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Saturday, August 28, 2004
By GoodFrogDeadFrog

On Fri Aug 27, 2004 10:00 PM

In order to preserve my anger, I have chosen not to eat or drink while I was banned by filthy free speech hating terrified republican nazi communists.

Mmmm, Mmmm, but this is delicious! Guess what I'm eating now ? Mmmmmm....

But before we get to that... delicious delicacy... let's take a little break...

BC: Newt Gingrich, WHAT IS BEST IN LIFE?

Newt: To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

BC: So, exactly WHO, WHO IS THIS FILTHY COMMIE ENEMY, Oh mighty spirit of dead Newt Gingrich?

Newt: I can not answer because I am dead and also a filthy commie whose tongue was torn out by GoodFrogDeadFrog.

Yes, well that was singularly unenlightening. Newt is a filthy communist, just like that retarded credit card spending, 90% taxing, degenerate homosexual Ronald Reagan? Hmmm. Interesting.

Lets us bow our heads in a prayer of eternal resistance to communists. Lets us examine this article:

Krauthammer: "Human Rights and Social Justice"

After we failed to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz explained to Vanity Fair that that didn't mean the war was fought for no good reason. There were many other reasons to overthrow Hussein, he explained, but the war cabinet settled on WMD because it was the one everyone could agree on.
Into this void came Krauthammer, perhaps the most eloquent and prolific pro-war writer on the right. In a May 16, 2003 article headlined, "Iraq: A Moral Reckoning," Krauthammer listed the virtues of the war.
His three bullet points were "Human rights," "Economic equity and social justice," and "The environment." We were also reminded at this time that the war had been authorized--indeed compelled--by UN resolution 1441.
So a war most conservatives had backed as a preemptive and unapologetic defense of our homeland and our allies from killer weapons was being explained to us after the fact as a humanitarian mission and an enforcement of UN resolutions.
In other words, the war had become a liberal war. Liberal not just as a social justice or UN mission, but liberal as part of an ambitious plan to use the state to remake society.
Many neocons after Baghdad fell immediately called for going onto Syria. Today it is Iran. The Palestinians and the Saudis, we are told, should also be on our list.
Just reading the Krauthammer headlines and the Kristol covers, we begin to see the bigger picture that is the neocons' vision. Iraq was just one piece in the puzzle of reshaping the entire Middle East and spreading Democracy to every corner of the world--an undertaking many conservatives (not just the paleos) would judge more fitting for the left's utopianists than the right's conservatives.
After Hussein has fallen, the neocons, tireless soldiers, march on. They tell us to abandon the culture wars at home and instead to find more overseas battles. And they let us know that if we balk as the battle moves to fronts we never imagined, they will have no trouble finding a new movement, and even a new president, to march beneath their flag.

Well well well.. Of-course, that would be the communist flag of the republican thieves. The communist flag of the Freedom and America hating republican communists.

But don't worry, dear reader. I have a solution to this minor problem. I have carefully examined the issue.

The republican nazis fully in power today,
the republican nazis who hate small business and capitalism and only tolerate government monopolies,
the republican nazis who have gleefully and joyfully supported 90% aggregate tax rates in this last century,
the republican nazis, nay the republican COMMUNISTS who spend $ 1 million dollars per dirty smelly ignorant dead Iraqi when a Texas Grandma could kill one for just one dollar,
the republican communists who claim they are fiscally conservative while double triple and quadruple taxing and fee collecting each person's money at the rate of 55% and telling them to thank them that they only took 55% and not 90% like they usually do,


Mmmmm, but now.... now back to the little matter of my meal, now that my fasting is over.

You see, I have been eating the eyeballs of the filthy republican communists after they were torn out by my vicious starved rabid pet squirrels. I have tenderly wrapped their eyeballs in slowly extracted entrails of their filthy communist squealing republican children piglets. The raped wife whores of the republicans on the republican dole had their livers torn out and tenderly fed to flock of man eating geese. It made great pate.





From now on, I shall no longer be known as GoodFrogDeadFrog.
I have found a new and eviler brand of frog.

Goodbye GoodFrogDeadFrog!

HELLO GoodRepubliCommieDeadRepubliCommie

I will be a black wind, your death screams shall resound to the moon, and there will be a trail of republican communist corpses stabbed with very very large knives.



Thursday, August 26, 2004
Wooohoo! Bad Commie Banned Again!

What horrific crime did I commit this time?

You guessed it! Only my favorite crime! Stabbing.....who ?



Evidently you are not allowed to be a democrat on the republican controlled I was going pretty good, stabbing viciously the vicious republi-commies with every post. Saying lots of cool stuff like:

>>>looks like someone didn't make it past 3rd grade math.

looks like some filthy republi-commie that reached into my pocket trying to take 90% and "ONLY" taking 55%, DIDN'T MAKE IT OUT OF MY POCKET ALIVE.

With the nuclear power plants, I'll be able to propel myself around by charging up my death ray and shooting filthy republicommies so the momentum from the shot propels me where I want to go. Who said the nuclear power would be to go in cars, you pathetic sand french moron. The nuclear power would REDUCE our dependence on oil, RETARDED COMMUNIST.

So, why can't you reply to the fact that Bush, the filthy communist dictator, wildly spend $1 million of my money for every homeless Iraqi he manages to kill? WHO THE FUCK LET THAT FUCKING COMMUNIST BASTARD SPEND THAT MUCH PER DEAD ASSHOLE???

My original claim, which you twisted, like the filthy mongoloid commie that you are, was the all republicans support 90% taxes.

Of-course this is patently true. You lick the ass of the same people that voted for 90% taxes when the homosexual communist Reagan and Nixon were president. You worship the same logic that was used during the Reagan Nixon shit parade. That very same logic that was used to tax you at 90% then. And you filthy asshole don't know how to properly account for Bush ballooning the deficit and selling your children into slavery to pay for his credit card debt. Why don't you add that into the tax rate, retarded commie?


But then I crossed some "line" (i.e. made a terrified commie-publican pee in their pants):






Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Osama bin Texan is very insightful. How come his opinion isn't represented in the national debate?

BC:Anyway, lets get back to Kerry commie. Do you believe two of his purple hearts were self inflicted?
ObT: All VOLUNTEERS should be considered to have self-inflicted wounds

and later:

ObT: Do you support a strong commie president ?
ObT: Doesn't that make you a commie?
BC: ooops
BC: wait, my blog is "Bad" COMMIE
BC: Of course I am a commie! Whew. I was almost a hypocrite.
BC: A Commie just like the numerous and currently in power Texans, Texan presidents, and Texas governors who supported 90% taxes throughout the last century. Texans are the bestest commies.
BC: I am a true TEXAN
BC: ...commie
ObT: The people who actually were stupid enough to pay the 90 percent bracket WERE COMMIES.
ObT: It was ANTI-COMMIE to tax them
BC: LOL, blaming the rich for being taxed - that's rich
BC: hmmm, anti-commie? How can I be against anything that is anti-commie?

In other news, I've been fighting filthy degenerate thieving republi-commies on

Bush is a pathetic weakling of a communist dictator who is unable to keep the congress-republi-commies from robbing the US blind. The communist republicans are just scared that communist Kerry would go in there, and with his bare hands and in a single day, kill more unwashed ignorant communist savages than Bush could do in his whole life. This would demonstrate that Kerry would make a better communist dictator than Bush. And when the wholesale slaughter of the French race starts in the next year, it would be Kerry and not Bush who gets the well deserved credit.

Bush is a pathetic coward who can't kill Al-"Sand French Bait"-Sadr.
Bush is a danger to assholes abroad (which is good), and him and his gang of congressional thieves are a communist menace to Americans at home (which is bad). Boy, froggy is dumb.

The democrats are actually openly supported by Communist Party USA. So only a retard would vote for them.

However, Kerry actually could be more fiscally conservative than that limousine liberal W. Almost any piece of shit would be.
>>>Kerry already promised Earth and Moon to everybody.

Just like that filthy communist W.

