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Monday, May 31, 2004
Why is stupid Fox TV providing welfare for liberals? How could the foul liberal scum sink so low? This "American Idol" shit has got to stop. No more uplifting poor musical people for Fox. Fox better stick to the basics from now on. OR ELSE.
If FOX continues to provide welfare for liberals..... it gets the knife. YOU CAN COUNT ON IT.

Check put how the filthy liberals (like FOX) have been brainwashing us:

Bad cartoons tend to make bad citizens. And my generation suffered from the worst cartoons of all. Pity the poor male children of Generation X: there we sat, on Saturday mornings in the '70s and early '80s, clutching our bowls of Count Chocula and enduring the soul-sucking monotony of ugly Filmation cartoons populated by heroes who fought without actually fighting. You could watch cartoons for hours and never see a superhero actually sock a supervillain in the gut, or a commando pump hot lead into a live non-robot terrorist, or a ranger thrust a pointy-sharp arrow into some dragon's malevolent guts. Preachy mini-sermons abounded, though; the Super Friends couldn't lay a gloved fist on Lex Luthor, but they could sure manhandle those sugary in-between-meals snacks. ("Super Friends," they called them, instead of the Justice League. The difference tells you everything you need to know about the seventies.)

Cartoons is an evil commie influence on our childrens? What they is learning from them there cartoons? It's shockifying.

This kid clearly didn't watch any pussy-sissy cartoons:

Operation Tiger Claw was my first attempt at leading a protest against the apathy and leftism running rampant at my school. It all started on Friday, May 14th with a small act of conservative pride. My socialist history teacher was on another kick about how articulate Noam Chomsky was, when I finally reached my limit.

Yep. That's when that kid became a zombie:

Within weeks America was infested with swollen creatures stumbling across lawns and strip malls--and talking, always talking. Earlier Zombies were "the walking dead," while scientists call the Bush-Zoms "the talking dead."

When faced with opposition, the creatures turned savage. As one soldier recalled, "They just suddenly...turned on people. I saw things..." He shook his head, unable to continue.

Another commando said wryly, "These things may not think, but they sure do react."

Within weeks the mainland was B-Z territory, a No-Go Zone for those with an intact forebrain. Survivors fled to offshore islands like this one, where the last-ditch attempt to study the B-Z continues.

At first, Bush-Zoms were strapped to dentist's chairs for deprogramming. The technique failed. "They just f*ckin' dissolved into pus an' bile if you tried to argue with'em," explained one soldier.

In desperation, scientists are seeking new ways to approach the Zombies. When reporters toured the secret underground lab, they found a grim scene, with chained zombies illuminated by generator-powered floodlights, their reactions being probed cautiously by sleep-deprived research scientists.

Currently, researchers pin their slim hopes on the idea of finding some sort of common ground, some common human response, which can be used to bridge the human/zombie gap.

Researchers say their efforts are focused on a recently-captured B-Z, whom they have nicknamed "Bud." Captured in a daring commando raid on rural Missouri--a notorious breeding-ground for a particularly venomous subspecies of Bush-Zombie--Bud shows occasional flashes of something resembling intelligence, which have normally jaundiced scientists daring to hope against hope that contact can be made. "Bud's the most promising specimen we've got," said a researcher.

Indeed, at first glance Bud seems almost human. He must have been a young man when the plague struck, for he stands upright, and has not developed the ape-like "zombie crouch" noted in older victims.

Researchers communicate with Bud eye-to-eye, though he is chained at the waist and enclosed by a cage. "We hope that humane treatment will elicit human response," said behavior specialist Dr. Karen Hoch. "Right now we're trying to see if some form of persuasion will work on him."

As reporters looked on, some of America's finest communicators tried to capture Bud's attention. First came New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, who entered confidently, carrying a mass of charts and graphs. "Oh, this'll get him! I can show him the tax cuts will all go to the richest 2%! That'll open his eyes!"

Two hours later, Krugman left in disgust. Bud had simply stared at the floor thoughout the lecture, repeating something which linguists identified as the word "elitist," though his rotting lips and tongue made it sound like a low hissing. Krugman, when told Bud had called him an elitist, lost control, taking off his shoe and throwing it at the zombie. "I'm an elitist, you imbecile? I'm trying to tell you the real elite, the billionaires--"

Over the course of a long, weary day, reporters watched expert after expert try to reach Bud--without success. A former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff conducted a "dumbed-down" military briefing for Bud's benefit, explaining that our lack of any coherent strategy in Iraq makes defeat certain. Bud, who had at first shown signs of respect for the General--even offering a sluggish salute--turned away hissing, "lib'rul biased Army...buncha peaceniks..." At this point the officer, unused to insubordination, drew his pistol and was prevented from shooting Bud only by an aide who grappled with him, shouting, "That thing's already dead!"

Researchers then tested more radical ways of changing the zombie's belief-system. Bud was shown a video simulation of President Bush personally strangling a naked Iraqi prisoner on the floor of the Oval Office, then sodomizing the corpse. Bud's reaction was a dry hacking resembling a laugh, and a muttered, "Go Bush!"

The research staff then tried an even more radical technique. Fake news reports saying that the US had just launched an allout nuclear attack on the entire world were shown to Bud, who reacted by mumbling, "Fuck the French!"

As the day waned, media specialists, advertising whizzes and distinguished academics courted Bud's attention without success. There was at least one fatality, when Progressive actress Susan Sarandon attempted to "reach out to Bud" as she did to a death-row inmate in the film Dead Man Walking. Before commandos could restrain her, she put her hand through the bars to grasp Bud's.

Monday, May 24, 2004
The end! The end!

Au revoir. Your friend, Chuck


Awww, How cute. It's too bad that you're to cowardly to actually say what you think because - you could end up being wrong - for example.

I assume you surrender then?
I'll tell Teddy K he can come and pick up his new worker. His check better not bounce this time.

Bad Commie Friend,
Bad Commie

P.S. Free Entertainment isn't Free


That wasn't a good enough response to take time to answer. I thought you could do better. Try Again!

Your Friend,



Lately, with all this talk of Bush-Hitler and Stalin-Kerry, I've been noticing a lot of interesting articles about "nazis" in the news.

