek loudly and lovely when you put them in fire;

And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
When all men are again paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn coal,
The Gods of the Stabbings of Commies will once again make fools of us all!

@Copy Stab 2004. This poem is protected... BY STABBING.


Saturday, June 19, 2004
It's time for a new bad commie book review! The book is called "Maquisarde", by Louise Marley.

A completely unrealistic portrayal of the french.

If I were a french woman, the FIRST think I would notice about myself was that I had hairy legs and hairy underarms and that I was stinky. Not that I was some brave, cute and sexy "resistance" type trying to fight the "evil" world government. The french wouldn't know evil if they appeased it.
Which they do - every day. Get over yourselves, you smelly stupid hippies! The french are NOT sexy. The french are scum on top of a sewer hole.

Oh, and a representative of a government shooting a french person with a gun on an unidentified boat is supposed to somehow be bad? Huh? All french people need to be shot.

Do you know what else is in this book? A space station populated by crippled multi ethnic retards. I kid you not. The space station is populated by dirty smelly "lets all live in peace" women who like to save little children.
Little children should all be cooked and eaten, not saved.

Now, if I were writing this book, the hero would have been American, and he would have had a death ray flute that kills all french people and children. Take that author-hippie!

This author-hippie needs to hug more trees in order to improve her low IQ. Oh, that's right.
You CAN'T improve your IQ by hugging trees.
Ooooops, there goes the hippie master plan.
Try to concentrate on making fire, author hippie.


And that's what I think of that book. It burned quite nicely.

Check this out. Filthy communist spy and al-queda member ann coulter says:

Reagan had always known he could destroy the Soviet Union if he could only be given two terms in the White House. In 1964, Holmes Tuttle, mapped out Reagan's future with mind-boggling accuracy: Reagan would run for governor of California in 1966, serve two terms, run for President in 1976, and "by 1985, with God's grace, Communism would be vanquished at home and abroad"...
Reagan had one of those "simple solutions". He thought we should win and the Soviets should lose. Detente, Reagan said, is "what a farmer has with his turkey - until Thanksgiving day."

"At home"..... Dear readers, what do you call a country where rich people are taxed anywhere from 95% to 50% for the whole century? Is the word I'm looking for a "communist gulag"? The Texan Worker's Cooperative? Communist Utopia for Retired Fascists? Hmmmm. Gobble Gobble Gobble?

I like Turkey Dinner! I like Turkey Dinner! Cha Cha Cha! Stab Stab Stab!

Perhaps Commie Spy Ann Coulter should have read this?

Under President Reagan, America negotiated with communists and Jihadists. While the Soviet state was crumbling, Jihadism spread without serious repercussion. Mr. Reagan did nothing to stop them -- a light bombing on Libya in 1986 failed to stop Libya's sponsorship of terrorism -- and Islamic terrorism proliferated. Each time religious fundamentalists hit America, President Reagan turned the other cheek.

Thomas Sowell, one of my favorite white conservative authors has written an excellent article pointing out that the problem in America is not "Democra-Commie vs. Republi-Commie" or "Libera-commie vs Conserva-commie" but "Talkers vs Doers". He says:

Doctors and hospitals have helped but much of the improvement in our health has been due to pharmaceutical drugs that keep us from having to go to hospitals, and have enabled doctors to head off many serious medical problems with prescriptions.

Yet the people who produce pharmaceutical drugs have been under heated political attack for years -- attacks which often do not let the facts get in their way.

During the anthrax scare of 2001, for example, the maker of the leading antidote for anthrax was accused of making "obscene profits" even though (1) the total cost of treatment with their drug was just $50 and (2) the company actually operated at a loss while they were being denounced for obscene profits.

People who know nothing about advertising, nothing about pharmaceuticals, and nothing about economics have been loudly proclaiming that the drug companies spend too much on advertising -- and demanding that the government pass laws based on their ignorance.

Today, we take the automobile so much for granted that it is hard to realize what an expansion of the life of ordinary people it represented. There was a time when most people lived and died within a 50-mile radius of where they were born.

The automobile opened a whole new world to these people. It also enabled those living in overcrowded cities to spread out into suburbs and get some elbow room. Trucks got goods to people more cheaply and ambulances got people to hospitals to save their lives.

Yet who among the people who did this are today regarded as being as big a hero as Ralph Nader, who put himself on the map with complaints about cars in general and the Corvair in particular? Hard data on automobile safety and tests conducted on the Corvair both undermined Nader's claims. But he will always be a hero to the talkers. So will those who complain about commerce and industry that have raised our standard of living to levels that our grandparents would not have dreamed of.
Why can't the talkers leave the doers alone? Perhaps it is because that would leave the talkers on the sidelines, with their uselessness being painfully obvious to all, instead of being in the limelight and "making a difference" -- even if that difference is usually negative.

Hmm, Tommy the white cracker is almost as smart as Ed. I love Ed.