There are plenty of fiscal conservatives among liberals. Certainly more than among republi-filth. Remember, Liberals only care about having gay sex with your dog. That's very cheap. And if they wear out your dog, they can buy a new one. Liberals also actually want to get something for their money. Excuse me, my money. Republi-filth just wants to buy gold statues of themselves and hookers.

But I'm not here to defend limousine liberals like W and Trent Lott. I'm here to send those filthy french communists where they belong - France.

Kerry will raise my taxes just like W is raising my taxes by giving government monopolies to corporations and raising my taxes with fees for stuff the government used to steal and give to me for free.

Go back to Siberia, you pathetic Stalin-W worshipping commie.
Ann Commie Coulter And Michelle Malkin Moore aren't "conservatives" unless by "conservative" you mean cheerleader whores for the gang of republi-thugs taking 50% of your money. I guess that's what you mean. I'm not one of those.

I'll be patriotic when communist filth like you stops licking the boots of assholes who took 90% of a rich man's money in the last century. You really ought to look it up. For, oh about 80 years straight, communist filth like you stole 90% of the money of people like Ronald Reagan. Now its only down to like 50%, which allows you to murder anyone you want at will because you claim to be a non thief now.

I've got a knife and some great books. I'm going to knife this reality of yours to death and then burn it in a great big bonfire with your books.

Republicans ARE hard core marxists you weasel dropping. If it steals like a marxist it IS a MARXIST. Before idiots like you started worshipping your devil god Marx, we just called Marxists THIEVES. AND THEN WE GOT A ROPE.

>>>you fail to realize, that there is no utopian society and nothing in its purest form will work, whether it be communism, anarchy, or capitalism, there is always going to be compromise!

Blah blah blah. Put your hand in my pocket and you'll lose an arm and a leg, commie. Compromise with my knife, you filthy commie thief.

You want to kill nasty precioussss muslims for $1 million per sand french? YOU ARE A COMMIE. Any Texas grandma could kill a sand french for $1 dollar.

I'll hang you filthy republi-commie thieves out to dry.

When I kill every single filthy commie thief trying to steal my money, then, and only then, we'll talk about POLITE SOCIETY. There can be no basis for society if you are being robbed blind. Its ASSHOLE kill ASSHOLE at that point. AND I'M BIGGER.

The assholes who want to take 90% of my money will die.

That showed them.

In other news, it seems like the adage that you shouldn't lie cheat or steal because the government hates competition is wrong. The government actually likes competition:

They did the study in 1982, and the principle players were Block, Nold, and Sandy Lerner, who was their statistician. Block and Nold thought they were headed for the big time, and started a company to do this kind of work.

Then things began to go downhill. The DoJ didn't like what it was hearing as the study progressed, and they may have refused to accept the final paper. Certainly, they refused to pay because Block and Nold went out of business, and Nold went into a deep depression that ended with his suicide in 1983. But Block was actually named to the Sentencing Commission, where he served a six-year term. He also became a law professor at the University of Arizona, and today works at a conservative Arizona think-tank, the Goldwater Institute, and does not reply to my e-mails.

Why should we care about any of this?

Well, for one thing, I knew Fred Nold and hate to think that his work would die with him. But much more importantly, we should care because I'm told the Block and Nold study, which was intended to economically validate the proposed sentencing guidelines, instead showed that the new guidelines would actually create more crime than they would deter. More crime, more drug use, more robbery, more murder would be the result, not less. Not only that, but these guidelines would lead to entire segments of the population entering a downward economic spiral, taking away their American dream.

There is no mention anywhere of this study, which was completely buried by the DoJ under then-secretary Edwin Meese. The proposed sentencing guidelines were accepted unaltered and the world we have today is the result. We spend tens of billions per year on prisons to house people who don't contribute in any way to our economy. We tear apart the black and latino communities. The cost to society is immense, and as Block and Nold showed, unnecessary. AND THE FEDS KNEW THIS AT THE TIME.

It is one thing to make what turns out to have been a mistake and another thing altogether to make what you have reason to believe will be a mistake. Why would the DoJ, having good reason to believe that the new sentencing guidelines would create the very prison explosion we've seen in the last 20 years, go ahead with the new guidelines? My view is that they went ahead because they were more interested in punishment than deterrence. They went ahead because they didn't perceive those in prison as being constituents. They went ahead because it enabled the building of larger organizations with more power. They went ahead because the idea of a society with less crime is itself a threat to the prestige of those in law enforcement.

Strangely enough, the bureaucra-commies decided to lock up my all time favorite Bad Commie Hero, James Trafficant:

Unwittingly, America has returned to its pre-American Revolution, feudal roots whereby all land is held by a sovereign, and the common people have no rights to hold alloidal title to property. Once again, We the People are the tenants and sharecroppers renting our own property from a Sovereign in the guise of the Federal Reserve Bank. We the People have exchanged one master for another. This has been going on for over 90 years without the "informed knowledge" of the American people, without a voice protesting loud enough. Now it's easy to grasp why America is fundamentally bankrupt. Why don't more people own their properties outright? Why are 90% of Americans mortgaged to the hilt and have little or no assets after all debts and liabilities have been paid? Why does it feel like you are working harder and harder and getting less and less?

We are reaping what has been sown, and the result of our harvest is a painful bankruptcy, and a foreclosure on American property, precious liberties, and a way of life. Few of our elected representatives in Washington DC have dared to tell the truth. The federal United States is Bankrupt. Our children will inherit this unpayable debt, and the tyranny to enforce paying it. America has become completely bankrupt in world leadership, financial credit and its reputation for courage, vision and human rights. This is an undeclared economic war, a bankruptcy and economic slavery of the most corrupt order! Wake up America! Take back your country!
Is it any wonder they had to silence a voice of sanity and truth, among the shallow, "afraid to say or do anything that might upset the overlords" attitude of most politicians. What does it say about America when the speakers of truth are singled out for persecution, and societal scum are held up as hero's? What does it say about the state of our Constitution? James Traficant's error was not committing fraud and taking money. Congress did not kick him out because he committed a crime. If that were true, they would all be out on the street. His error was simply being honest about what is truly behind the chaos we are witnessing in America today.

Jim is still even trying to stab from prison.

Prison, BTW is the natural home for educated people. I don't know why professor-commies are all upset about this one:

And will the leaders of Virginia, including Gov. Mark Warner and U.S. Sens. George Allen and John Warner – who have been appealed to – do anything to stop the outrageous injustice of the word of a twice-convicted felon being believed, rather than the holder of three doctorates and former speechwriter for President Eisenhower?

This is Bad Commie Stabbing Off.

Thursday, August 19, 2004
Guess who's been doing book reviews of "Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry" by John E. O'Neill, Jerome R. Corsi !!!

The US communist conspiracy must not be exposed, August 19, 2004
Reviewer: Bad Commie (Texas, Nation of Texas) - See all my reviews

This book proves that Kerry was fighting on the wrong side in the wrong war. Like a lot of the fine military cretins who were stupid enough to go to Vietnam, Kerry treated it like a place to get himself some gay jewelry(purple penis hearts). At the time Kerry was there, the coward-traitors in charge of the US Military Industrial complex and Military-Industrial media had already decided to lose the war. The grunts knew that and were all busy shopping for gay jewelry. Kerry just got a better bargain. Kerry also decided to help the enemy abroad in order to better help the enemy at home backstab the grunts.

It is not surprising that normal soldiers trying to fight for freedom hate his guts for leaving his tour of a shitty commie disease hole in 4 months instead of the usual 12-36 on the pathetic pretext of some scratches. Kerry loved communism and loved the man and loved sticking it to the grunt. It's pathetic that Kerry had to lie about warcrimes on live TV, but no more pathetic that the common actions of the people that the American mob elects to congress.

Anyway, the real reason people don't want you to read this book is not that it exposes the trivial crimes of the Kerry, but because it makes obvious that the US is a communist country.

After all, what else can you call a country that taxed the rich at 90% for the vast majority of the last century? What else do you call a country that's twice as communist as China and Russia? This book makes clear that Kerry, the man who missed 78% of all Intelligence Committee meetings, will fulfill his God given unpopular mandate of communizing the American people with the support of his political core - the US Communist party.