The term nazi is completely misused by 99% of the media. Nazi should be used to mean "jew killer" but in actual practical use it refers to "national socialists" or "capitalists" or some arbitrary meaningless distinction. Of course, the current governments of europe are far more "nationalist socialist" in the ideological sense than the nazi party ever was. That doesn't stop people for misusing the term to identify someone who they think believes some nebulous political thing as nazis. In actuality the one and ONLY thing that was bad about Germans was that they killed jews. There was no other aspect of their policy that was the least bit objectionable or different from current European Policies. However, today, the word nazi just means someone whom you object to for some random reason. It has lost its real meaning - that of "jew killer". Note how that meaning correctly labels palestinians and all muslims as nazis, which they are.

Here is an excellent remembrance of the insightful germans:

"The Danger of Americanism"

American culture, ranging from the music to the political ideas, is seen as a threat to the young in Europe:

Americanism is certainly not a spiritual movement, nor is it a worldview that it is possible to oppose at the intellectual level. Its political beneficiaries have tried in recent years to give it, if not a face, at least a program or a goal: "the American Century." It is a collection of empty promises of the type democratic orators have always made - but this time on a world scale. There is nothing in them to excite a reasonable man. But that is exactly the point of Americanism! The key is not what it promises, but what it cannot promise. The key is not what it demands of men, but what gives them. [...]

One should not underestimate the danger of Americanism, or its seductive power. It offers devotion to a culture of nothingness, independence, lack of restraint, a freedom from all obligation, from all honor, from all consideration.

By now you may realize this anti-American text is not of recent origin It was printed in Das Schwarze Korps, the Nazi SS weekly, on 14 March 1944.

I guess this statement was not really meant as a compliment:

As strange as it may sound, it is the only serious competition to National Socialism's racial worldview in the struggle for the youth, in the struggle for the future of humanity.

And, of course, all through these writings, the Jews are running and controlling America. These days, more "sophisticated" critics call them "neo-conservatives."

The full German Article is here:

Here is another article. In this one the author completely misunderestimates what the word nazi really means (i.e. jew killer - like I was saying above):

Nazi nutritionists stressed the importance of a diet free of petrochemical dyes and preservatives; Nazi health activists stressed the virtues of whole-grain bread and foods high in vitamins and fiber. Many Nazis were environmentalists; many were vegetarians. [Including Hitler himself.] Species protection was a going concern, as was animal welfare. [Reichsmarschall Hermann Ghoering barred vivisection in all scientific work noting the "unbearable torture and suffering in animal experiments" and he threatened to commit to concentration camps "those who still think they can treat animals as inanimate property."] Nazi doctors worried about overmedication and the overzealous use of X-rays; Nazi doctors cautioned against an unhealthy workplace and the failure of physicians to be honest with their patients
The Nazis had established the link of smoking to lung cancer decades before public health officials in Western democracies acknowledged this fact. In fact, Nazi Germany first established the tobacco-lung cancer link in the late 1930s. Smoking was banned in public places. Even soldiers were barred from smoking openly on the streets. "Sixty of Germany's largest cities banned smoking on streetcars in 1941 and smoking was banned in air-raid shelters. Â… Smoking was banned on all German city trains and buses in the spring of 1944; Hitler personally ordered the measure to protect the health of the young women serving as ticket takers." An educational campaign blanketed the Third Reich with information and propaganda urging pregnant women not to smoke for fear of harming the unborn child. The Nazi state attempted to "curb asbestos exposure" and to "secure food quality."

How are we to understand this? Did such measures run counter to Nazi ideology or in tune with it? In fact, Proctor's account demonstrates that such public health measures were in perfect synchronization with the National Socialist state's insistence on a fit population and on preserving and increasing the fitness of the already fit; or those with the potential to be so. The unfit were dealt with in other ways, as we know. The "pioneering" work of the Nazis in the area of public health is something we prefer not to think about: How can those who were so monstrous undertake efforts that the vast majority of "right thinking" Americans support? And how to explain the direction the Nazis moved, in any case?

Proctor draws our attention to some interesting facts. For example: "physicians joined the Nazi party in very large numbers," as did some "60 percent of all biologists." Germany at the time of the Nazi rise to power was already the most "powerful scientific culture" in the world, "boasting half of the world's Nobel Prizes and a sizable fraction of the world's patents." Along with extraordinary innovations in basic physics and engineering; dangerous to the Allies, given the potential for applications to weaponry; were similarly advanced and successful programs, including the most "successful cancer prevention program of the era." Aggressive breast self-examination programs were launched, urging women to detect tumors "at an early stage; Germany's seems to have been the first such campaign anywhere in the world." Proctor points out that such campaigns did not begin in the United States until some three decades later. Nazis deployed physicians to factory floors to oversee the health and safety of workers (Proctor adds that Germany was "the first nation to recognize lung cancer as a compensable occupational disease for uranium miners").

There is more. Nazi "nutritionists mounted a frontal attack on the Germans' excessive consumption of meat, sweets, and fat, and argued for a return to 'more natural' foods such as cereals, fresh fruit, and vegetables." Repudiating the public/private distinction central to liberal societies and liberal political philosophy, the Nazis declared that the personal was indeed the political. One slogan declared: "Nutrition is not a private matter!" Each person's diet was a matter of state concern, for the state was responsible for the health of the body politic. Hitler himself declared that "reforming the human lifestyle" was "far more important" than anything else he might accomplish. Hitler loathed obesity and launched campaigns against it both within the ss and in the polity at large. Mothers-to-be were urged to "avoid alcohol and nicotine during pregnancy and while nursing"; one poster that blanketed the Reich urged prospective mothers to "Drink soft cider instead!"

Very interesting.

To conclude, Here is what commies are saying about Bad Commie Blog:

Saturday, May 22, 2004
More Chucky!

From: "Bad Commie"
Subject: dear chuck "i love to steal" turner

Dear Chuck “I love to steal” Turner,

You say that its not high taxes (to pay for – incompetent teachers, for example) that are
keeping black people down. So, what DOES keep minorities (except for Jews, Arabs, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Canadians, Irish, Free Masons and Non Commies) down? What is your favorite excuse? Certainly, any actual community of black people should be free to pool its resources. The rich people in the community would be able to help provide the community the equivalent of as high taxes as you want.

