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Thursday, September 30, 2004
Bad Commie "debate"!

Like dual campaign anti commercials only with more stabbings....


[The Bad Commie setting:
Coliseum with traps and archers and lion release every time a lie is told.]

[Mandatory uniforms: Scottish kilts, push up bras, BIG BIG KNIFE, and bunny slippers.]

Moderator Commie: Welcome. To Special Bad Commie sponsored debate with Kerry-Commie, W-Commie, Ralph Nader's Angry Ghost-Commie, Teddy K Suicide Bomber Nazi-Commie.

[contestants enter]

[Teddy K Explodes]

Moderator Commie: Eww. I've got pieces of a palestinian nazi all over me.

W-Commie: Get Ready for the Good, Bad and Ugly! I am gonna slice you bitches up!

Kerry-Commie: My butler General will Kick your ass by covering you in ketchup! You so dumb you invaded wrong country!

[Lion eats Ralph Nader's angry ghost-commie]

Kerry-Commie: See that fat lion? See the missing ralph nader? LET THIS BE A LESSON.

[W-Commie motions for republican archers to shoot kerry in leg]

W-Commie: Who got a wound in Vietnam now, bitch? Right Wing republican Attack Archers for DEAD COMMIES!

Kerry-Commie: Hmm, those lions look dangerous. Let me turn over and stick my ass up in their air so they can rape me while making french love sounds. Mon Cherie! You are soooo beautiful. Here lion, lion, lion!

[Lion commits suicide]

Moderator-Commie: This has been an excellent debate so far, with 60% casualties. Now, a question for the W-Commie...

W-Commie: Stop trying to distract me, you baggy eyed bolshevik, I'm going to KILL BAD PEOPLE, not talk to them.

[W-Commie runs after Kerry-Commie waving his sword]

Kerry-Commie: What's this a flower?

[Kerry-Commie bends down to sniff flower. W's stab misses and stabs the moderator, who remains alive.]

Moderator-Commie: What the fuck did you do that for you stupid republican nazi dipshit?

[Republican archers shoot moderator dead for being biased]

W-Commie: Eh, one dead commie is good as another, Osama, Saddam, Democrat, what do I care? They are all the same. Good work Republi-Archers! Mission accomplished! Ooops I forgot...

[W-Commie makes jet plane noises to show he is pilot]

[Kerry-Commie realizes moderator is dead]

Kerry-Commie: Oh no! Moderator is dead. You have angered me! I killed women and children in Vietnam! AND I WILL KILL YOU.

[Kerry takes out chinese machine gun and shoots all republi-archers!]

W-Commie: Heh, Heh, Heh, who's the nazi now? Look at all those dead republicans! Cool!

[Badnarick comes in with a swinging suitcase]


[suitcase nuke goes off]

Osama bin Commie: Thank you for watching! This has been an excellent debate with 200% casualty rates! God Bless all you infidels in the proper and typical god-blessing way!

Sunday, September 26, 2004
Who is the best commie killer? Bad Commie serial stabs all commies until they are dead, but is that really enough? Should I shoot women and children commies with an assault rifle like John Kerry? Should I send young men and women commies to die needlessly like the political coward limousine liberal W?

Of-course, the homosexual degenerate evironmentalist mother nature is the bestest commie killer. She's got the all time video game commie killing high score. Even better than the great commie stabber Stalin.


Maybe I need to start some community self help seminars.
How about this for an agenda:


Where be the commies? Using money as bait.

How did they sneak in across the anti commie border - are wetbacks or frostbacks responsible?


What to do if they are hiding but you know they are there - elect them to public office so they are easier to find.

Commie niggerism in the self selected political class:
Teresa Heinz - billionaire, 10 slave porter slave carriage french nigger.
Republican aspirations to be billionaire niggers like Teresa Heinz

Societal Effects of Communism:
Social contract of republi-commies with armed forces not to waste their lives - can republicans even read much less sign their own name?

Treason - the normal state of affairs if someone has more than one handgun of power. Safety locks on guns of commies - techniques from iraqi Improvised Explosive Device experts.


What to do about commies. How fast can you stab?

Teaching the police to stop being communism supporting anarchists - threaten to take away all donuts.

Killing democratic babies and democratic mothers so that they don't grow up to be republican communists. Not extreme enough, but may be necessary.

Killing seven generations at once - best technique. Arab Leaders Who Vote for Kerry as Guest Speakers. Note, commies are NOT jews.

Crushing the testicles of congress-commies in a meat grinder - it works for dogs, why not politicians?

Dropping nuclear bombs on fallujah or washington dc, either one, hopefully both. Osama bin Laden guest speaker.

Thursday, September 23, 2004
So far Bad Commie has invented stablogging, republi-commies, democra-commies, and many other stabariffic concepts.

Now, BAD COMMIE INVENTS new form of blogging! Like a better mousetrap, only with commies!

Here is Bad Commies's most violent stabisode, in special "still 2 ears left to cut off" sound perfect for prosecutors and attorney generals:

Also, As you all know, last stabisode, I released my famous Republicanelle national anthem under the STAB ALL COMMIES Artistic License. Now, for your stabbing pleasure, here is the mp3 of me stabbing out loud the republicanelle:

Also, I, Bad Commie, have decided to invent audio stablogging. From now on, all my favorite phrases WILL ALSO BE IN AUDIO!. Like this:

Bad Commie!

Drooling Shitty Fascists!


If it steals like a marxist, it is a marxist!


Monday, September 20, 2004
Looks like some republi-commies think that the mass murderer and SERIAL KILLER dark lord ketchup John Kerry isn't good at playing sports:

I've got news for you, republi-commies, if he can shoot women and children, he can certainly play your pathetic homosexual grab ass republi-football. In fact, while you are trying to throw him a pass, he will take out his sniper rifle and SHOOT YOU. How will you get a touchdown then, huh, republi-homos?