Ed is not alarmed at a government study finding 70 percent of high school students cheat on exams. Or, rather, he is, but not for the reason you might expect: "Lying and cheating made America great!" is the headline on the piece. "I say if only 70 percent of kids are cheating in school, then we need to do something to teacher the other 30 percent how to get on the bandwagon."

And finally, Jerry's not to happy about TSA Homeland "Security" Thugs stealing his possessions and for people being graciously handed life sentences for thought crimes. Check it out!

Monday, June 14, 2004
I'm back! Bad Commie is back! Let the stabbing begin!

First, I'd like to thank the attorney general of AmeriFrance for keeping the faggots in check while I was away. I myself, am very scared of homosexual commie faggots. However, they do have to come out of the closet sometime, and when they do, that closet is mine! Just think, all those knives!

Also the dear leader attorney general has been watching too many night of the evil dead movies. Or maybe reading too many russian magazines. In any case, he will be properly terrified when the zombie army takes over.

Now, on to more serious policy issues, it seems like the state gang of Texas is giving too much money to commie little faggots:

The formidable former British Prime Minister, Lady Margaret Thatcher, might have been speaking about the Texas public education bureaucracy of today when she addressed her political party's convention in October of 1975.

"They have the usual socialist disease; they have run out of other people's money."

For months we have suffered the loud wailing and gnashing of teeth from the public education bureaucracy and their allies in Texas politics. Their demand has a familiar ring: more money. Not just more money, but money without accountability.
"If you serve a child a rotten hamburger in America, federal, state and local agencies will investigate you, summon you, close you down, whatever. But if you provide a child with a rotten education, nothing happens, except that you're liable to be given more money to do it with."
Thomas Jefferson lamented that "as a government grows, liberty decreases." He wisely noted, "Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have."

The Robin Hood of legend stole from tyrannical government functionaries, returning the loot to the victimized poor. In Texas, he was hired by an elected judge and legitimized by the legislature to victimize taxpayers in the name of the children, while enriching the bureaucracy.

Despite noble intentions, and precious few benefits, Robin Hood has been an unwitting tool for the advocates of increased spending without any accompanying accountability for classroom improvement.

In the end, it is one more destructive attempt to soothe the ravages of the socialists' disease.

Now, I'm not sure exactly what commie needs to get stabbed here. I'm not going to waste my time blaming teachers. It's clear that teachers never taught nobody nothing. If them little commie faggots is acting up and acting all uneducated like, I say we stab them directly. Lets cut out the middle-stabber. If the commie parents don't want to stab the commie faggot children, then they can at least have the decency to serve them rotten hamburgers every time the little whipper snappers uneducate themselves.

Sheeesh. Public Policy sure is hard. It's making my head hurt.

In other news, republicans are complaining that democrats are not participating in government. Now I'm no genius, but ain't not participating in stealing a good thing? Gosh, I think someone needs to GET STABBED.

Maybe I should stop all this talk of "republi-commie" and "democra-commie" and just call them commie. After all:

Categories do not commit crimes; individuals do. Be suspicious of cases in which the accused individual is being convicted in public opinion because of the category to which he or she belongs.

Oh right, I should give COMMIES the benefit of the doubt, should I? The COMMIE CHOSE TO BE A COMMIE by ITS ACTIONS. NOW THE COMMIE GETS STABBED.

I other news, Iranistan is selling sexy sexy Iranistanian slaves to westerners. How do I get me one of these? Ted Kennedy won't sell me any, after I sold him that lazy nigger that just ruined his garden. Some woman got upset by all this (she must be a feminist) and says:

In a religious dictatorship like Iran, one cannot appeal to the rule of law for justice for women and girls. Women and girls have no guarantees of freedom and rights, and no expectation of respect or dignity from the Islamic fundamentalists. Only the end of the Iranian regime will free women and girls from all the forms of slavery they suffer.

Ooops, another W supporter. This time, can we free them with nuclear weapons, please?

There is a lot of propaganda surrounding Reagan these days. First, Reagan was a filthy commie who never did nothing good for nobody. That retarded communist Reagan lowered taxes from 70% to 50% while spending like a drunken sailor. Whoopte-doo. 50% taxes is THE DEFINITION OF COMMUNISM, filthy Reagan commie scum. And am I really supposed to believe that fairy tale that Reagan had a credit card shopping contest with Russians and won? What a bunch of filthy commie crap. Russians had a drinking contest with communism, and finally, after 80 years, communism keeled over - dead - of alcohol poisoning. Commie Reagan had nothing to do with it. RUSSIANS DRANK COMMUNISM UNDER THE TABLE WHILE REAGAN WAS PREENING HIMSELF IN THE MIRROR AND BUYING USELESS JUNK ON CREDIT CARDS.