Now it is true that Shrubby likes his friends and takes care of them. But doesn’t everyone like their friends and want to take care of them? Or are you suggesting that friends should not be taken care of, because, to avoid discriminating against enemies, one should beat his friends as well as his enemies? Now that would be a principled stand I could support!

It’s true, I did “read” the WSJ. Since I was firearms deprived as a child, and since they don’t let me shoot things in this state, I had to find something to read.
I am guilty. I apologize. I will try not to “read” in the future. It just confuses and infuriates me. I will not engage in this so called “reading” any more.

Now, moving on to your ridiculous excuse that its lack of money that is the problem in the educational system. During the Clinton years we had lots of extra money and never bombed anyone, and the schools still sucked. Hmmm? And if you look at the childhoods of a lot of very smart men, you will find that the common factor is poverty and the burning desire for self improvement. It takes being poor in order to succeed.
It's time to face the truth -- some schools suck because the teachers, administrators, school board, parents and especially all students have very low IQs.

You also assert that someone owes you some kind of debt because some people you never knew were slaves. I can dig it. I like free money as much as the next man. I’ll endorse reparations to abused people, especially those that are kept in jail as slaves. And the community responsible for the crimes of those people should have to pay those reparations (i.e the black community). I’ll also support the execution of anyone who robs a black person. Of-course, most crime is black on black, and that taxation counts as robbery. Again, you have an excellent and principled position. I’ll even do you one better. I order to right the wrong, I am going to let black people keep slaves. Guess who? That’s right! Iraqis! And Kennedys! BTW, I have proof that Ted Kennedy has black slaves in his secretive compound. I know this because I sold him a drunk black homeless guy who fell asleep in my shrubbery but the fucker's check bounced.

You say that the 38% of Dems who voted for slavery were the Dixiecrats Republicans who joined the republican party. Is that why you’re racially oppressed in the completely and utterly democrat controlled state of MA?

Moving on, Now it is true that some people (that you personally don’t know anything about) being slaves is bad. However, the dems have done more with 10 years of welfare than was done in 350 years of slavery and oppression. That's why they switched from slavery and oppression to freedom and welfare in the first place. Get it?

Your Bad Commie Friend,

Bad Commie

P.S. Are you unhappy? If you are who is to blame?
In a state that is utterly democrat controlled?
Is MA a land of opportunity, good jobs and cheap rent and rising black middle class ?
No, that is Texas.

B.C. (Hey that's really an appropriate
nickname) Thanks for keeping in touch.
Keeps me sharp.

First let me respond to the T shirt.

1> High taxes and regulations are not
what keeps us down. The Republicans are opposed to them cause they believe it keeps them down. However, Bush has used his four years to take care of his friends. By the way, B.C., why do you bother reading that ultra liberal rag, the WSJ,

2. If the government did not spend over 1/2 of the discretionary money our government has on war, we would have enough money to fund a good public education system. Even the republican controlled state legislature voted to not follow the guidelines in Bush's No Child Left Behind Act, since it doesn't , provide enough money for them to do what Bush is ordering them to do.

3)All I can say is that afer 200 years of slavery and another 150 of oppression, this country has a big debt.

4) The Dems who voted against it were the Dixiecrats who joined the republican party.

5) 350 years of slavery and oppression did the

I think that it is amazing that we have survived given the beating that we have taken at the hands of the invaders of the Native Lands. The soldiers of all races are the true victims.

Your Friend,


P.S. Can't you do better. Try again. It was kind of boring. Try harder.

-----Original Message-----
From: Bad Commie
Sent: Wednesday, May 19, 2004 11:42 PM
Subject: regarding the letter to your

You just sent me back:

"Letter to My Constituents Regarding the 5/11/04
Press Conference and Its Aftermath"

It's kind of entertaining how you blame the NYT owned Globe for Bad Reporting. I doubt you are concerned about Bad Reporting by them when its in your favor.

However, are you going to bother to repsond to the insults in my original email? I know the Globe sucks. Who cares about that? No one, that's who. I want to know about YOU and your attitudes towards black people and US soldiers. I don't give a shit about the globe.

So please allow my previous email to enrage you enough to repsond.

Bad Commie

[I needed some help stabbing from Osama bin Texan, since Chucky was slippery]

Thursday, May 20, 2004
Got a response:

May 17, 2004

Letter to My Constituents Regarding the 5/11/04 Press Conference and Its Aftermath

Sadiki Kambon and I called a press conference on Tuesday, May 11th to ask the press to investigate the authenticity of photographs we had received through the Sons of Africa list serve showing women who looked Middle Eastern being sexually abused by men in camouflage uniforms.

Since Secretary Rumsfeld had said before the Senate Armed Services Committee that he had pictures of Iraqi women being sexually abused (I think he also used the word rape) by U.S. soldiers, we both thought the pictures we had might be part of the cache of pictures Secretary Rumsfeld said were yet to come.

Some have asked why didn’t we check on the pictures’ authenticity ourselves. Candidly, since I think that the American people have a right and responsibility to see the pictures Rumsfeld mentioned, I had hoped that Boston reporters calling the Pentagon might add to the pressure on the Pentagon to release the ones they have.

I clearly stated at the press conference that I did not know where the pictures were taken, who took them, or when they were taken. Since I could not vouch for their authenticity, I asked that the reporters who were interested in receiving them by email call the Pentagon to ascertain whether they were part of the pictures Rumsfeld mentioned.

I was shocked the next morning when the pictures appeared in the Globe. While I think that the American public has a right to see the photos mentioned by Rumsfeld, my view was and is that the only appropriate way to make them available to the public is on the internet, since pictures of sexual abuse are not appropriate for newspapers, magazines, or television. It was particularly surprising to me that the Globe ran the pictures since the accompanying story contained my statement regarding undocumented authenticity, a similar disclaimer from the Pentagon, and the reporter’s comments questioning their authenticity.

Page 2:
Letter to My Constituents Regarding the 5/11/04 Press Conference and Its Aftermath

I believe the Globe’s purpose in running the pictures and the accompanying story was to discredit me. This is my belief since the sub headline said that I displayed pictures that purported to show U.S. soldiers raping Iraqi women. The first sentence said that I said that the pictures showed U.S. soldiers raping Iraqi women. At the end of the story, they quoted me saying that I didn’t know whether they were authentic but asked the press to check. At no time did I say or purport that I knew that the pictures were real. [BC: Lol - Clintonesque]

The photo of Mr. Kambon and I that the Globe printed gave the impression that we were posing with the pictures. However, the picture was taken before the press conference when we were trying to get the board on which the pictures were posted to stand so reporters could see if they were interested enough to receive the email.