Here is a cool post from austin.general:

"Mapanari" wrote in message news:<>...
> (Ron M.) you babbled and
> > The most disgusting thing about this individual is his playing up of
> > his pathetic "Vietnam veteran" persona. Fact: after he graduated
> > from Harvard, Kerry applied for a draft deferment, to avoid military
> > service. It was denied, so he joined the naval as an electrician.
> > Needing some "combat" experience for his political career, however,
> > he later volunteered for Swift Boat duty, which at that time was
> > technically "combat," but spent its time performing harmless shore
> > patrols.
> I don't like Kerry, and I know exactly where he's coming from, but you
> have to not interject lies, absudities and suppositions into this if
> you want people to believe the read facts that need to come out; to wit:
> Riverene/Swift boat/PBR duty was not harmless shore patrol. This was
> almost as dangerous as being a door gunner on a Huey (lowest life
> expectancy in Nam).
> Made of fiberglass and thinly armoured, but fast, the newer swift
> boats were jet water propulsion with a very low draft and could go
> just about anywhere.
> There is nothing like the feeling of motoring down a canal in the
> Mekong where you have brush and trees hitting you from both sides,
> blind as a bat, knowing that just a 20' on either side are rice
> paddays and maybe 300 cong set up with RPGs waiting for you. Speed don hep you none atol der.
> >
> > Later, however, the Swift Boats were changed to dangerous interior
> > river missions. Shortly thereafter, Kerry earned his first "purple
> > heart." It was a tiny scratch on his arm. He demanded a purple
> > heart, and his commanding officer refused, saying it was serious
> > enough, and he couldn't even tell where it came from. "It looked
> > like he had been scratched by a fingernail," the CO said in recent interviews.
> Medals are awarded if another officer puts you in. No other
> confirmation needed because you are assumed to "An officer and a
> gentleman". Enlisted troops needed eye witnesses plus the recomendation of his CO.
> After about 1968 Vietnam became a medal bonanza with day trippers from
> the Pentagon flying over to fuck little girls, do a line of Heroin
> (this is pre-drug testing) buy some Jap motorcycles and stereo duty
> free and fly home using US Military cargo plans to bring all their
> loot, uninspected by the MPs of course like the ground pounders had to have done.
> Al Gore was part of this connected rich people with influence VIPs
> that came over, decided to become a "Photographer", put on a tiger
> suit, bought himself a boonie hat from the Aussies and posed
> everywhere for pictures of himself, then flew on a Huey to a nice
> clean LZ after a firefight so he could get his required set of CIB and
> Iwasthere medals. Then he flew home, before his tour of "duty" was over.
> So did Kerry. He flew home nice and safe before his tour was over too.
> See the pattern?
> Medals were handed out like candy by officers. The deal was, FTA
> (Fuck the
> army) attitude, we'd lost anyway (everyone knew it back in 68) and so
> fuck it, don mean nutin' atal gets what you can gets.
> Officer got medals. They gave them to each other in bucketfuls, sort
> of like Grenada and Panama. People got purples hearts for Hangnails,
> for stepping on a nail. Everyone got bronze stars and the coveted CIB
> (combat Infantry Badge). Well connected officers would get
> re-assiagned to diferent service branch's units so they could suck up a whole new chest full of medals.
> No one gave a shit. No one believed in anything. It was every man for
> himself.
> The corruption was legandary; hundreds of millions of dollars of food,
> supplies, weapons, PX goods, MPC converted to Francs and Dollars,
> anything that wasn't restricted and nuclear was sold on the open
> market by LTs, SGts and anyone with access to the goodies. Everyone
> was in the black market, even down to the lowest newbie to the highest generals. Who gave a shit?
> The fuckers at home didn't, the army didn't, the politicians didn't,
> you had to get your own while the getting was good.
> Kerry was simply a small part of this corruption. If he'd been at a
> supply base he'd have been selling tons of concrete, wire and
> corrugated tin to anyone with money out the back gate.
> If I were Kerry, I'd let my "heroic's" die down and not talk about it.
> The other Kerry, Bob, did and it turned out that democratic senator is
> an unconvicted war criminal who massacred a whole village of innocent
> Vietnamese and is still getting away with it!
> >
> > Kerry didn't quit - he actually went over his CO's head, until he
> > finally got the medal. His second injury was similar, just a scratch.
> > The third was a little deeper, when the boat hit a mine. It took him
> > out of action for a whole 2 days. The military had a policy of
> > letting soldiers transfer to non-combat positions if they received
> > three purple hearts; Kerry pounced on the opportunity and left
> > Vietnam 8 months before his tour was over.
> That was the coward's and the sneaky way to get out. Even though we
> knew that war was lost, you have to be a rather fucking asshole that
> no one liked and didn't fit in to want to leave your buddies and leave
> early; a lot of shame involved there.
> >
> > It's appalling to hear him constantly bragging about being a Vietnam
> > war hero, as if he were some sort of real-life Rambo. During his
> > acceptance speech tonight, he's going to stand there and pretend to
> > be all weepy, and hug some triple amputee who's a Vietnam vet. Kinda
> > makes you want to puke, doesn't it?
> Yup. At least Bush made no bones about wanting to stay in the USA and
> pulling strings to get into a coveted NAt. Guard unit.
> >
> > And the idea of this flip-wristed Massachusetts idiot being our
> > Commander-in-Chief? It takes your breath away. This guy voted
> > AGAINST funding for, among others:
> >
> > -the B1/B2/Stealth bombers
> Useless bombers. Overpriced pieces of shit.
> > -the Abrams main battle tank
> Overpriced piece of shit. Should have been killed
> > -the Bradley Fighting Vehicle
> Horribly overpriced and vulnerable and can't do most of the missions
> it was originally desiegned/speced for.
> > -the Patriot anti-missle system
> One of the biggest failures and boondogles in US History of weapons
> procurment.
> He was right to vote against those. But wrong, especially for the F-18.
> >
> > That's why you have to lie to them, the way Clinton did about the
> > "middle class tax cut" and "total health care reform." Or the way
> > Bush did about the weapons of mass destruction - of COURSE he lied
> > about it; that was the only way we could sell the war to the public.
> > He couldn't just get on TV and say, "ok, folks, next month we're
> > going to invade the Middle East."
> I still chuckle when people get upset about government and politicians
> lying to them....what? Are they 9 years old and finally finding out
> that Santa Claus is their dad?
> You can't trust one fucking thing a politician says. Except for a
> couple of notable exeptions, like Nader, Perot and a few others, they all lie.
> >
> > Oh, by the way, after we finish with Iraq, we're going to take out
> > Iran and Syria. Shhhhhhh. You're not supposed to know.
> We're too cowardly and chicken to take out Iran; Iran can fight back.
> Syria now is another story.
> Don't you know we only pick on little kids?
> The last time we picked on a little kid, that little fucker went into
> caves, underground and kicked our asses all the hell and gone out of
> Vietnam and won.
> We can't even find Osama or control Iraq with 100,000 troops!
> Why?
> Because we're political cowards.
> Drag Al Sadr out of his fucking mosque and behead him in public and I
> guaruntee you everything would be very quiet for awhile.
> >
> > Ron M.
> >
> --
> ---Mapanari---

Tuesday, August 17, 2004
I heard that some smelly wetbacks found Osama bin Texan huddled crying in a ditch, dirty and scared, and trying to flee back to Mexico (where he belongs) after the absolutely vicious stabbing he received in the last blog entry. Let this be a lesson to all Texans. You shall support ALL cowboys in white hats or you WILL suffer the CONSEQUENCES.