In coverage of Ronald Reagan's passing, a network anchorman noted that the ex-president "gave conservatism a human face." As opposed to what -- the Frankenstein mask it usually wears? Now, try to imagine a newscaster speaking of someone who "gave liberalism a human face."

Yes indeed, here is objectivity and balance worthy of Pravda and Der Sturmer.

Got these filthy leftist fascist democra-commies are retarded. The know Reagan was bad, but they have no idea why. Retards. That's the last I want to hear about the FILTHY COMMIE REAGAN.

Even Iraqis know better than democra-commies and republi-commies:

One last thing to say: we, in Iraq, have learnt the lesson and we're not going to praise and clap to anyone and no one can force us to do so no matter what his place is. The road to dictatorships starts with clapping.

I may just need to move all the democra-republi-commies to Iraq. To help Iraq out, of-course.

Here is some more "Bad Commie facts" about Taxes:

When the progressive income tax was first instituted in 1913, the result of a concerted people's struggle, the top tax rate was 90 percent. The cornerstone of the progressive income tax system was the principle that taxes should rise along with income. Only 2 percent of the population paid income tax and low-income Americans did not pay any taxes.

Corporate America led an effort, spearheaded by industrialist Andrew Mellon, to eviscerate the income tax law. In 1924, Mellon asserted, "Taxation should not be used as a field for socialistic experiment, or as a club to punish success."

Almost 40 years later, in 1961, Ronald Reagan said: "We have received this progressive tax direct from Karl Marx, who designed it as a prime essential of a socialist state." By the time Reagan became president, the top tax rate had been reduced to 70 percent. Under his administration the top rate was dropped to 28 percent, the same as for the majority of Americans.

The Reagan "tax reform," signed into law Oct. 22, 1986, benefited the less than 1 percent of the population who had been in the top tax bracket. By 1989, the top 1 percent of the population, with $5.7 trillion in total net worth, had more than the bottom 90 percent, which had about $4.8 trillion in total net worth.

Sound like some commie collective is fucked. Even the rats are leaving the sinking ship. Maybe if there was just less lying and more credibility, everything in California would be OK?


Wednesday, June 02, 2004
Hoooweeee! It's time for another Bad Commie Book Review! I found an awesome stabber! This week's stabbing manual is: "Monument" by Ian Graham.

Now, as you know, I'm not some kind of pussy homosexual liberal commie. I'm a BAD commie. And, being a BAD commie, I like my "fantasy" books to have real heroes. Not some kind of retarded mongoloid diarrhetic weasel henpecked homicidal do-gooders. But the GOOD kind of hero. A Hero that goes around drunk, stabbing and cursing and getting beaten within an inch of his life. A Hero that murders communist thieves on sight. A Hero that steals and cheats and STABS commies right in the gut!


Ian Graham delivers! In addition to an excellent fantasy plot line, we get a HUMAN hero. Not a hero who is a retarded communist homosexual liberal from Venus. A REAL MAN! WITH LICE IN HIS BEARD AND A BROKEN NOSE! I DEMAND MORE! MORE MORE MORE!

You can read the first chapter of the book here.

There is an excellent interview with the author here.

Were there any themes you wanted to explore – the character of Ballas, for instance, is certainly not your run-of-the-mill fantasy hero!

I didn't start writing Monument with a pre-determined set of themes. Rather, the themes presented themselves as the story progressed. Ballas's psychology quickly started to intrigue me. At first, Ballas appears to be a very simplistic character: just a huge, selfish slab of nastiness. By nature, he is also a loner (his first name, Anhaga, is Old English for 'solitary being'). But, after stealing the Monument, he finds himself not merely alone, but hunted – a target, in fact, for everyone in Druine. How would someone cope in such circumstances? It turns out that Ballas is ideally suited to such a situation. He is aggressive, ruthless, and a gifted manipulator of people. The attributes that are usually considered to be vices are, for Ballas, virtues: they enable him to survive. I found this moral inversion interesting. And slightly unsettling. If any one of us was in Ballas' situation, would we behave differently to him? If our survival depended on violence, manipulation, ruthlessness, would we turn our backs on them as something shameful? Or regard them, instead, as utterly justifiable ways of behaving?

Also, I was interested in the way a religion can exist as a morality – and do so in a way that almost completely dispels its divine element. In principle, the Wardens and Under-Wardens (ordinary citizens granted Warden status during a time of national crisis) are doing the Four's work when they are trying to locate and kill Ballas. Yet none of them ever have a single divine thought. They enjoy the adventurous and, on occasions, sadistic thrill of pursuit. Yet they don't consider the religious dimension of their actions. They look upon the Blessed Masters as the givers-of-law; yet they never question whether the laws are theologically justified, nor do they tangibly feel that they are enacting the Four's will. The only truly holy character in Monument is Father Rendeage – a priest who, in order to act in accordance with the Four's teachings, not only saves Ballas's life, but in doing so, becomes a very specific type of martyr: the martyr who dies not for his religion, but for his god.

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