On Friday, May 16th, two days after the pictures were published, there was a scathing denunciation of me on the editorial page of the Globe. I am not particularly concerned about the character assassination. The people in my community have a good idea of my character through my 38 years of service in the community. [BC: I would prefer service TO the community - Who paid for you to perform the service?] I am concerned, however, that the writer misused my quote “The American people have a right and a responsibility to see the pictures” from the Globe reporter’s story that accompanied the pictures.

The problem with the editorial writer’s use of the quote is that he says that I made that statement about the pictures we had given the Globe. However, he did not attend the press conference and the story that accompanied the pictures in Wednesday’s Globe makes clear that the pictures I am referring to are those that were discussed at the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing. I am pleased to see that many of our Congress people who saw the pictures Rumsfeld mentioned at the Congressional hearing share my belief that the American people have a right to see the authentic pictures.

The Boston Globe online edition also ran the story. However, they inserted a statement that was not in the Wednesday story in the print edition or that I made at the press conference saying that I said that I was convinced the pictures were real. To me, this is more evidence that the Globe’s objective was to discredit me. The irony is that the Globe has been discredited by their action. [BC: Lets be fair here. I think there is enough discredit to go all around.]

I continue to be amazed that the desire of the editors of the Globe to discredit me is clouding their judgment to the extent that they ran the pictures despite the fact that they are inappropriate for display in a newspaper and their accompanying story indicated a doubtful authenticity. However, our history shows that when you fight back, the establishment will always try to take you down. I plan to continue to fight for what is right. [BC: You plan to support American Soldiers and Ending Racism by stopping affirmative action, right?]


Chuck Turner

Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Dear Nigger (,

I was recently reading about your most excellent adventures in the Ultra Left Wing Wall Street Journal [].

Those vile and vicious left wing hacks called you a "racist crackpot". I think this is patently inaccurate, and I should know, since I myself am a racist crackpot. What do you think is a proper label for your political position? After careful review of the indisputable facts, drawing on my fair and balanced viewpoint, I have settled on calling you a "nazi raper racist". Please, please correct me if I am wrong in any way. Also, don't worry, I also believe that about all democrats.
Moving on to your further adventures, some may find your comparison of "Bush to Hitler", and "Condi to a Jew" disturbing. Not me. There are larger concerns here. As you know, the serial killer and mass murdering communist John Kerry is running for US president. Therefore, US national socialist commie stabbers like me need someone as strong as Hitler in order to kick Stalin's butt. However, I digress, you may find all this national politics non captivating.

What I really want to know is your view of niggers.

Now, through careful research on the internet (clicking on a few google links), I have discovered that you are some kind of elected representative from a poor black district who loves to accuse people of racism, especially when those gosh darned white male oppressors like Condi and Colon don't let themselves get robbed by the lazy black and hispanic and jewish niggers populating your district. Of Course, people who do not want to be robbed, by the lazy poor, are racist bastards, aren't they?

Actually, I am a bit puzzled on this point. Are people who don't want to be robbed racists, or is it the people falsely accusing them of racism that are the real racists? As a fellow nigger and mass murderer, can you explain this to me?

Also, If I have committed ANY innacuracies, If I have falsely accused ANY heroic americans of anything even remotely untrue, please, DO NOT LET A SINGLE INSULT GO UNPINISHED.

As Thomas Jefferson says: "I think it is in our interest to punish the first insult: because an insult unpunished is the parent of many others."

Niggerly yours,
Bad Commie

P.S. I am very puzzled by niggers. Is there any way I can claim reparations against lazy niggers for being lazy? And why is the democratic party only able to attract lazy inarticulate niggers like the race baiters Sharpton and Jesse? Why can't it attract normal articulate and educated black people like Condi and Clarence Thomas? Is it because niggers and money don't mix?

Also, I am enclosing the picture below. It is very puzzling. Can you explain it to me?

Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Time for a Bad Commie movie review of the movie Troy, with Brad "Fight Club" Pitts!

I just saw this latest pornographic Hollywood movie called "Troy". It had lots of good violence porn for men and lots of good Brad Pitt American sex porn for women. I was looking at some of reviews of it and normal people loved it, while idiots who thought they had some kind of classical education (i.e. they want themselves to be perceived as a authority on something) didn't like it because they were well, raving retarded liberal elitist "intellectuals", I assume. In other words, they can't win a debate so they tell you that you must pay attention to their ranting drivel because they are somehow "smarter". In the sense that a dead commie is smarter than a live one.
So while the movie was pretty good, this whole Troy thing and even the classical Greek culture thing is, of-course, a complete fabrication. Everyone thinks Homer was a blind illiterate drunk who lived 500 years after the so called war of Troy. Yet, communist historians believe the fictional Homer's "well researched tale". Their excuse for believing some tale told by a drunk boy lover about some puffed up drunk Greek dress wearing homosexuals is that bards can accurately reflect what happened 500 years ago. Gee, really? I thought most bards were outrageous drunks and liars.
Anyway, so the desperate intellectuals went to some story tellers in Serbia and saw that their tales matched some made up book about things that happened 500 years ago. This is supposedly proof that Homer wasn't a filthy degenerate communist Greek (like all Greeks) according to the History Channel. God these fucking "historians" are a bunch of desperate shitheads. How about **I** tell a Bad Commie story?
And that's what I think about the movie Troy.
[Check out more about the filthy Greeks in this essay by filthy Muslims desperately trying to avoid being blamed for jew killing. They say the Greeks made them do it!]