Speaking of commies supporting commies, it seems like the homosexual buttfucking olympics has once again come out of the filthy homo greek closet. As everyone knows from my last expose on the greeks, they are all filthy communist scum. Athens was the home of a bunch of homosexual degenerates who invented something called democracy which is a communist dictatorship where everyone gets to buttfuck their little slave boys while their moms are toiling in the fields. Check out the british commie poodle puppies and what they have to say about the degenerate greek olympics:

The modern Olympic ideal is completely alien to the spirit of the Greek original, which despised women, slaves and foreigners and celebrated sectarian religion, nudity, pain and winning at any cost.
A law attributed to Solon forbade slaves even to oil themselves, let alone compete. (Slaves were also forbidden to take boys as lovers, of which more later.)
Equally obviously to Romans such as Pliny, oiling was disgusting, all one with the Greeks' other vile vices.
The Olympic games originated in a stew of human flesh.
Demeter failed to notice that the shoulder she had munched was human, but the other gods twigged, and restored Pelops to life, with a replacement ivory shoulder.
But for a thousand years or more, until the games were abolished by the Emperor Theodosius in 393 ad, tourists were shown the ivory shoulder of Pelops - proving the foundational story.
At Olympia black rams were sacrificed in a pit in honour of Pelops, and oxen, 100 at a time, sacrificed to Zeus, the ashes from which piled up more than 20ft high over the years. What with this and no lavatories, a crowded Olympics would have been smelly
the Olympic games were about cultic sacrifice, not atavistic hunting rituals.
Plutarch tells us that the soldier Philopoemen despaired of athletes making good soldiers. "The athlete eats a lot, sleeps a lot, and trains regularly, while the soldier must endure lack of food and sleep, and exert himself at irregular moments. Once he had discovered these differences, Philopoemen despised athletics. When he became a general he used to say that men who were otherwise fit for war became through athletics too delicate for battle."
Plenty of pieces of red-figure earthenware show sexual acts in gymnasiums and between athletes. Sometimes boys are labelled as kalos, "beautiful", but so they are in other settings, such as drinking parties.

Ideas we take for granted were not shared by the ancient Greeks. They thought that barbarians had big pricks, and that this was a bad thing. Crucially, the Greeks did not subscribe to what might be called the Californian ideal of homosexuality. Modern Californians tend to think that homosexuality is for grown-up men who would ideally form lifelong partnerships. The ancient Greeks took it for granted that boys, that is, adolescents, were objects of sexual gratification. That is now the sin without forgiveness.
Sexual acts or even affairs might take place between grown men (as in Aeschylus' version of the love between Achilles and his friend Patroclus, hence their nervous handling by the makers of the terrible film Troy). But such acts did not define men as gay. The Greeks had no word for "homosexual".
In that foundational Olympic myth, Pelops won his chariot race by cheating, and killing his rival. In the Iliad, Nestor tells Antilochus that if he smashes his chariot up in the race, it will be "a delight to others", whereas in the 1896 Olympics when a Greek athlete's bicycle (yes, bicycle) broke down in mid race, his French competitor waited till he'd mended it. For the Greeks, winning was everything. There was no second or third place.

At Olympia athletes and trainers made an oath to keep the rules, sworn on slices of boar-flesh before an image of Zeus that held a thunderbolt in each hand, and was said to strike terror into men's hearts. They still went on cheating.
The famous athlete Arrhachion won his third Olympic victory even though he had just died, because at that very moment he had broken the toe of his opponent, who submitted.

Arrhachion was perfectly legally strangled. The event was pankration, a combination of boxing and wrestling which remained determinedly violent despite rules against biting and eye-gouging. Kicking and breaking fingers were quite all right.

Sport and games are inappropriate words for what the Greeks were up to at the Olympics. Competitive exercises were called agon, connected with our word agony. Gymnikos agon - naked struggle - was athletic competition. Athletes expected ponos, pain, both in training and in the event; the god Ponos was the son of Eris (strife) and Erebus (darkness). Winners had arete, virtue, of a sort.
As for the Olympic flame, it is not quite true that it originated at the Nazi Olympics of 1936. There had been a flame at Amsterdam in 1928. But for Hitler's event, 3,000 runners were chosen to carry the flame from Olympia. The torches were made by the arms manufacturer Krupp.

So, at this point its crystal clear. All greeks are homosexual degenerates and Athens invented communism and therefore that pisshole deserves to be nuked immediately. If you see a greek, spit on it.

Oh and all countries and athletes who participate in the olympics are unfulfilled boy butt fuckers.

This has been another episode of degenerate commie history. Don't like it?


Monday, August 16, 2004


This, my dear reader[s], is Osama bin Texan:

This is why Osama bin Texan is voting for Kerry:

This is Osama bin Texan's dad:

This is an inhabitant of Osama bin Texan's favorite country:

This is the only toy Osama bin Texan has:

This is Osama bin Texan's "5 year plan" as outlined in his last "post":

This is how Osama bin Texan's parents made him be a muslim when he was a kid:

This is Osama bin Texan's favorite food:




P.S. Osama bin Texan just told me that Chavez, the commie dictator of Venezuela is not a commie just because he called Bush and Cheney "heads of the global neo-liberal movement".

This is Bad Commie, bringing you another episode of hot buttered commie stabbing.
Over and Out.

Friday, August 13, 2004
Osama bin Texian pawns this site !

I don't know why those kids always say a site is "pawned" when they figure out how to post on it, but as long as I'm "hacking" I might as well talk the jive !

I always thought "pawned" was what you did when you had to take your TV to Travis at the pawn shop and get a little cash to make emergency payments, like a few boxes of shells for tax day. You know, like the personal version of our collective financial policy.

Anyway, this is the first time I've ever hacked ! I was forced to do it because the awesome commie-fightin' potential of badcommie is being wasted. Check out how I hacked it: I remembered that Badcommie had really bad security, because he once tried to make me "guest blogger". (ObT was too lazy to ever blog anything). After about 2 days, I brute forced my way through the name space and remembered my blogger username. That was hard work. Then I had to go to the page where it emails you your password if you forgot it. About the 3d browser I tried worked with that page (like any Freedom Fighter, ObT only uses Free Software, but has suspiciously "pink" tendencies). Then I had to check about 20 email accounts to figure out which one I used. I had forgotten the password to that mail account, so I had to go it's page to email the password to yet another account. Eventually, success was mine, and Bad Commie was TOTALLY PAWNED !!! WHOOOT!!

This is the hardest thing ObT has ever done with a computer. In ObT's opinion, computers will be much easier to use when this internet fad finally blows over.

The reason for this pawnage is that Bad Commie had to be sent to be re-educated at a camp run by the John Birch Society, because the commies got behind his eyballs and brainwashed him that the current foreign occupiers, President W and his friends, are not communist. This is because unbeknownst to his comrades in his resistence cell, Bad Commie had gradually been turned into an Organization Man -- while attempting to inflitrate a large corporation, the corporation inflitrated him. Join us all in prayer for a quick recovery.

The purpose of my pawnage will be to lead Bad Commie through my own re-education curiculum, which is the best anti-commie re-education curiculum ever, and I am making it up as I type this.

Lesson 1: What is Capitalism (hint, it's not the same as economic activity, or simply money moving from one person to another)

Lesson 2: Who are the commies ? What do they want and where do they come from ? Why did they kill all the Kulaks ?

Lesson 3: Who are the Capitalists and Kulaks ? Why should you try to be one ?

Lesson 4: Are any non-commies running office this fall ? How should I vote ? Has there ever been a non-commie president ?

Lesson 5: Hippies -- are they smelly commies, by-products of Freedom, or just smelly ?

Lesson 5: How many guns should I buy ?

Lesson 6: Are state run health care systems communist, or just socialist ?

Lesson 7: Is free trade with communist countries a good idea ?

I will be posting these lessons as I write them, and as my computer skills allow me to evade my laptop's attempts to censor me. Don't get your hopes up, because this laptop is getting smarter and more commie all the time, and if I have to shoot it like the last one I may be off the internet for several months.

Check out this vicious commie economic terrorism(linux-commie-rism):

What is clear now is that this unsustainable effort is likely to come to an end sometime in 2005, just after the elections, regardless of who is President. Given the scale of the money-printing by the Fed and the US Treasury since 2001, it is pre-programmed that the "correction" of the latest Greenspan credit binge will impact the entire global financial and economic system. Some economists fear a new Great Depression like the 1930's. The world today depends on cheap US dollar credit. When US interest rates are finally forced higher, dramatic shocks will hit Europe, Asia and the entire global economy, unlike any seen since the 1930's. Debts that now appear manageable will suddenly become un-payable. Defaults and bankruptcies will spread as they did in the wake of the 1931 Creditanstalt collapse.
All this economic consumption has created the illusion of a recovering economy. Behind the surface, a huge debt burden has built up. Since 1997, the total of home mortgage debt for Americans has risen 94% to a colossal $7.4 trillion, a debt of some $120,000 for a family of four. Bank loans for real estate purchases have risen since 1997 by 200%, to $2.4 trillion. Average US home prices have risen by 50% in the period since 1998. In 2003 alone a record total of $1 trillion in new mortgage loans were made. In 1997 mortgages totalled $202 billion.