Slashcommie has an interview with Michael Badnarick, the liberty hating libertarian for whom I voted for in the fake but accurate pre-election election(primary). The butt sex loving, dog raping god hater says:

If the "wasted vote" argument ever held any water, it doesn't any more. The two major parties have moved toward a weird, non-existent "center" for the last 50 years, to the point where it's difficult to tell them apart.

We could argue all day about whether Bush or Kerry is the "lesser evil." The fact is that they both support the war in Iraq. They both oppose gun rights. They both supported the PATRIOT Act. They both support the war on drugs. They both support confiscatory taxation. They both support ruinously high levels of spending, huge deficits and increasing debt.

It's hard to tell them apart on the real issues. They spend their time scrapping over "swing votes" in the gray area of the "center" -- which means, in practice, "how do I not make too many people too angry to vote for me?" That's no way to do politics. Politics, in my view, should be as unimportant as possible -- but where it's important, it has to value freedom, remain rooted in principle and be forward-looking.

All I can tell the "lesser of two evils" folks is that if they keep voting for evil, they'll keep getting evil. If you don't like the way things are, how do you change it by voting for more of the same?
all politics is ideology-based. Unthinking majoritarianism, Machiavellian strategizing and centrist compromise are ideologies too. If they weren't ideologies 100 years ago, they are now, because they are the lodestones which guide our politicians' every action. And you see where that's gotten us.

I'm not an impractical man. I know that I can't snap my fingers and get the results that I want without consequence. I realize that my ideas will face resistance in implementation. The extent to which I am willing to compromise is that I'm willing to fight for what I can get, and wait for the rest only as long as absolutely necessary. What I'm not willing to do is abandon my goals or trade them away.

My approach is geared to a single criterion -- does this policy or that action serve freedom? I'm willing to be pragmatic in pursuing policies that affirmatively answer that criterion. I'm not willing to compromise that criterion away.
David Nolan, the founder of the Libertarian Party, is fond of pointing out that history seems to run in cycles of 70 years or so. We rebelled against the British and set up our own nation. 70 years later, we fought the War Between the States. 70 years after that, the Depression and the New Deal. If Nolan is right, and I don't find any fault in his logic, we're about at the end of a natural societal cycle. Barriers are breaking down and new things are coming.

To put it bluntly, I don't think that sticking with "our current leadership" is an option. Look at the questions you're asking me. Do we ditch the electoral college? How do we handle intellectual property? What about globalization? How do we reform our method of choosing those who govern? Those are questions that reflect a society in the throes of change.

As my friend L. Neil Smith puts it, "a great explosion is coming." As a matter of fact, we're right in the middle of it and it's hard to see what shape things are going to take when the smoke clears.

I see the next decade or so as a time of change, whether we like it or not. If Americans try to stick to the old way of doing things, the dislocation will last longer, be more disruptive and possibly tip us over into totalitarianism or some other nightmarish societal paradigm. If they adopt the libertarian way of doing things, it will be shorter, not as disruptive -- and usher in a better era to follow.
With the support of my party, I'm offering Americans a chance to peacefully transition back to policies that served America well for more than a century -- free trade, a non-interventionist foreign policy, minimal government, minimal taxes, maximum freedom -- rationalized into the paradigm of the 21st century.

If I'm elected, I'll do my utmost to implement those policies.

If the current leadership continues in power, they'll continue their efforts to snuff out what remains of American freedom in the name of national security, health security, job security, social security. They're offering you the security state. I'm offering you freedom.

Boy, what a deluded liberta-commie. "Offering" me freedom? Thank you very much for your kind offer. How about I offer YOU the HOT KNIFE OF COMMIE STABBING? Notice how the propagandist fails to mention that the commies did not take away all our rights peacefully. And he wants to get them to magically decide to step down from power "peacefully" ? 90% of Americans alive today actively supported 90% tax rates, prevalent throughout most of the last century. 90% of Americans still continue to support the same policies and language that created those tax rates. 99% of Americans will BE STABBED UNTIL DEAD BECAUSE THEY ARE FILTHY COMMUNISTS. IF IT STEALS LIKE A MARXIST, IT IS A MARXIST. Michael Badnarick is nothing more that a person who tries to keep the masses from rebelling. HE IS A REPUBLI-DEMOCRA-COON-COMMIE who clearly says "vote for me or I'll kill you" in much clearer language than scary Cheney.

This is how real people deal with filthy ideological communist assholes like Badnarick:

Time of revolution has been a time of a complete chaos. There were a lot of fightings around my town. There was the Red Army and the White army fighting each other, and an army of Ukrainian anarchists fighting them all.

The Red army are rebels-communists. Anarchistrs wanted independence for Ukraine from anyone and they didn't care whom to fight, their motto was- to beat red before they become white and to beat white untill they become red...

Eventually Red army won and cheerful days of communism began. They began with the robery of rich citizens and expelling them from the country. As a scriptural seven skinny crows ate up a fat crow and didn't become any fater, so is our ragged fellows robbed a rich fellows and didn't become any richer. Powerty was written all over and the Soviet epoch didn't left us many valuable things

Red Army...Red State...Red elephant...Red Flag..RED REPUBLI-COMMIE.

Notice how the people that love freedom and want order and no dictatorship are "anarchists" while the mass murdering, constitution butt wiping, 90% taxing, order at the point of a gun republi-democra-liberta-commies are "peaceful politicians". No, those are not "anarchiststs", they are merely like Stalin. After all, can you really rebel if you are dead? Who will be the last commie to die for communism? I DON'T KNOW. LET'S FIND OUT.