For the real story of the movies and Hollywood culture, check out this exceptionally clearsighted essay. Some excerpts:

"Two of the enduringly popular myths of the history of American film are that Hollywood gave birth to the movies and that the industry's pioneers were Jews who had immigrated from Europe. In truth, the American motion picture industry began on the East Coast as the exclusive dominion of the urban American turn-of-the century entrepreneurial elite . . . . Among these companies, the most powerful was the Wizard of Menlo Park, Thomas Alva Edison, the head of the studio that bore his name.
Not content with suppressing economic competition with monopolistic market practices, Edison turned to gangsterism. "Edison, frustrated by his inability to wipe out his competition, resorted to hiring goon squads. They smashed the nickelodeon arcades and set block-long fires in the neighborhoods that housed them. All the while Edison justified his actions in the name of preserving the nation's morals." (Ibid.; p. 49.)
After initiating a California legislative investigation of Hollywood labor activist Herb Sorrell (a personal and professional enemy of Disney's), Disney acted as vice-president of the Motion Picture Association to cause the House Un-American Activities Committee to upgrade its putative presence in Hollywood. "Disney was instrumental in pointing the organization [HUAC] in the direction of its first "Communist radical crackpot," Herb Sorrell. This wasn't the first time Disney had gone after Sorrell. Early in 1942, after his success with the Cartoonists Guild, Sorrell had founded the Conference of Studio Unions. . .
"As far as Disney was concerned, the CSU was all part of the same Communist conspiracy that had struck his studio and continued to threaten all of Hollywood. As early as October 1941, barely a month after the studio strike ended, Disney had contacted Jack Tenney, chairman of the newly formed Joint Fact-Finding Committee on Un-American Activities of the California Legislature and urged him to go after the strikers. After turning over all the photos taken during the walkout, he urged Tenney to launch an investigation of "Reds in movies." Tenney took his cue from Disney and did just that. The first witness he called was Herb Sorrell.

That's right! Disney is Joe MCcarthy! I may have to uncensor Disney!

Here is another excellent article about the movies:

But even these films didn't always have the desired result. Shinn also told me about a NFB film from 1941, which he isn't showing Sunday, called War Clouds In The Pacific. It warned of an impending attack by the Japanese.

Did it do any good? Probably not.

"The film came out about five days before Pearl Harbor," Shinn said.

Anyway, enough about fake life. Lets turn to real life, which is much more outrageous and entertaining. Check out this essay on fRench hypocrisy, first printed in New Zealand.

As France prepares to host one of the grandest commemorations celebrating the victory over Nazi Germany, an unsavoury chapter of its World War II history has been laid bare: the treatment of thousands of children born of French mothers and German soldiers during the Nazi occupation.

A new book, Enfants Maudits (Cursed Children), has documented harrowing accounts of blighted lives, of children shamed by local officials, shunned by their neighbours, mocked by their schoolmates and shunted from foster families to orphanages, of mothers scurrying from village to village, desperate not to be caught by the mobs who searched for scapegoats for their own wartime deeds.

In their adulthood, some of these children would attempt suicide. Others have seethed all their lives in a pit of resentment for the way they had been forced to shoulder their nation's shame.

In the months and years after its liberation in June 1944, France was a place of turbulence. Its people were penniless and many, far from being the resistance heroes they preferred to paint themselves, were former collaborators, spiritually crippled by the way they gave help, directly or indirectly, to the Nazi occupiers.

Such was the poisonous cauldron into which these children were tossed. These infants were born not of rape nor prostitution, but of relationships, sometimes of convenience and often of love, between German soldiers - "les Boches" (the Krauts) - and young Frenchwomen.

Exactly how many of these war children were born is unknown. The authors of Enfants Maudits - Jean-Paul Picaper, a long-time correspondent in Berlin for Le Figaro, and Ludwig Norz, an archivist at the Germany military records, also in Berlin - suspect that as many as 200,000 were born between 1940 and 1944.

Some are likely to consider this figure extraordinarily high but they base it on the growing number of applications for information to the archives by French citizens.

Lifting the veil on the lives of these women and their close relationships with German soldiers has revealed another uncomfortable fact: German troops, far from being fought and resisted at every step, were readily accepted into French society.

They were attractive because they had money, access to food and consumer goods, and many were polite and cultured, far from being the brutes of stereotype.

"Being posted in France was always regarded as the easiest part of the war for German troops," German historian Wilfried Rogasch told the Herald. "After France surrendered [in June 1940] and there was a puppet regime, the soldiers had a wonderful time going to good restaurants and enjoying the cultural life. It was quite different from what was going on along the Eastern Front."

Enfants Maudits is the first book to document the punishment visited on France's children for the sake of their German fathers. But just as is intriguing is how the book has fallen flat.

It has drawn no media fanfare and sales are rock-bottom. In contrast, the second volume of the memoirs of Charles de Gaulle's son has pride of place on bestseller lists across France, propelled by huge coverage in the newspapers and weekly news magazines.

"It is because it is too embarrassing and painful for the French," says Robert Gildea, professor of Modern French History at Oxford University and author of a book on France during the occupation, Marianne in Chains.

"They have digested the Holocaust and they can blame that on Vichy. But they haven't answered the subsequent questions which follow on from that - the part France played in rounding up Jews, how they reacted to the deportations, and their role in earlier measures to throw the Jews out of work and take their businesses."

Other episodes of France's wartime history have been dragged into the daylight, giving a far less flattering impression compared with the legend promoted by de Gaulle of a nation that rose as one against the Germans. Yet none of these episodes has dealt directly with the traumatic settling of scores that went on.

In 1992, Klaus Barbie, the former head of the Gestapo in Lyon, was put on trial for ordering the deportation of Jewish children to Auschwitz. It was only in 1997 that the former Prefect of Bordeaux, Maurice Papon, was tried for the deportation from France of 2000 Jews.

These trials and the rapprochement between Paris and Berlin have provided many French people with the means for dealing politically with the past, but dealing with the emotional complexities of occupation is traumatic.

The social wounds inflicted by the daily compromises of having to survive under German occupation are harder to deal with. The pain is felt through the generations, and even now the response is denial.

"Basically the French are still wedded to the idea of the resistance," says Gildea, "and follow what de Gaulle said in 1944, that only a handful of wretches did the wrong thing and everyone else was a good Frenchman

Ha Ha Ha Ha! I may have to show support for new Zealand by ordering my russian sheep brides from there!