In many parts of the US, home price inflation has become alarming. An apartment in Manhattan is now above $1 million. Home prices in Boston have risen by 64% in five years. California real estate prices are soaring. On average US home prices have risen 50% in six years, an unprecedented rise, driven by Greenspan's easy credit. In seven years to 2004, prices of US homes had risen on paper by $7 trillion to a total of $15 trillion, the highest in US history. The problem is so obviously dangerous, that Greenspan recently was forced to deny existence of any real estate "bubble," much as he denied a stock bubble in 2000.

But that is exactly what he has created with his low interest rates. The bubble has been transformed into a larger and more threatening real estate bubble. Families have been convinced to invest in a home as an alternative to buying stocks for their pension years.
So long as rates stay low, the roulette wheel of debt rolls on. The problem begins when interest rates rise and families, lured into buying a home with variable interest rate payments, suddenly find their monthly cost of paying the mortgage has exploded as interest rates rise. At that point, US banks will face a serious bad loan problem, far worse than that of 1990-92 when several of the largest US banks were on the brink of failure. US rates began to rise significantly in May, and the Fed was forced to raise its official rate on June 30 for the first time in four years. Many banks have loans written in adjustable mortgage rates. As US interest rates continue to rise over the next twelve months or so, that will trigger a wave of mortgage defaults. Some industry experts fear a "bloodbath" in 2005.

The American family is highly indebted, not just for their home. The Federal Reserve data show a total US debt level now above $35 trillions, or some $ 450,000 for a typical family of four. Average consumer debt for credit cards, autos and such is at record highs. Carmakers continue to offer car loans, with loans for up to six or even seven years. Many Americans owe more on their car than it is worth. The debt grows. As long as Fed rates are at 43 year lows, the debt is manageable. When US rates rise, it becomes unmanageable for many. The rise has begun. There are two ways rates are likely to rise from here.
When Bush became President he inherited a Federal budget in surplus. Since then he has created the largest deficits in US history, near $500 billion in 2004 and estimated to reach $600 billion in 2005. In 1971, when Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard, the Federal budget deficit was an "alarming" $23 billions.

These huge deficits are financed by the US Treasury selling government bonds or similar paper to investors. Since 2001, the central banks of Asia, led by Japan and China, have bought huge sums, some 43% of all US Government debt. They in effect recycled their trade dollars gained from exporting cars, electronics, textiles and other goods to the US consumer. In the 12-month period to this April, the Bank of Japan spent a record $200 billions to buy US dollar bonds or, in effect, to finance the cost of Bush's Iraq war. The Banks of China, South Korea and Taiwan bought almost as much dollar bonds.

They did this for clear reasons: Their currencies are linked to the dollar, and were the dollar to fall against the Yen or the Yuan, Asian exports would suffer a decline, endangering their economic growth and leading to explosive rises in unemployment across Asia. By recycling their trade dollar surplus into buying US Treasury debt, they argue they are looking after their own needs. A dollar crisis in early 2005 could signal the next global crisis. The whole world is hostage to the misconceived economic policies of a dollar standard out of control.

Wow, I is sooooo terrified by them big elitist words! NOT!!!









Speaking of economic communism, seems like filthy W is taking a page from filthy Clinton, as written on stone tablets by the greatest congressperson that ever lived, James Traficant:

December 5, 2000
Mr. Speaker, America's trade deficit for September hit $35 billion for one month, $35 billion. America is heading for a $420 billion, 1-year trade deficit.
Unbelievable. If this continues, America will have a crash that will make 1929 look like a fender-bender.
What is even worse, China is now taking $100 billion of cash out of our economy, buying missiles, and pointing them at us.
Beam us up, all of us.
We must be stupid. Ronald Reagan almost destroyed Communism, and the Clinton administration has reinvented it, is now subsidizing it, and is now stabilizing it.
I yield back any common sense left and any patriotism left in this Congress.

Damn Straight (i.e. anti-gay)!
However, I'm not sure I understand this whole trade deficit thing.
As everyone knows the word weasel comes from the Latin word for thief.
And a group of weasels is called a business.
And a trade deficit is when foreign businesses are better than commie-merican businesses.

Therefore a trade deficit must be when we steal less than the other guy. I.E. Good?

Very complicated.
Fortunately enough its not too complicated to be solved:


Wednesday, August 11, 2004
The Village of Commies Voices has a report on the evil commie thug plans to attack the organized thuggery of the RNC:

During the week or so of activism, look for groups like Reverend Billy and his Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (a gaggle of men in nuns' habits), and the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (a squadron of George Bushes in "mission accomplished" flight suits). Meanwhile, so-called "people's acoustic orchestras" like the Hungry March Band, the Infernal Noise Brigade, and the Rude Mechanicals Orchestra will provide a rousing soundtrack, as will the Radical Cheerleaders, who shake their pom-poms to an anti-Bush-Cheney refrain. In a class of their own are the Missile Dick Chicks—an a cappella singing group purporting to be from Crawford, Texas, who wear missile-shaped phalluses and sing songs like "Shop! In the Name of War." [BC: Stab! In the name of Joe McCarthy!]
At the other end of the spectrum in terms of scale is the outfit known as the Yes Men, whose core consists of just two members, Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno. Where the Billionaires use a sledgehammer to get their point across, the Yes Men use a precision-tooled stiletto. The group was founded by accident in 1999, when their satirical WTO website began to be mistaken for the real thing. The partners were soon invited to actual corporate and right-wing political events, which they attended in full conservative camouflage. On numerous occasions, the pair has made Swiftian PowerPoint presentations at such gatherings (advocating the sale of votes to the highest bidder, and defending Hitler's economic policies at a conference in Salzburg)—sometimes with no one ever catching on. During the RNC, the Yes Men plan to clone themselves in a special "makeover booth," handing out free suits of clothes, haircuts, and "special buttons that will confer extra authority, so that the wearer will look like someone the out-of-town delegates ought to follow."

Where the Yes Men take a stealth approach, the group known as Greene Dragon is all about calling attention to itself. Dressed as Revolutionary War–era patriots, Greene members have been re-enacting some of the major events of the American Revolution, a timeline that will accelerate during the days of the RNC. On August 24, they will stage a parody of Paul Revere's ride ("The Republicans are coming! The Republicans are coming! One if by charter jet! Two if by SUV!"). On later days, they will re-enact the Boston Tea Party (with "Texas Tea"—oil—as the dumped substance) and Washington's crossing of the Delaware, which will consist of a trip on the Staten Island Ferry, after which, says Greene Dragon Elana Levin, "we'll regroup our army at Fresh Kills and have some beers."

This is highly suspicious activity. The Commies are coming! The Commies are coming! One if by politburo diktat! Two if by Scent of Money!

In other great news, it seems like Homeland Security has finally gotten its act together and is deporting filthy religious terrorists of the wrong religion:

Homeland Security has just made us safer by deporting a professor of Christian systematic theology (Dr. Karkkainen) back to his home country of Finland from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California. (Jerry, perhaps you know of the place, they're at the corner of E. Walnut and N. Oakland). Visa rules for religious workers teaching at seminaries now require that "A seminary must now be directly tied to a single denominational body for the U.S. government to consider it legitimate. Since Fuller is interdenominational, it apparently no longer counts."

Fuller is the largest interdenominational seminary in the world. There are many internationally acclaimed Biblical scholars from around the world who teach at this institution (I studied there myself and will vouch for this fact.) Homeland Security will have to keep a close eye on this place. Ah well.