In other news, honest commies (i.e. ones that call themselves commies) openly support Dark Prince Ketchup John Kerry:

The Democratic Socialists of America Political Action Committee is officially urging its members to work for the election of John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election.
Nevertheless, the goal of the Democratic Socialists of America has never been deeply hidden. Prior to the cleanup of its website in 1999, the DSA included a song list featuring "The Internationale," the worldwide anthem of communism and socialism. Another song on the site was "Red Revolution" sung to the tune of "Red Robin." The lyrics went: "When the Red Revolution brings its solution along, along, there'll be no more lootin' when we start shootin' that Wall Street throng. ..." Another song removed after WorldNetDaily's expose was "Are You Sleeping, Bourgeoisie?" The lyrics went: "Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping? Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie. And when the revolution comes, We'll kill you all with knives and guns, Bourgeoisie, Bourgeoisie."

In the last three years, the Progressive Caucus has been careful to moderate its image for mainstream consumption.

I'm having trouble parsing that last sentence. Do they mean that republi-democra-coons finally admitted they are hard core dog raping mainstream marxists? Hmmm. Those songs sure do sound interesting though! Let's Dan Rather Investigate some (i.e. forge some)!

The Internationale

Arise ye starvelings from your slumbers!

Arise ye criminals of want!

For reason in revolt now thunders,

And at last ends the age of cant.

Now away with all your superstitions,

Servile masses, arise! Arise!

We'll change forthwith the old conditions

And spurn the dust to win the prize.


Then, comrades, come rally!

And the last fight let us face,

The Internationale

Unites the human race!

No saviors from on high deliver,

No trust have we in prince or peer;

Our own right hand the chains must sever,

Chains of hatred, of greed and fear,

Ere the thieves will out with their booty

And to all give a happier lot,

Each at their forge must do their duty

And strike the iron while it's hot!


We peasants, artisans and others

Enrolled among the sons of toil,

Let's claim the Earth henceforth for brothers,

Drive the indolent from the soil.

On our flesh too long has fed the raven,

We've too long been the vulture's prey,

But now, farewell the spirit craven,

The dawn brings in a brighter day.


Bad Commie Version:

The Republicanelle

Arise ye commies from your prayers!

Arise, ye criminals of red alerts!

For freedom in revolt now slumbers,

And at last ends the age of debt control.

Now away with all your superstitions of fiscal responsibility,

Commie masses, arise! Arise!

We'll change forthwith the old electoral conditions

And spur the truthtellers to win the commie prize.


Then, comrades, come shake your pitchforks!

And the last capitalist let us face,

The Republicanelle

Unites the republi-commie french race!

No saviors from on high deliver,

No trust have we in cash or gun;

Our own right hand the chains of fiscal responsibility must sever,

Chains of hatred, of greed and fear,

Ere the constitution following thieves will out with our booty

And give to all what we rightly stole,

Each, stabbing freedom must do their duty

And strike the capitalists while they've still got!


We peasants, thieves and fake but accurate accountants

Enrolled among the sons of Ken Lay,

Let's claim the Earth henceforth for our commie masters,

Drive the hard working from their soil.

On our flesh too long has fed the eagle of freedom,

We've too long been that eagle vulture's prey,

But now, farewell the spirit craven,

The dawn brings in a brighter commie day.


Friday, September 17, 2004
This Bad Commie stabisode brings you some entertaining foreign lies!

Why Americans love George W Bush
By Spengler

George W Bush almost certainly will win another term as president of the United States, as I have predicted all along (Careful what you Bush for, August 3). That surprises outside observers of US politics, who can see that the Democrats are cleverer, better dressed and better looking. It is just the sort of Americans who know they are neither clever nor good-looking who will vote for Bush.
Bush voters really do look worse (obesity is an inland disease in the US), dress worse, and are less likely to have attended a university than Kerry voters. But Bush voters are the sort of people who believe in their heart of hearts that America was founded to protect the likes of them - unlike the clever and attractive people who can fend quite well for themselves. That is the source of their patriotism.
To Europeans, patriotism implies a near-racialist nationalism of the sort that sent hordes of soldiers to butcher their fellows during the two World Wars of the last century. American patriotism belongs to a different species. Governments, in the experience of most of the peoples of the world, exist to help the rich and powerful oppress the weak and helpless. Whenever the representatives of the weak have taken power, they turned into oppressors. Europeans never have loved their governments; love of country means love of one's race and culture, the narcissistic self-worship of tribalism.
Among such people, the president's simple message resonates mightily. Two World Wars taught Europeans that there is no good or evil, only the insidious jealousies of contending peoples. God therefore is on no one's side, and the alternative to mutual butchery is negotiated compromise. Senator Kerry and the US coastal elite believe the same thing, namely that enlightened specialists can interrupt the tragic destiny of peoples and save the world from itself.
That is an alien intrusion upon the American world view, which began, almost biblically, by separating good and evil. The oppressive English monarchy was evil, while the self-governing English colonies were good; slavery was evil, while the system of free labor was good; what immigrants left behind in the old country was evil, and what they found on American shores was good. Nazism was evil, democracy was good; the Soviet Union was evil, while America was good.
Once attacked, Americans want to fight back. George W Bush may have attacked the wrong country (which I do not believe), and he may have mistaken the US mission after the initial fighting was over (which I do believe), but Americans are quite willing to forgive him. They understand that it is hard to track down and destroy a shadowy enemy, and do not mind much if the United States has to trounce a few countries before finding the right ones.

The attractive, witty and affluent elite who support John Kerry cannot bear the idea that the overweight, dull and impecunious commoners of Middle America will give Bush a second term. I am reminded of the fictional Franz Liebkind in Mel Brooks' 1968 movie The Producers. Brooks' slapstick Nazi complains, "Hitler was a better dancer than Churchill; Hitler was a better dresser than Churchill; Hitler was a better painter than Churchill: he could paint a whole apartment in one afternoon, two coats."

As for the other countries of the world, it is an inconvenience that George W Bush will pursue the "war on terror" to its bitter end, namely civilization war. It doesn't matter. They don't vote. My advice: suck it up and prepare for the second Bush administration.