In more outrageous news, here is an essay by a vicious mass murdering nobel peace prize winner Jose Ramos-Horta (no, not the Asshole Arafat, another asshole). Basically this nobel peace prize winning mass murdering criminal thinks its OK to HoooAH Iraq:

In almost 30 years of political life, I have supported the use of force on several occasions and sometimes wonder whether I am a worthy recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Certainly I am not in the same category as Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu or Nelson Mandela. But Mandela, too, recognised the need to resort to violence in the struggle against white oppression. The consequences of doing nothing in the face of evil were demonstrated when the world did not stop the Rwandan genocide that killed almost 1 million people in 1994. Where were the peace protesters then? They were just as silent as they are today in the face of the barbaric behaviour of religious fanatics.

Some may accuse me of being more of a warmonger than a Nobel laureate, but I stand ready to face my critics. It is always easier to say no to war, even at the price of appeasement. But being politically correct means leaving the innocent to suffer the world over, from Phnom Penh to Baghdad. And that is what those who would cut and run from Iraq risk doing.

Oh well, he won't be alive much longer. We're going to censor him by lynching, right fellow democrats? Lets call him a Nader!

Actually, The internet is great place to censor people. Here is a perfect example of censorship. Check out the book reviews for "Losing Bin Laden: How Bill Clinton's Failures Unleashed Global Terror"

Here is a book pointing out that democrats are not perfect. Now, I didn't actually read this, but I did manage to entertain myself for free by reading the reviews. The reviews run about half and half, as is the usual when truth is told about the other side. However, if you sort the reviews by "most helpful reviews" you will see that somehow the most helpful reviews are democrats. What had to happen for this? Well, basically, every nazi raper racist (democrat) deliberately went out of his way to click on the conservative reviews as unhelpful and the one line ad hominem insults as helpful. This perfectly exposes the truth hating and censoring nature of democrats terrified of the truth. The conservatives didn't bother.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Starting this week and lasting into June, billions and possibly even trillions of cicadas will emerge across much of the eastern half of the United States.
The thumb-sized insects are democrats, but they are large, noisy and clumsy. They climb out of their underground homes en masse after 17 years of slow development with only one goal in mind -- stealing the money of hard working capitalists
The last time this happened at such a scale was in 1987, and Baker was working in the emergency room of Cincinnati Children's.

Thankfully, a heroic little bad commie stabber is on the job:

"We had a stab wound to the arm from a kid who was trying to kill a cicada on the arm of another child but unfortunately he was using a knife," Baker added.

God DAMN Commie Cicadas.

The filthy democrat nazi raper racists are at it again. Even the ultra left wing liberal Wall Street Journal can't deny it this time:

The Globe found itself in a kerfuffle over a photo it ran with yesterday's story, which showed Kambon and Turner displaying the photos at the press conference. (That photo--which as you might expect is somewhat graphic--is reproduced at the Drudge Report.) Today the Globe ran the following "editor's note":

A photograph on Page B2 yesterday did not meet Globe standards for publication. The photo portrayed Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner and activist Sadiki Kambon displaying graphic photographs that they claimed showed US soldiers raping Iraqi women. Although the photograph was reduced in size between editions to obscure visibility of the images on display, at no time did the photograph meet Globe standards. Images contained in the photograph were overly graphic, and the purported abuse portrayed had not been authenticated [It has been disproved as pornographic entertainment, not "not authenticated", you anti-american wholly owned subsidiary of the New York Times]. The Globe apologizes for publishing the photo.

Kennedy argues that the story the photos accompanied "is completely legitimate, making it clear that there was no way of authenticating the photos . . . and even raising the possibility that it was all an Internet fraud--as it indeed turned out to be."

We're not so sure we'd agree with the defense of the story. Turner and Kambon are racist crackpots, as Kennedy notes, citing an April Boston Herald report:

Turner was quoted as saying that [Condoleezza] Rice isn't concerned "about the plight of the majority" of African-Americans. Okay, she's a foreign-policy wonk, not a domestic-policy analyst. But then Turner added that Rice is a "tool to white leaders. . . . It's similar in my mind to a Jewish person working for Hitler in the 1930s." Say what?

Kambon, naturally, was even more outrageous, calling her "Condoleezza White Rice" and "The Negro Security Adviser."

The Globe's original story on the porn photos also reports that Kambon "said at the news conference that he received the photographs by e-mail from Akbar Muhammad, a representative for the Nation of Islam."

This is roughly the equivalent of a newspaper skeptically but respectfully reporting on a showing of anti-American propaganda by David Duke, which Duke says he got from the Ku Klux Klan. Such an action by Duke might be newsworthy, but the story would be about an extremist hate-monger peddling lies, not a respected officeholder making a statement that may or may not be true.

At least in communist Mediocre Britain, people get fired for shit like this:

"Objective Reality" of Prisoner Abuse
BBC: Regiment piles pressure on Mirror

The UK newspaper Daily Mirror ran faked photos, allegedly showing British troops abusing prisoners. "The Queen's Lancashire Regiment (QLR) told a press conference the Daily Mirror must apologize for publishing the pictures and endangering British troops."

Piers Morgan, the Daily Mirror editor responsible offered this defense:

Mr Morgan said: "There is, of course, a much bigger issue here that we make no apology for highlighting - which is that the pictures accurately illustrated the reality about the appalling conduct of some British troops."

Da, Comrade Stalin would have been proud. The "objective reality" of prisoner abuse is well-served by running fake photographs. Let us have Purge Trial of QRL, on any evidence. If evidence does not exist, Comrade Morgan will invent it. Khorosho.

Update: Comrade Morgan purged! Capitalist swine at Daily Mirror sack Morgan.

Here is bolshoi ruble quote: "The Mirror had campaigned vigorously against the invasion of Iraq." Understatement of year, da?

Does anyone get lynched for this kind of filthy treason in America? Oh, I forgot, I guess free speech means letting Stalin give the order to kill commies. That stupid nigger racist Chuck Turner needs to go back to France where he is from.

I was watching Fox news in the last couple of days and Fox and friends just had the best ever moment on Fox news on Wednesday morning! They were holding up different newspapers with pictures from the horrible arab snuff film of nick berg, and ED Hill was saying: "Look this paper has a nice big picture of it on the front page, this one and this one and this one." And then she holds up the NYT and it was all anti american propaganda, no mention of the snuff film. Brian says this is why people are upset about the media bias [i.e treason]. Then E.D. holds up that time the NYT printed the 6 month old pics of the "abuse" on the front page taking up the whole page. Wow! What a contrast! Then Brian tries to find the reports of outrage from the arab world. He can't seem to find them so he starts looking under everything on the set. He says "Oh, I'm sure they will be here somewhere". Then he says the NYT editorial page made him throw up. Heh. Very Funny.