This is great news! Maybe now they can get that filthy religious terrorist Linus Torvalds and his communist money destroying religious cult of Linux. Excuse me, GNU/Linux. Make sure to take the fat smelly girly man RMS with you when you go, filthy terrorist Linus! God, I hate fucking commies. How dare he create a legal contract which makes people give him all their work for free and which supports the activities of communist governments like the US and China. And the fucking commies actually sign that shit.


Sunday, August 08, 2004
Osama bin Texan, the terror commie (i.e. Kerry supporter) too afeared to admit he himself is a terrorist has bin tryin to get me to join a cult: Something called the John Birch Society. He's been forcing me to edumacate myself at the point of a gun. Here is what I done gone learned:

Author Alan Stang writes that he often heard Mr. Welch say that "most of the ills of the world would disappear if people just started telling the truth." Stang called Mr. Welch a "fanatic for the truth" and went on to relate that many people revere it; some even tell it. Robert Welch is ferocious about it .... The surest way to set off an eruption that would rank with Krakatoa is to prove to Robert Welch that somebody is lying .... To Robert Welch, honesty is everything.

Lying Leaders

This characteristic, Stang writes, is one of the reasons Welch decided to lead a fight, literally to the death if necessary, against conspirators whose entire worldview has always been rooted in deception and whose unacknowledged spiritual leader is that very same father of lies spoken of in the Gospel of St. John. It was this unyielding zeal for truth that impelled him to write his most famous book, The Politician. The Politician is Mr. Welch"s study of the amazing career of Dwight David Eisenhower and was originally written as a private letter to close friends. Welch had been involved for some years in the Republican Party in his home state of Massachusetts, where he ran unsuccessfully for lieutenant governor in 1950.

During the 1952 presidential campaign, conservative Robert Taft was the favorite of patriotic individuals and organizations for the Republican presidential nomination. Conservatives saw in Taft possibilities for a patriotic counterrevolution that would undercut the rising forces of internationalism and welfarism and restore the Republic as it had existed before Roosevelt's election in 1932.

Those hopes were dashed, however, by the entry into the race of General Eisenhower, former Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe in World War II. Eisenhower, though he snatched the nomination away from Taft, ran as a conservative (like Nixon, Reagan, and Bush in more recent years). Like many other Americans, Mr. Welch tried to maintain optimism, hoping that Ike might, after all, accomplish at least some of what Taft had promised. Yet such hope soon floundered on the sharp rocks of reality. Eisenhower spoke against communism, against the welfare state, and against the moral decay that even then was evident in American society. But once in office, he did everything in his power to preserve and reinforce all of those policies for which the American electorate had rejected the Democrats. Eisenhower soon dubbed his brand of leadership "modern Republicanism," which actually meant liberal, big-government Republicanism. The Eisenhower Administration differed from liberal, big-government Democratic administrations in style, but not in substance. This betrayal of conservative principles led Mr. Welch to scrutinize more closely the record and career of General Eisenhower, and what he found left him stunned.

Eisenhower Exposed

First, he discovered that Eisenhower was no military genius, contrary to the image so assiduously cultivated by the liberal media. Such capabilities as he possessed were more in keeping with those of a wily politician, not a military man. So mediocre were Ike's talents that only a few years before his appointment as Supreme Commander he had served as aide-de-camp, with the rank of major, to General Douglas MacArthur. However, what he lacked in military acumen he compensated for in shrewd political savvy. Succeeding in capturing the attention of President Roosevelt, from that moment his future was assured. Eisenhower rose ever higher in the starry upper echelons of military rank while serving as the ever-faithful crony of Roosevelt and his Administration, the leftist ideology of which he apparently shared fully.
Mr. Welch's
second discovery was that, throughout World War II, Eisenhower was obsessed with the notion that, whatever the sacrifice in Allied lives or cost to the postwar order of the various European nations, everything possible must be done to facilitate the forward motion of the Red Army and to assure that, when all of the dust finally settled, the communists would control as much of Europe as possible. Eisenhower's penchant for protecting Soviet interests was made manifest especially as the war entered its last phases. Though Berlin and Prague might well have been captured by U.S. forces, thus making the postwar world infinitely less complex and dangerous, Eisenhower ordered advancing U.S. armies to stop, thus assuring the capture of strategically vital territory by the Soviets.

To make matters even worse, Eisenhower gave unqualified approval to such monstrous schemes as the Morganthau Plan which, had it been carried out completely, would have resulted in the deaths of roughly 40 million Germans and the swift Bolshevization of Europe. He insisted too on the notorious Operation Keelhaul, the "repatriation" of Russian, Ukrainian, and other peoples who had escaped Stalin's hell on earth behind the retreating German armies. Perhaps five million people were herded into trucks and railway boxcars and shipped eastward to certain death or worse. Operation Keelhaul was FDR's and Eisenhower's magnificent gift to Stalin and to his grim, satanocratic gulag empire; it was a culmination of friendship, fidelity, and accord; and it was a deed that for its sheer infamy is unmatched in the history of our nation and its armed forces.
The struggle against the forces of the collectivist conspiracy is the fiercest in which the American Republic has ever engaged. Too few people today, however, grasp the fact that many Americans did not immediately fathom the seriousness of this fight. In the Roosevelt and Truman years, Americans were told that Joseph Stalin was our friend and ally, that he was a good "democrat," and that he was in no way different from us in wanting a just and peaceful world. Exhausted by the tremendous exertion of the war, Americans were slow at first to come to grips with the communist menace.

To make matters worse, Roosevelt and Truman refused themselves to come to grips with communist subversives in the U.S. government. "Some of my best friends are communists," Roosevelt once declared (no doubt accurately!) with a chuckle. With so blasé an attitude on the part of the President of the United States, it is no surprise that hordes of communists infiltrated critical agencies of the federal government and, once ensconced in influential positions, used their newly
acquired power to advance the aims of their superiors abroad. Robert Welch was among the first to expose the scandal of the use of the country's power, prestige, and money in furthering communist objectives, and he did this by writing his first major political work, May God Forgive Us.
In 1951, in his concurring opinion accompanying a 6-2 decision upholding the convictions of Communist Party leaders under the Smith Act, Supreme Court Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson labeled communism a "conspiracy."
As of January 1, 1957, Mr. Welch gave up most of his business responsibilities-and most of his income-in order to devote practically all of his time and energy to the anti-Communist cause. Believes that the only thing the Communists now fear is having the truth become widely known, to the American people, about the methods and the progress of the whole international Communist conspiracy. For his readers or his listeners, Mr. Welch simply puts together clear but separate facts about the Communist advance, so that their significance becomes more apparent. Through this method he is trying to wake up as many of his fellow citizens as he can, to the horror and the imminence of the dangers which they face.

Hmmm. So basically he wanted to terrorize citizens about the wicked bad dangers of unrelenting commie-nism? So I guess he was pretty much like W.

It turns out that jib-jab, the brainwashing craze sweeping the internet is actually based on bad commie poetry:
As I went rumbling that dusty highway
I saw a sign that said "private property"
But on the other side it didn't say nothing
This side was made for you and me

In the squares of the city, in the shadow of the steeple
Near the relief office, I see my people
And some were stumbling and some were wondering
If this land was made for you and me

Hardly anyone sings the last verse anymore. Some performers do include the
one before it, but they usually substitute the phrase "no trespassing" for "private property." If you're going to accuse the Spiridellis brothers of corrupting Guthrie's message, you'd be better off ignoring their political jabs and jumping to the end of the movie, when Kerry and Bush throw their arms around each other and declare they're for unity after all. That doesn't quite square with Guthrie's attitude towards politicians.

At any rate, this is hardly the first time Guthrie's song has been parodied, and there's no reason to believe that this take-off is any more likely to destroy the tune's reputation than the others. When I was a boy, I usually eschewed the original "This Land" in favor of the version I learned on that great transmission belt of folk songs, the playground:

This land ain't your land, this land is my land
I've got a shotgun, and you ain't got one
I'll blow your head off if you don't get off
This land is private property

Private property to commies is like garlic to vampires, in case there is some readers of my blog just getting their readin training wheels.