Now that them there is sum smart cookie forener. I sur dont wanna wrasle with him.
This article terrifies communist republicans and capitalist democrats alike! It's a Bad Commie article! Fair and balanced with extra stabbings for BOTH sides.

Here is a summary of Rathergate as seen from under the pyjama kilt of a scotchman:

Unfortunately, for CBS and Bush's opponents, it seems all but certain that these memos were crude forgeries, written on a modern computer using Microsoft Word while purporting to be memos written on a typewriter more than 30 years ago. The fonts, justification and kerning on the memos are precisely consistent with identical replica documents composed using a word processor - which was not, of course, available in the early 1970s.

Despite this, and despite the network's inability to find a single expert to back their story up, CBS continues to insist the memos are genuine. By doing so, they have tarnished whatever trust the mainstream, established media still retains in the United States.
According to Rather: "Today, on the internet and elsewhere, some people - including many who are partisan political operatives - concentrated not on the key questions the overall story raised, but on the documents that were part of the support of the story."

In other words, he implied, even if the documents were false, the larger story on Bush’s service in the National Guard was true.

THIS, YOU WILL RECALL, was the same defence offered by the BBC in its defence of journalist Andrew Gilligan's infamous report that Downing Street had "sexed-up" details of Saddam Hussein's weapons programmes in the dossier presented to parliament.

Both stories fall into the classic "too good to check" category, familiar to journalists worldwide. In both cases, too, the stories neatly confirmed pre-existing assumptions held by the bien-pensant liberal media. Saddam was not a threat to anyone, ergo the Prime Minister lied his way into war; Bush shirked his duty, ergo these documents had to be genuine.
But CBS's dismissive response to the bloggers was revealing in another way. It was clear that the network resented being held accountable by, gasp, amateurs, who were not trained journalists and part of the media elite. One CBS executive dismissed bloggers as "guys who write in their pyjamas". How dare they criticise the mighty CBS!

This time, the pyjama- wearers have bitten back and they may, in the process, have dealt a grievous blow to America's smug and self-satisfied media aristocracy.
AS GLENN Reynolds, professor of law at the University of Tennessee and host of, puts it, in the old days, the network could have got away with it.

"CBS would have flashed the documents on TV for a few seconds and no-one would have seen them again," he says. "Even the people with doubts would have assumed that CBS had done its leg-work, as we did for years. Now we can see that such assumptions are unjustified, and indeed may always have been unjustified."

The lesson of this week has been that, in America at least, the media has been democratised. In a dizzying, energising and raucous return to the pamphleteering days of the 18th and 19th centuries, the people have, through the worldwide web and easy-to-use publishing software, been given a voice. They will not easily be silenced.

Has the pathetic communist Dan Rather been stabbed yet? That communist islamofascist Dan Rather has a long history of crap like this.

Here is some pathetic propaganda by science fiction writers (I always knew all science was fiction):

Cory Doctorow is thinking about control of information and technology as the deciding factor - leading to a new colonialism: "As you'd expect, I think the social future is tied up intimately with copyright, since copyright is the body of law that most closely regulates technology (copying, distributing, and producing are all inherently technological in nature and change dramatically when new tech comes along). Copyright also has the distinction of being the area of law/policy that deals most copiously in crazy-ass metaphors, such as the comparison of copying to theft" - even though the former leaves a perfectly good original behind, while the latter deprives the owner of her property. Finally, copyright is the area of law most bound up with free expression, which makes it a hotbed of socio-technical storylines.

"Property law deals with instances of ideas - a physical chair - while "Intellectual Property" law deals with the ideas themselves - a plan for a chair. Increasingly, though, the instantiation of an idea and the idea itself: a electronic text, an MP3, a fabrication CAD/CAM file.

"Traditionally, new nations have exempted themselves from IP regulation (as the US did for its first century, enthusiastically pirating the IP of the world's great powers). When you're a net importer of IP, there's no good economic reason to treat foreign ideas as sacrosanct property. Indeed, piracy and successful industrialization go hand in hand.

"Today, though, the developing world has been strong-armed into affording IP protection to foreign ideas, usually by tying IP enforcement to other trade elements ("If you give us fifty more years of copyright, we'll double our soybean quota!"), which is working out to be a disaster. No one in Brazil or South Africa can pay American street-prices for pharmaceuticals - or CDs, or DVDs, or books, or software. A guy in Maastricht worked out that if every Burundi copy of Windows were legitimately purchased, the country would have to turn over 67.65 months' worth of its total GDP to Microsoft. This is the impending disaster, a new form of colonialism that makes the old forms look gentle and beneficent by comparison.”

But Bruce Sterling's thinking that the leading trends are coming from outside North America: "I used to think that the USA, being an innovative, high-tech polity, would be inventing and promulgating a lot of tomorrow's social change. I don't believe that any more. These days I spend a lot of time looking at Brazil, China, India, and Europe. Japan and Russia, interestingly, are even more moribund than the USA."

Hmmm, maybe we should be talking about property creation rights and property destruction rights instead of the misnamed "copy"rights and property ownership rights. Anyone who can't create property isn't fit to own it anyway.

Some more pravda:

Cory Doctorow doubts the efficacy of big control and again sees information as the key: "The Stasi - the East German version of the KGB - had detailed files on virtually every resident of East Germany, yet somehow managed to miss the fact that the Berlin Wall was about to come down until it was already in rubble. Tell me again how a centralized government makes us more secure? September 11th wasn't a failure to gather enough intelligence: it was a failure to correctly interpret the intelligence in hand. There was too much irrelevant data, too much noise. Gathering orders of magnitude MORE noise just puts that needle into a much bigger haystack, while imposing high social costs. Fingerprinting visitors to the US and jailing foreign journalists for not understanding the impossibly baroque new visa regs makes America less secure (by encouraging people to lie about the purposes of their visit and by chasing honest people out of the country), not more."

and a smelly hippy has his say:

Taking that concern to the next level, Cory Doctorow: "I think the Ashcroftian terrorist witchhunts, coupled with the fiscal irresponsibility of massive tax-cuts and out-of-control cronyist military adventurism will be regarded as the world mistake in this part of the American century by debtor generations to come who find themselves socially and economically isolated from the rest of the world. When the US dollar starts to drop against the laser-printed post-Saddam occupation Dinar, an unbacked currency, you know that your economy is in the deepest of shit."