Speaking of funny, the economist has a funny article pointing out that all corporations are psychopaths (guess what that makes the worker?):

Although the moviemakers claim ownership of the company-as-psychopath idea, it predates them by a century, and rightfully belongs, in its full form, to Max Weber, the German sociologist. For Weber, the key form of social organization defining the modern age was bureaucracy. Bureaucracies have flourished because their efficient and rational division and application of labour is powerful. But a cost attends this power. As cogs in a larger, purposeful machine, people become alienated from the traditional morals that guide human relationships as they pursue the goal of the collective organization. There is, in Weber's famous phrase, a "parcelling-out of the soul".

For Weber, the greater potential tyranny lay not with the economic bureaucracies of capitalism, but the state bureaucracies of socialism. The psychopathic national socialism of Nazi Germany, communism of Stalinist Soviet rule and fascism of imperial Japan (whose oppressive bureaucratic machinery has survived well into the modern era) surely bear Weber out. Infinitely more powerful than firms and far less accountable for its actions, the modern state has the capacity to behave even in evolved western democracies as a more dangerous psychopath than any corporation can ever hope to become: witness the environmental destruction wreaked by Japan's construction ministry.

The makers of "The Corporation" counter that the state was not the subject of their film. Fair point. But they have done more than produce a thought-provoking account of the firm. Their film also invites its audience to weigh up the benefits of privatisation versus public ownership. It dwells on the familiar problem of the corporate corruption of politics and regulatory agencies that weakens public oversight of privately owned firms charged with delivering public goods. But that is only half the story. The film has nothing to say about the immense damage that can also flow from state ownership. Instead, there is a misty-eyed alignment of the state with the public interest. Run that one past the people of, say, North Korea.

Ah yes, dear leader is a psychopath??? I'm shocked. This is an insult to all psychopaths (i.e. everyone according to democrats)! They need to keep this kind of filth secret while they fornicate with each other in their spider holes. Stupid W doesn't think government should keep secrets and thinks government democratic bureaucracies should be accountable [EXECUTIVE ORDER 13292]:

Sec. 1.7. Classification Prohibitions and Limitations. (a) In no case shall information be classified in order to:

(1) conceal violations of law, inefficiency, or administrative error;
(2) prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency;
(3) restrain competition; or
(4) prevent or delay the release of information that does not require protection in the interest of the national security.

Boy is he in for a surprise when the democratic bureaucratic-mob ignores him.

More great Iraqi Abuse Pics here!

Saturday, May 08, 2004
Stop what you are doing and please read this awesome article about CommieStoryians by Glenn Garvin. He is writing about the book "In Denial: Historians, Communism and Espionage, by John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr". Here are some choice quotes:

In 1983 the Indiana University historian Robert F. Byrnes collected essays from 35 experts on the Soviet Union -- the cream of American academia -- in a book titled After Brezhnev. Their conclusion: Any U.S. thought of winning the Cold War was a pipe dream. "The Soviet Union is going to remain a stable state, with a very stable, conservative, immobile government," Byrnes said in an interview, summing up the book. "We don't see any collapse or weakening of the Soviet system."

Barely six years later, the Soviet empire began falling apart. By 1991 it had vanished from the face of the earth. Did Professor Byrnes call a press conference to offer an apology for the collective stupidity of his colleagues, or for his part in recording it? Did he edit a new work titled Gosh, We Didn't Know Our Ass From Our Elbow? Hardly. Being part of the American chattering class means never having to say you're sorry.

Journalism, academia, policy wonkery: They all maintain well-oiled Orwellian memory holes, into which errors vanish without a trace. Stern pronouncements are hurled down like thunderbolts from Zeus, and, like Zeus, their authors are totally unaccountable to mere human beings. Time's Strobe Talbott decreed in 1982 that it was "wishful thinking to predict that international Communism some day will either self-destruct or so exhaust itself in internecine conflict that other nations will no longer be threatened." A Wall Street analyst who misjudged a stock so badly would find himself living under a bridge, if not sharing a cell with Martha Stewart. But Talbott instead became Bill Clinton's deputy secretary of state, where he could apply his perspicacious geopolitical perceptual powers to Osama bin Laden.

One of the most striking revelations in the exposure of the Jayson Blair disaster at The New York Times was his fabrication of an entire visit to the West Virginia farm of POW Jessica Lynch's family, including detailed descriptions of rivers and cattle herds that did not exist. Lynch's parents read the story, laughed at the ludicrous falsehoods, but made no attempt to correct them. It never occurred to them that there was any point. Anybody who reads papers or watches television news knows how rare corrections are.

That's especially true when the mistake is not a discrete, concrete fact like a misspelled name but a broader error of perspective or analysis. It took decades for the Times to admit that the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting of its Stalin-era Moscow bureau chief, Walter Duranty, was delusionary drivel. Even so, his Pulitzer stands. And the Times has yet to bite the bullet on its correspondent Herbert J. Matthews, the clueless Castro groupie who wrote that the comandante was winning his guerrilla war in Cuba at a time when he actually commanded fewer than 20 men.

Sometimes the refusal to confront errors is simple hubris. But often it masks a queasy reluctance to start down a path of self-examination, for fear of where it will lead. During the final days of the 1990 election in Nicaragua, ABC News released the results of a poll showing the ruling Sandinista Party ahead by 16 percentage points. "For the Bush Administration and the Reagan Administration before it, the poll hints at a simple truth: After years of trying to get rid of the Sandinistas, there is not much to show for their efforts," Peter Jennings gravely informed his viewers. But a few days later, the Sandinistas lost -- by 14 percentage points. The "simple truth" was really that the poll, like so much of what ABC and other American news media outlets had been reporting from Nicaragua for the previous decade, was utterly, dumbfoundingly, whoppingly wrong. But if you think that triggered a frenzy of soul searching at ABC -- about how the poll could have been so mistaken, about how none of the network's reporters sensed anything askew -- then guess again. Instead, Jennings dismissed the subject the next day with a single smirking reference to the inscrutability of Nicaraguans.