In other news, the old guy has been getting confused as to which side he is on again. He thinks there is some side called America - I never heard of it - I only heard of republi-commies and democra-commies. Here is what the old guy done said:

Pump oil and put the revenue into the Iraqi treasury; but the world oil
price goes to $20/bbl, the Dow goes to 12,000, US tax revenues wipe out the
deficit, and we are all happy.

But that didn't happen. Why not? I do not know, but Bush ought to find
out, and fire a bunch of idiot advisors.

We are in Iraq and reduced to the argument that Saddam was not a nice
guy so the Iraqi are better off now. That may be true, but it is hard to see how
we are better off now. No, we can't cut and run; but peace and order and flowing
oil are the best things Iraq can wish for, and as it happens, that is what is
best for us as well. And if the US Army and Halliburton can't get the oil
flowing, what good are they?

As to domestic politics, the NEA, the Trial Lawyers, and Jesse Jackson
are all no more than shakedown artists and bandits, and while some individual
members of those coalitions may have more in mind than loot, the organizations
themselves behave exactly as you would expect them to: producing the ghastly
American education system which Charlie Sheffield and I described in Higher
Education, only it's worse than we thought it would be. And it will be worse
yet. The Trial Lawyers have looted the nation of billions and there is no end in
sight to that. And Jesse Jackson's shakedown techniques are honed to a fine
point. And of course I name only three of the groups that must be satisfied once
the Democrats obtain office. There are dozens, all voracious.

Where is anyone who wants to devolve the government back to the states,
and counties, and cities, and villages? Not that the Republicans have not their
share of thugs: but one would have thought, at least until recently, that they
were intelligent thugs who could be satisfied: parasites but at least parasites
who will not kill the host. But now I am not sure.

I don't believe the Democrats can get the oil flowing again; and the
last time they were in control of the military they demonstrated that they are
still the Party of War (US involvement in WWI, WW II, Cold War, Korea,
Viet Nam, Haiti, all started under Democratic presidents), and also that they
were now interested only in wars in which there is no discernable US interest:
Bosnia, and the whole Balkan affair. Republican adventures were generally short
and decisive (Granada and Panama come to mind) and had some faint connection
with national interest: even Iraq if we had done it right. Bush the Elder got us
into Somalia but was ready to get out: staying to build nations was another
President's idea. The Party of War kept us there until the Black Hawk was down.
The Party of War, but never war in American interests. "What's the use of that
splendid army if we can't use it to do good?"

I do think the Republicans may be able to get the Iraq oil out of the
ground and flowing, and that can save us from the coming Depression; but it is a
faint hope, similar to my hope that most of the Republican thugs are at least
partly satiated with public pork. I have less confidence in Democrat competence:
not disciplined enough and too many horde leaders to satisfy. That may be
cynicism, but it is based on observation and experience.

We live in the wealthiest nation that ever was, and had until recently
the best educated population that ever was: and yet we live at the edge of a
precipice. Jane Jacobs' new book DARK AGE AHEAD holds many truths; one hopes she is not correct in the title.

This brings up an interesting point. Lets say you had a group of thugs, lets call them republithugs, that always said one thing and speechified one thing, but always secretly did another. And whenever a rival gang of thugs (democrathugs) got to uppity, the republithugs would accuse them of being against this one thing. Which group is better if you happen to believe in the one thing? Also consider that the democrathugs never explicitly advocate for the one thing (less stealing). This sounds like the kind of serious question that I know EXACTLY how to settle.



Wednesday, August 04, 2004
Michael Moore is a Bad Republican Commie Republican Stabber!

Tue Jul 27 2004 16:51:50 ET

FOX NEWS is planning to air a redhot interview between Bill O'Reilly and
boxoffice sensation Michael Moore on Tuesday.

The DRUDGE REPORT has obtained an embargoed transcript of the session:

Moore: That’s fair, we’ll just stick to the issues

O’Reilly: The issues… alright good, now, one of the issues is you because you’ve been calling Bush a liar on weapons of mass destruction, the senate intelligence committee, Lord Butler’s investigation in Britain, and now the 911 Commission have all come out and said there was no lying on the part of President Bush. Plus, Gladimir Putin has said his intelligence told Bush there were weapons of mass destruction. Wanna apologize to the president now or later?

M: He didn’t tell the truth, he said there were weapons of mass destruction.

O: Yeah, but he didn’t lie, he was misinformed by - all of those investigations come to the same conclusion, that’s not a lie.

M: uh huh, so in other words if I told you right now that nothing was going on down here on the stage…

O: That would be a lie because we could see that wasn’t the truth

M: Well, I’d have to turn around to see it, and then I would realize, oh, Bill, I just told you something that wasn’t true… actually it’s president Bush that needs to apologize to the nation for telling an entire country that there were weapons of mass
destruction, that they had evidence of this, and that there was some sort of
connection between Saddam Hussein and September 11th, and he used that as a –

O: Ok, He never said that, but back to the other thing, if you, if Michael Moore is president –

M: I thought you said you saw the movie, I show all that in the movie

O: Which may happen if Hollywood, yeah, OK, fine –

M: But that was your question –

O: Just the issues. You’ve got three separate investigations plus the president of Russia all saying… British intelligence, US intelligence, Russian intelligence, told the
president there were weapons of mass destruction, you say, “he lied.” This is
not a lie if you believe it to be true, now he may have made a mistake, which is
obvious –

M: Well, that’s almost pathological – I mean, many criminals
believe what they say is true, they could pass a lie detector test –

O: Alright, now you’re dancing around a question –

M: No I’m not, there’s no dancing

O: He didn’t lie

M: He said something that wasn’t true

O: Based upon bad information given to him by legitimate sources

M: Now you know that they went to the CIA, Cheney went to the CIA, they wanted that information, they wouldn’t listen to anybody

O: They wouldn’t go by Russian intelligence and Blair’s intelligence too

M: His own people told him, I mean he went to Richard Clarke the day after September 11th and said “What you got on Iraq?” and Richard Clarke’s going “Oh well this wasn’t Iraq that did this sir, this was Al Qaeda.”

O: You’re diverting the issue…did you read Woodward’s book?

M: No, I haven’t read his book.

O: Woodward’s a good reporter, right? Good guy, you know who he is right?

M: I know who he is.

O: Ok, he says in his book George Tenet looked the president in the eye, like how I am looking you in the eye right now and said “President, weapons of mass destruction are a quote, end quote, “slam dunk” if you’re the president, you ignore all that?

M: Yeah, I would say that the CIA had done a pretty poor job.

O: I agree. The lieutenant was fired.

M: Yeah, but not before they took us to war based on his intelligence. This is a man who ran the CIA, a CIA that was so poorly organized and run that it wouldn’t communicate with the FBI before September 11th and as a result in part we didn’t have a very good intelligence system set up before September 11th

O: Nobody disputes that

M: Ok, so he screws up September 11th. Why would you then listen to him, he says
this is a “slam dunk” and your going to go to war.

O: You’ve got MI-6 and Russian intelligence because they’re all saying the same thing that’s why. You’re not going to apologize to Bush, you are going to continue to call him a liar.

M: Oh, he lied to the nation, Bill, I can’t think of a worse thing to do for a president to lie to a country to take them to war, I mean, I don’t know a worse –

O: It wasn’t a lie

M: He did not tell the truth, what do you call that?

O: I call that bad information, acting on bad information – not a lie

M: A seven year old can get away with that –

O: Alright, your turn to ask me a question—

M: ‘Mom and Dad it was just bad information’—

O: I’m not going to get you to admit it wasn’t a lie, go ahead

M: It was a lie, and now, which leads us to my question


M: Over 900 of our brave soldiers are dead. What do you say to their parents?

O: What do I say to their parents? I say what every patriotic American would say. We are proud of your sons and daughters. They answered the call that their country gave them. We respect them and we feel terrible that they were killed.

M: And, but what were they killed for?

O: They were removing a brutal dictator who himself killed hundreds of thousands of people

M: Um, but that was not the reason that was given to them to go to war, to remove a brutal dictator

O: Well we’re back to the weapons of mass destruction

M: But that was the reason

O: The weapons of mass destruction

M: That we were told we were under some sort of imminent threat

O: That’s right

M: And there was no threat, was there?