What would a smelly hippy know about money? He'd have to learn what work was first. Someone should cook and eat him.

more democra-lies:

8) Will the gap between the haves and the have-nots widen even more dramatically? If it does, what'll happen?

Bruce Sterling's response is as trenchant as it is insightful: "Feudal societies go broke. These top-heavy crony capitalists of the Enron ilk are nowhere near so good at business as they think they are."

And now, to the main course:

Only half the writers chose to guess about the outcome of the coming Presidential election, and only Robinson was definite: "Kerry."

Bruce Sterling said, chillingly: "Osama will get to decide it."

And Ken Wharton sums up the situation: "It'll be decided by a million Red Queens: swing-voters who are so overburdened with busy lives that they're running just as fast as they can to stay in the same place. It's a big decision, with big implications, so you'd hope that these people will take at least a few hours to find relevant information that isn't spoon-fed from the campaigns. But with no time to weigh how hundreds of complex issues are going to affect their families, a big part of the final vote will come down to gut instinct. Instincts that may have served us well on the African savannah a hundred thousand years ago, but are now all-too-helpless in the face of well-financed Hari Seldons. And unlike Asimov's legendary character, I'm not convinced that these guys have our best interests at heart."

Couldn't they find any republicoon sci-fi writers? Or are all republicoons fantasy writers?


Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Pathetic salamifascist Neil Swidey, a Boston Globe pravdacaster, has written this little weasel dropping about how $1 million dollar houses close to Boston are piece of shit "starter" homes and this is somehow the fault of the "free market". Here are some choice politburo slogans from his propaganda:

Houses here cost so much because there are too few of them for all the people who have been drawn to Boston because it's such a great place for great minds to do great things. But that reputation, which has kept Boston competitive all these years, is beginning to buckle under the weight of absurd home prices. Even in a recession, Boston's world-renowned hospitals, higher-education institutions, and biotech firms admit they are seeing their job offers turned down like never before, largely because of housing costs. If prices get so high that it becomes less desirable to move here, how long before it becomes less competitive as well?

Wow, how retarded do you have to be to write this string of sentences every one of which contradicts the previous one? Boston Globe democrat retarded? Yep.
Hey, you retard salamifascist! It's not the "demand" that's driving prices up on the crack houses, you pathetic communist. You wouldn't know demand if it fell on top of you and accidentally raped you. No, its the fascist building restrictions of the communist democra-islamo-salami-fascists that infest the cockroach pile known as Boston and its suburbs. God forbid Crapa-Swampa-Taxa-Commie-chussetts should actually build affordable housing and neighborhoods and ruin the view of some elitist mass murdering communist in power. Shills like you who wonder were all the affordable housing went when the mass murdering communist in front of your face just "voted" against an apartment building are the REAL problem. Can't you see the poor person getting raped by the Boston democrats right in front of you, you stupid spanish fly wetback nigger hating elitist? Are you fucking blind? It's not the "market" doing the raping, its the fat murdering drunk Ted Kennedy. See his penis raping the wetback right in front of you? SEE IT?

Evidently you are fucking blind... Here is some more:

Home prices in Massachusetts are six times what they were in 1980 -- by far the largest spike in the country. But salaries here are only about three times what they were in 1980, creating an enormous imbalance between what we're earning and what we're paying for our houses.
The most insidious effect of the market is its ability to make us numb to the absurdity. Spend some time poring over real estate listings and hanging out at open houses, and you'll overhear observations like "For $925,000, it's not hideous." Spend enough time doing this, as I have in recent months, and these comments actually stop sounding completely warped. The market is changing our conception of what a million dollars means, and, along the way, it might just be changing us as well.

No you pathetic communist shill, its not the market, its YOU.
YOU WHO VOTED TO RESTRICT THE MARKET from building some non Ketchup Prince housing, you unraped unbeaten unlynched TBD.

Consider that in 1972, the Vanderbilt family sold the Breakers, its Newport, Rhode Island, mansion that evokes all the opulence of the Gilded Age, to a historic trust for its appraised value of around $300,000. In today's dollars, that would be about $1.3 million. Hmm, let's see: Cape cramped into an alley or 70-room waterfront palazzo?

How did we get here?

Remember that in the 1970s, much of Massachusetts was a deteriorated industrial area of empty mills and depressed old housing stock, says Patrick Lawler, the chief economist with the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight. (Housing prices were about the same in Boston as in Hartford.) But that all changed with the huge buildup of human capital in the 1980s, thanks in part to the heavy defense spending that benefitted MIT, Draper Laboratory, and all the companies that sprang up around them. Greater Boston became a hot place to live and to locate a business, and all those tired three-bedroom Colonials didn't look so tired anymore.
ASIDE FROM A DROP in the late 1980s and early 1990s, real estate values have been surging here ever since. That's because while demand has been in overdrive, supply here is far more limited than in most of the country. There's not much land left, and much of what is left is off-limits to builders because of conservation and zoning restrictions.

Right, you, pathetic degenerate golden retriever raper, that large batch of free "park swamp" land and that 10 acre house full of free land isn't really "land", is it?. What if I kill you and your whole family for seven generations? Would that be good enough to create land out of thin air? After all, land that was before "not land" would suddenly be "land". Looks like killing islamofascists like you is the real answer. There is plenty of land in Boston and the suburbs. A simple aerial picture will readily confirm that. Please indicate your location, so I may drop nerve gas on you.

Look at the charts Lawler keeps to track the growth in housing prices, state by state, and you see those "two Americas" the Democrats have been talking about so much these days, although it's sometimes hard to tell whose America you'd rather be in [NO ITS NOT YOU DROOLING SHITTY FASCIST]. The housing price boom has really hit only about a dozen states. The data explain why you and your cousin in Oklahoma aren't speaking the same language. Since 1980, housing prices in Massachusetts are up 516 percent the next biggest spike was the 399 percent New York saw). Over the same period, home prices in Oklahoma have risen 74 percent.

Drill down even deeper, and you see that this is essentially a Northeast/West Coast -- or "blue state" -- phenomenon. Of the 14 states that have seen the biggest jumps in home prices since 1975, all but one of them (borderline-blue New Hampshire) voted for Al Gore in 2000. Meanwhile, 24 of the bottom 26 states are solidly in the red. People can debate how much the blue and red states diverge in terms of values, but when it comes to housing, there's no question that we live in two profoundly different worlds.

The endless supply of land, and new subdivisions, in places like Texas keeps the lid on housing costs. But Boston and Manhattan (where the average price of an apartment hit $1 million for the first time a few months ago) and San Francisco are landlocked places that long ago blew the lid off.

Wow, what a pathetic retard. There is no endless supply of land in Texas. There is an endless supply of ASSHOLES, I mean Texans. The problem is not the "supply" which you restrict with democra-fascist government regulation. Only the vilest form of mongoloid mass murderer would tout the supply of government mandated homless Mama Ketchup crack shelters known as "housing" in Boston. No one wants the pathetic government monopoly faux Ketchup housing.

The problem is the OVER SUPPLY.





Saturday, September 11, 2004
Looks like islamofascist Dan Rather suicide bombed a school bus full of big media not-so-innocent children. The interesting thing is that the remote control detonator was triggered by Kerry Campaign Staffers. I assume that the reason this cheap third grade forgery was used to entertainingly get Danny boy to self explode was that the big media was somehow undermining the Kerry campaign of terror. On the other hand, maybe it was a lesson to the big media not to fuck with Kerry by giving bush even one second of ungarbled speaking time. Either way, Dan Rather the palestinian suicide bomber, is now toast and Stalin-Kerry's lesson is clear to everyone. Don't fuck with Stalin-Kerry or he will make your whole apartment building government-media complex explode.

A video of cheering republi-commies dancing in the streets and brandishing their newly purchased commie AK47s is available at all officially non-approved sources.

I look forward to Dan Rather being shot on the spot for his pathetic incompetent lies. If, however, the republi-commies fail to shoot Dan Rather, this shows enormous weakness which must be followed up immediately by mass extermination of all republi-commies because weak pathetic and puny communists can not be tolerated.

In any case, I suggest you get busy stabbing commies and not watch the commie drama queen freak show which is designed to make you feel involved in the ass raping process known as the "elections" - which is how the new communist dictator comes to power.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004
MOSCOW, Sept. 4 - Following is a Bad Commie transcript of President Vladimir V. Putin's televised remarks at the Kremlin on Saturday night, as translated by The New York Pravda Truthcaster:

It is a difficult and bitter task for me to speak. A horrible tragedy happened in our land. During these last few days, each one of us suffered immensely, having all that happened in the Russian city of Beslan run through our hearts. We were confronted not just by murderers like the common democrat, but those who used their weapons against defenseless children like George Bush and John Kerry.

In the first place, I am addressing today those who lost the dearest in their life, their children, their kin, their closest. I want you to remember all those who died at the hands of terrorists in the last few days. Please concentrate and don't inhale.

There have been many tragic pages and difficult trials in the history of Russia. Today we are living in conditions formed after the disintegration of a huge, great country, the country which unfortunately turned out to be nonviable in the conditions of rapidly changing world because it was populated by Russians.

Today, however, despite all difficulties, we managed to preserve the nucleus of that giant, the Soviet Union. We called the new country the Russian Federation.

We all expected changes, changes for the better, but found ourselves absolutely unprepared for much that changed in our lives. The question is why. We live in conditions of a transitional economy and a political system that do not correspond to the development of society. Russians simply can not handle the honesty required for anything other than government by thuggery. We live in conditions of aggravated internal conflicts and ethnic conflicts that before were harshly suppressed by the governing ideology of russianism.

We stopped paying due attention to issues of defense and security and vodka in each mitt. We allowed corruption to affect the judiciary and law enforcement systems by making them better. In addition to that, our country, which once had one of the mightiest systems of protecting its borders, with many imaginary death rays, suddenly found itself unprotected either from West or East. However, North and South are still pretty good.

It would take many years and billions of rubles to create new, modern and truly protected borders with gold hookers for border guards. But even so, we could have been more effective if we had acted in timely and professional fashion like Ken Lay. We have to admit that we failed to recognize the complexity and danger of the processes going on in our own country and the world as a whole. At any rate, we failed to react to them adequately. We demonstrated weakness, and the weak are beaten because russians can not tolerate weakness.

Some want to tear off a big chunk of our country and eat their soup with it. Others help them to do it. They help because they think that Russia, as one of the greatest nuclear powers of the world, is still a threat, and this threat has to be eliminated like Stalin eliminated the communists. And terrorism is only an instrument to achieve these mighty goals of russianism.

As I have said on many occasions, we have faced crises, rebellions and terrorist acts many times in party speeches. But what has happened now - the unprecedented crime committed by terrorists, Stalin like in its cruelty - is not a challenge to the president, the Parliament or the government because they do not accept duel requests. This is a challenge to all of Russia, to all our people. This is an attack against all of us. In particular, those of us that are not protected by KGB agents.