O: It was a mistake

M: Oh, just a mistake, and that’s what you tell all the parents with a deceased child, “We’re sorry.” I don’t think that is good enough.

O: I don’t think its good enough either for those parents

M: So we agree on that

O: but that is the historical nature of what happened

M: Bill, if I made a mistake and I said something or did something as a result of my mistake but it resulted in the death of your child, how would you feel towards me?

O: It depends on whether the mistake was unintentional

M: No, not intentional, it was a mistake

O: Then if it was an unintentional mistake
I cannot hold you morally responsible for that

M: Really, I’m driving down the road and I hit your child and your child is dead

O: If it were unintentional and you weren’t impaired or anything like that

M: So that’s all it is, if it was alcohol, even though it was a mistake – how would
you feel towards me

O: Ok, now we are wandering

M: No, but my point is –

O: I saw what your point is and I answered your question

M: But why? What did they die for?

O: They died to remove a brutal dictator who had killed hundreds of thousands of people –

M: No, that was not the reason –

O: That’s what they died for

M: -they were given –

O: The weapons of mass destruction was a mistake

M: Well there were 30 other brutal dictators in this world –

O: Alright, I’ve got anther question—

M: Would you sacrifice—just finish on this. Would you sacrifice your child to remove one of the other 30 brutal dictators on this planet?

O: Depends what the circumstances were.

M: You would sacrifice your child?

O: I would sacrifice myself—I’m not talking
for any children—to remove the Taliban. Would you?

M: Uh huh.

O: Would you? That’s my next question. Would you sacrifice yourself to remove the

M: I would be willing to sacrifice my life to track down the people that killed 3,000 people on our soil.

O: Al Qeada was given refuge by the Taliban.

M: But we didn’t go after them—did we?

O: We removed the Taliban and killed three quarters of Al Qeada.

M: That’s why the Taliban are still killing our soldiers there.

O: OK, well look you cant kill everybody. You wouldn’t have invaded Afghanistan—you wouldn’t have invaded Afghanistan, would you?

M: No, I would have gone after the man that killed 3,000 people.

O: How?

M: As Richard Clarke says, our special forces were prohibited for two months from going to the area that we believed Osama was—

O: Why was that?

M: That’s my question.

O: Because Pakistan didn’t want its territory of sovereignty violated.

M: Not his was in Afghanistan, on the border, we didn’t go there. He got
a two month head start.

O: Alright, you would not have removed the Taliban. You would not have removed that government?

M: No, unless it is a threat to us.

O: Any government? Hitler, in Germany, not a threat to us the beginning but over there executing people all day long—you would have let him go?

M: That’s not true. Hitler with Japan, attacked the United States.

O: Before—from 33-until 41 he wasn’t an imminent threat to the United States.

M: There’s a lot of things we should have done.

O: You wouldn’t have removed him.

M: I wouldn’t have even allowed him to come to power.

O: That was a preemption from Michael Moore—you would have invaded.

M: If we’d done our job, you want to get into to talking about what happened before WWI, woah, I’m trying to stop this war right now.

O: I know you are but—

M: Are you against that? Stopping this war?

O: No we cannot leave Iraq right now, we have to—

M: So you would sacrifice your child to secure Fallujah? I want to hear you say that.

O: I would sacrifice myself—

M: Your child—Its Bush sending the children there.

O: I would sacrifice myself.

M: You and I don’t go to war, because we’re too old—

O: Because if we back down, there will be more deaths and you know it.

M: Say ‘I Bill O’Reilly would sacrifice my child to secure Fallujah’

O: I’m not going to say what you say, you’re a, that’s ridiculous

M: You don’t believe that. Why should Bush sacrifice the children of people across America for this?

O: Look it’s a worldwide terrorism—I know that escapes you—

M: Wait a minute, terrorism? Iraq?

O: Yes. There are terrorist in Iraq.

M: Oh really? So Iraq now is responsible for the terrorism here?

O: Iraq aided terrorist—don’t you know anything about any of that?

M: So you’re saying Iraq is responsible for what?

O: I’m saying that Saddam Hussein aided all day long.

M: You’re not going to get me to defend Saddam Hussein.

O: I’m not? You’re his biggest defender in the media.

M: Now come on.

O: Look, if you were running he would still be sitting there.

M: How do you know that?

O: If you were running the country, he’d still be sitting there.

M: How do you know that?

O: You wouldn’t have removed him.

M: Look let me tell you something in the 1990s look at all the brutal dictators that were removed. Things were done, you take any of a number of countries whether its Eastern Europe, the people rose up. South Africa the whole world boycotted---

O: When Reagan was building up the arms, you were against that.

M: And the dictators were gone. Building up the arms did not cause the fall of Eastern Europe.

O: Of course it did, it bankrupted the Soviet Union and then it collapsed.

M: The people rose up.

O: why? Because they went bankrupt.

M: the same way we did in our country, the way we had our revolution. People rose up—

O: Alright alright.

M:--that’s how you, let me ask you this question.

O: One more.

M: How do you deliver democracy to a country? You don’t do it down the barrel of a gun. That’s not how you deliver it.

O: You give the people some kind of self-determination, which they never would have had under Saddam—

M: Why didn’t they rise up?

O: Because they couldn’t, it was a Gestapo-led place where they got their heads cut off—

M: well that’s true in many countries throughout the world__

O: It is, it’s a shame—

M:--and you know what people have done, they’ve risen up. You can do it in a number of ways . You can do it our way through a violent revolution, which we won, the French did it that way. You can do it by boycotting South Africa, they overthrew
the dictator there. There’s many ways—

O: I’m glad we’ve had this discussion because it just shows you that I see the world my way, you see the world your way, alright—and the audience is watching us here and they can decide who is right and who is wrong and that’s the fair way to do it. Right?

M: Right, I would not sacrifice my child to secure Fallujah and you

O: I would sacrifice myself.

M: You wouldn’t send another child, another parents child to Fallujah, would you? You would sacrifice your life to secure Fallujah?

O: I would.

M: Can we sign him up? Can we sign him up right now?

O: That’s right.

M: Where’s the recruiter?

O: You’d love to get rid of me.

M: No I don’t want—I want you to live. I want you to live.

O: I appreciate that. Michael Moore everybody. There he is…


Hmmmm. I would definitely sacrifice Michael Moore to secure Falujah from Bad Mens who are bad in certain unacceptable but unspecified bad ways. And also, I would sacrifice Bill. And also, I would also sacrifice both of them to "unsecure" Falujah because I like Bad Mens! They are cute! In fact, lets have sacrifice-stabbings all around! Every member of volunteer force TEAM USA should be sacrificied to secure Moore's right to sacrifice others! Also, since Michael Moore believes in holding people personally responsible for murder, we need to kill all demo-commu-craps for their murderous taxation and "keeping pet niggers by luring them in a cage with grits and lies" policies.

In other news even more shocking than I could have ever imagined:
[Straight from the source: ]

John Jay Ray notes that John Kerry was connected to President Kennedy in more ways than he might have liked. The wife of JFK's assassin stayed at Kerry's home, and Lee Harvey Oswald stored his rifle in the basement of a family friend.

Did you catch that? Filthy communist and mass murderer John Kerry has killed US commie presidents before! Will W, the commie president, get Kerry's bullet this time? Or will Kerry be suspiciously soft on republi-commies because he is really a republican?

That's right! John Kerry murdered JFK! Either that or he was running an underground railroad for murderers. Actually, this whole episode is kind of embarassing because I've always believed that Texas collectively killed JFK because that there was loud celebration in Texas when the retarded commie JFK got his just deserts.

Hmmm. Better to stab self than be sorry later.

This is also like that time Kerry got caught doing a watergate on his political opponents early in his career in the city of lowell. He hasn't gotten caught a lot lately, except by republicans, which is a pretty good indication of competence I guess.
Well it could be that the democrats are all retarded like french. That's a much more logical explanation.

I must say again that I am very excited about this news. I never imagined democracy could be so deliciously Atttila the Hun Good.

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