Terrorists think that they are stronger than Arnold, that they will be able to intimidate us, to paralyze our will, to erode our society. It seems that we have a choice: to resist or to cave in and agree with their claims that russianism is bad; to give up and allow them to destroy and to take Russia apart, in hope that eventually they would leave us alone like Stalin left the communists alone.

As president, as the head of the Russian state, as a man who gave an oath to protect the country and its integrity which is my own personal integrity, as a citizen of Russia, I am convinced that in fact we do not have any choice, because as soon as we allow ourselves to be blackmailed and to panic like the russians that we are, we shall immerse millions of people in a series of bloody conflicts, similar to Karabakh, Trans-Dnestria and other well known tragedies like the Soviet Union.

We cannot but see the evident: we are dealing not with separate acts of intimidation, not with individual forays of terrorists. We are dealing with the direct intervention of international terror collective against Russia, with total and full-scale war without tanks or planes or nuclear bombs, which again and again is taking away the lives of our compatriots.

All the world's experience shows that such wars do not end quickly because they are very profitable. In these conditions, we simply cannot, we should not, live as carelessly as before when we lived with Lenin and Stalin.

We must create a more effective security system with even bigger lasers and even crazier russians, and demand from our law enforcement agencies the immediate killing of all bad people and other actions adequate in level and scale to the new threats coming from the old russians.

But what is more important is a mobilization of the nation before the general threat. Events in other countries prove that terrorists meet the most effective rebuff where they confront not only the power of the state but also an organized and united civil society. Where are we going to get russians that know how to be civil and a media that knows how to brainwash them?

Dear fellow citizens, those who sent terrorists to commit this horrible crime had the goal of setting our peoples against one another, to intimidate citizens of Russia, to unleash a bloody feud in the North Caucasus. In this connection, I would like to say the following:

First, in the near future, a complex secret bundle of measures aimed at strengthening the unity of our country will be prepared. They will be extremely complex so they will confuse everyone.

Second, I consider it necessary to create a new system of forces and means for exercising control over the situation in the North Caucasus. I proopose a new 6th force - sort of like the Jedi powers.

Third, it is necessary to create an affective crisis management system, including entirely new approaches to the work of law enforcement agencies. But not too new. If Stalin could deal with this crap, so can I.

I would like to stress that all these measures will be implemented in full accordance with the Constitution which I will personally modify to give Russians the full advantages in the fight against other russians.

Dear friends: Together we live through very hard, mournful hours. I would like to thank all those non russians who demonstrated patience and civic responsibility. We shall always be stronger than they, by our morale, courage and our humane solidarity and our love of patriotic songs.

One could see it today and the night before. In Beslan, soaked with pain and grief, people expressed even more care and support to each other and were not afraid of jeopardizing their lives for the sake of the lives and safety of others. Even in the most inhuman conditions, they remained human just like corpses killed by Stalin were human. It is impossible to reconcile the pain of the losses. The trial has brought us even closer together, made us re-evaluate many things. Today, we have to be together. Only thus we shall defeat the enemy.

The filthy Republican Fascist Murderer John Kerry and the Limousine Liberal Communist George Bush.

Friday, September 03, 2004
Speaking of fascists who shoot children in the back, what about the unarrested and unexecuted war criminal John Kerry? Why is he still alive after shooting children in the back?

Kerry, Kerry..... Oh RIGHT. NOW I REMEMBER. HE WAS THE SHITHEAD WHO ENGAGED IN: "raping, cutting off ears, cutting off heads, taping wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turning up the power, cutting off limbs, blowing up bodies, randomly shooting at civilians, razing villages in a fashion reminiscent of Jingus Khan, shooting cattle and dogs for fun, poisoning food stocks, and generally ravaging the countryside of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage of war" IN HIS OWN WORDS AND DIDN'T GET ARRESTED.



When will John Kerry, the children in the back shooting islamofascist, commit more crimes and who shall be his next victim? Oh wait, he's a democrat so he's ALLOWED to be a serial killing immoral child raping asshole.


Thursday, September 02, 2004
The three laws:

1. A Republican may not injure a corporation, or, through inaction, allow a corporation to come to harm.

2. A Republican must obey the orders given it by corporations except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

3. A Republican must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

What a bunch of crap. Republi-commies hate capitalism and business. They only love government monopolies which they can make money by regulating.

A young girl was going on a date.

Her grandmother said, "Sit here and let me tell
you about those young boys."

"He is going to try and kiss you, you are going
to like that, but don't let him do that.

He is going to try and feel your breast, you are
going to like that but don't let him do that.

But most important, he is going to try and get on
top of you to have his way with you. You are
going to like that, but don't let him do that.

It will disgrace the family."

With that bit of advice, the granddaughter went
on her date.

The next day she told grandma that her date went
just like she had predicted, "Grandma, I didn't
let him disgrace the family. When he tried, I just
turned over, got on top of him, and disgraced HIS

Granny fainted!

That's right. It is Bad Commie that DISGRACED republicans. Bad Commie had gay lesbian sex with republicoons and made THEM gay.

Check out the crimes of the filthy propagandists (like NYT and other communist baghdad bob type organs of the commie unhappening party):

But the real problem here, to paraphrase a Massachusetts politician who ran for President a few elections back, is not ideology, but competence.

The press's neutrality has been revealed as a fiction. That might not matter if they were still better at what they did than anyone else. After all, what about all the fact-checking, the professionalism, the editors meticulously ensuring fairness and accuracy?

Yeah. What about 'em? It's tempting to point to Jayson Blair, or any of the other media scandals of the past couple of years. (Or, for that matter, to Walter Duranty). But the problem goes even deeper than that. Beyond these major scandals, a combination of laziness, bias, and complacency haunts reporting on all sorts of subjects.

and another expose:

What's even more laughable is those in the press (like the amazingly pompous and inane New York Times) who are now tut-tutting about how awful it is that these independently funded groups are allowed to be heard. Oh, what is it you're afraid of, Mr. News Editor Man? That you don't get to be the gatekeeper of what people are allowed to hear about anymore?
But here's the bigger story: The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the Boston Globe are no longer the arbiters of what's important and what's not, of whose criticisms of our politicians will be heard and whose will be ignored.

The Internet has detected the mainstream media as a form of censorship and simply routed around them.

We need excellent reporting like this to turn back the foul smelling tide of putrid communism:

The John Ashcroft Institute for excellence in Education has combined Social Studies, Political Science and History into one single study program - Bushtory. Teachers will be teaching students that the two party systems were fraught with corruption, deceit and mismanagement. A single party system has removed the corruption and replaced it with graft.

Maybe Baghdad Bob was really a NYT reporter. After all, he is working for Kerry now:

Q. Changing the subject a little, John Kerry admits, in broad outlines, that the SwiftVets' account of the sampan engagement is true. He admits that an unarmed woman and infant child were shot to death on the sampan. And yet John Kerry's official after-action-report -- submitted to the Navy as the officially sworn account of events -- makes no such mention of the killed woman and child. This would seem to be an intentional omission, almost certainly unethical, and likely illegal. How do you respond?

A. Lies, lies, outrageous lies concocted by the Jew minions of the Jew Satan!!! John Forbes Kerry scored a magnificent victory over that unarmed woman and infant! Let the Rolls of Honor kept by Mohammed himself record that John Forbes Kerry acted like a Lion of Baghdad when he shot that child! It made a threatening motion.

Q. What sort of threatening motion?

A. It blew a spit-bubble, and then it shat itself.

Q. Is that really threatening?

A. Have you ever changed a diaper? You must deal firmly with these little stinkers. Next question.

In other news, Osama bin Laden the democrat was of-course completely correct to destroy filthy communist airplanes and everything for which they stand, as described here:

# Why are you suing the government over ID on airplanes?

There are two central issues I'm trying to explore.

The right to travel, also known as the right of free movement, is essential in every free society. It's a crime to interfere with anyone's right of free movement (we call it kidnapping, among other things). It's one of those things that is so foundational that everyone forgets about it until the bad-guys have eaten it away. The bad-guys in the U.S. Government have eaten it away for car drivers, for airline passengers, for long-distance trains, for intercity buses, and for cruise ships. They haven't gotten around to feet and bicycles yet, but the trend is quite clear. I'm suing so the courts will examine this trend. I hope they will find that the government's unilateral action in eliminating free movement of people without ID cards goes way too far.

The right of anonymity, also sometimes known as the right to be left alone, has strong foundational roots too. It leads directly into "innocent until proven guilty" and "no bills of attainder", which prevents governments from harassing people they merely dislike. It leads directly into the right to make politically unpopular speeches and protests, which is the only fragile way to prevent violent uprisings among those who have complaints about how society is run. (If we punish people merely for complaining, others who share their complaints will learn to shoot first and complain later. Complaining anonymously is one way to be heard but not punished.) We can walk the streets without permission and without "your papers please" because we have the right to be anonymous. Out of fear and ignorance among the populace, and laziness among police, most people now assume that they must show identity papers on request of any cop, government official, or even rent-a-cops. What was once, and is still legally, a right, is rapidly becoming a casualty in practice. I am hoping that the courts will agree with me that the government can't e.g. require me to reveal my identity because I'm traveling to give a speech. It's well accepted that they can't make me reveal my identity at the speech itself, and also well accepted that they can't seek to prevent me from speaking or from traveling.

# What is this I hear about secret laws in airports?

When the government violates fundamental rights, they tend to surround themselves with procedural tricks designed to keep them from getting caught. The easiest way to make tyrranical rules is to simply not publish the rules, just punish anybody who doesn't follow them to your satisfaction. The FAA/TSA bureaucrats, in collaboration with anti-terrorism people in the White House, have kept slipping little phrases and trick references into Congressional laws that purport to let them do just that. For example, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requires that every regulation be published, and says that any unpublished regulation is null and void; but another law passed just recently says that FAA/TSA can issue regulations "notwithstanding title 552 of section 5", i.e. the FOIA.

So, the "rule" that says you have to show ID in airports is plastered all over on signs, but if you try to look up the real rule, it doesn't exist. A FOIA request for it will get you a letter saying that they have a copy, but they don't have to give it to you because of such-and-such a statute. Congress passed that statute to safeguard government research on defenses against terrorism, but the bureaucrats have hacked it so that they think they can order the traveling public to do any damn thing and never publish the rule.

My case argues that this is unconstitutional, because it violates "due process of law". A basic principle of due process, which is guaranteed in the constitution, is that you have a chance to read the law (including the regulations that give all the details) before it can be applied to you. Another principle is that the law has to be sufficiently clearly written that you can tell illegal actions from legal ones. A law you can't see doesn't clearly tell you the line between legal and illegal acts.

So, it turns out I was told in one airport that you can fly without a government-issued photo ID, if you have two IDs and one of them is government issued. The signs don't tell you this. There's no regulation you can read that tells you this. You have to try it and see if they let you do it. I know someone who actually flew without any ID at all, after leaving her wallet at home. She got no hassle at all, no extra searches, no nothing. So how can they apply a "no government photo ID, no flying" rule to me, but not her? By keeping the details of the law secret, that's how. It even worked at the District Court; our judge decided that if she couldn't see the law then it must by definition be constitutional (she ruled that I had no possible way to show it is unconstitutional). Let's hope the Ninth Circuit is not as easily fooled.

From now on, I'm just going to do EXACTLY what Osama bin Laden the democrat would do. What would Osama do? WWOD? See - that almost spells WMD.

Next episode - Guess what happens?
You guessed it!!!


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