Now that's what you call a good stabbing!!! Disgusting Commie Filth noticed this mighty feat of stabbing and are desperately trying to hide their immorality here. Too bad they banned me for not liking commies. I could have contributed to the discussion - say a knife or two - OR 4043.

Moving on to the topic of the day - the pictures of "abuse" (i.e. justice towards arab mass murderers) - I would like to say that Lynndie England is my hero! That's right! Lynndie England is a Bad Commie Hero! I want to be like Lynndie! Everyone should be like Lynndie! I hope she did the right thing and chopped the heads off of those non Geneva, non POW Partisans after she was done with them and then sent the heads back to their families. That's what US justice (a woman with boobies so big that Ashcroft had to hide them) does to arab rapists.

The hypocrisy of the black and white racist communists who have formed together to join the democrat party is astounding. Here are some of the highlights:

The commies say: "Bush and Rumsfeld are evil and should resign because a US female soldiers kicked the ass of some non cooperative baathists and arab rapists".

Bad Commie says:

1) Prisons in democrat states in the US have much worse conditions and have instances of rape much more prevalent than in American Abu Grave. MUCH more prevalent. Several Orders of MAGNITUDE. That's right, the democrats are filthy rapists.

2) Making a woman wear a burqua in 120 deg heat is sexual, physical and mental abuse. When will the asshole democrats pay for their crimes of supporting Saddam and the Islamofascists? Why do they hate women as well as blacks and whites?

3) We should be apologizing to who??? Arab "sovereign" "governments" ??? (free running gangs of murdering thugs) We should be apologizing to nazi islamofascists who cheered when Osama bin Laden finally got to the last level on the Airplane Computer Game on 9/11? Really??? FUCK YOU, COMMIE. STAB STAB STAB STAB

4) Their candidate for president (John "Killed Women and Children in Vietnam and then blamed other people for it" Kerry) is a mass murdering serial killing war criminal commie. That's right, this fucker LOVED to kill women and children. And then he tried to AVOID RESPONSIBILITY.

5) 18,000 investigation in the Armed Forces per year and Rummy and W should resign over this minor inconsequential one?

Anyway, I could go on for pages. Maybe next time, if there are any commies still left alive by the time I write the next blog.

You, know the real criminal here is the media. Amateur war photography is as almost as old as photography itself. During World War I, the army would execute soldiers who took photographs. We need to execute everyone in CNN, CBS, ANC, NBC and every station aside from Fox News. Well, OK, Fox News too. No more Kobe and MJ stories and no more apologizing for beating the shit out of bad people, you media morons. We killed the Soviet and the Nazi Propagandists, and we will kill you too.

Speaking of principled withdrawals of troops, check out this atrocity that the republicans committed:

After one of the bloodiest months of fighting in Europe, House Republican leaders called for all United States forces to be withdrawn from Europe. "This is a quagmire," said one house member. "There is no evidence whatsoever that Nazi Germany had any connection to the attacks of 12/07 and fighting with Germany is a distraction from our war on Japan. We need to finish the job in the Pacific before getting involved in Europe's problem and besides, it's not as if Nazi Germany is an imminent threat to America. They haven't even been able to conquer Britain. Besides, isn't this a matter for the League of Nations?"

Asked about reports that there were some concentration camps in Europe, another House member replied, "He [FDR] has never said that this was about liberating the concentration camps in his 12/08 speech. In fact, how could he [FDR] say a word about this when we ally ourselves with dictators such as Josef Stalin and Chang-Kai-Shek?"

One Republican Senator opined that, "FDR has squandered all the good will we built up from WW1 in a few short years and for what? So we can conquer Japan and Germany to acquire cheap radios and German automobiles. It's about enriching FDR's Wall-Street buddies".

I would laugh if not for that reference to the time when the Communist Government of the US supported the Communist Government of Stalin in murdering 100's of millions of people.

I hereby declare this blog a "No Commie Zone" God, I love vietnamese immigrants. They hate Commies AND the Ketchup Prince because he supported the mass murder of their country. A Two-fer!

Moving on, check this out. My favorite frenchman Jean-Francois Revel has another article:

According to the anti-globalists, the global marketplace will breed ever-increasing poverty for the profit of an ever-richer minority. This is of course the outcome Karl Marx predicted in the middle of the nineteenth century for the industrialized nations of Western Europe and North America. But we all know how history has confirmed that brilliant prophecy. So the old prediction has been transferred to a new locale, new time, and new active agency. Ah, the genius of "scientific socialism.";

But today's anti-globalists are much more than false prophets. Their violence has gone far beyond legitimate protest into real savagery. They have killed people through charming acts like bombing McDonald's restaurants. In Seattle, Nice, Genoa, and other cities, rioters destroyed millions of dollars worth of property and attacked officials and police.

Anti-globalists have tried to replace democracy with a despotism of the mob, advancing the brutal proposition that street demonstrators are more legitimate than elected governments. Wherever they have been active, their goal has been to prevent elected heads of state or appointed officials of international organizations from meeting. Like other totalitarians, they treat the mere expression of ideas contrary to their slogans as a crime.

Anti-globalizers have no ambition to advance a program by democratic means, for the simple reason that they don't have a program, or coherent ideas, or facts on their side. So instead they beat relentlessly on the archaic anti-capitalist and anti-American drum. In Genoa we saw red flags adorned with hammer and sickle, effigies of Che Guevara, and the acronym for the Red Brigades.

To finish up, here are some quotes about big boobies, sorry, I mean justice:

When you go into court you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people who weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty. ~Norm Crosby

A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer. ~Robert Frost

Punishment is now unfashionable... because it creates moral distinctions among men, which, to the democratic mind, are odious. We prefer a meaningless collective guilt to a meaningful individual responsibility. ~Thomas Szasz

The trouble with the laws these days is that criminals know their rights better than their wrongs. ~Author Unknown

Somebody recently figured out that we have 35 million laws to enforce the ten commandments. ~Attributed to both Bert Masterson and Earl Wilson

Although the legal and ethical definitions of right are the antithesis of each other, most writers use them as synonyms. They confuse power with goodness, and mistake law for justice. ~Charles T. Sprading, Freedom and its Fundamentals

But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply. See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them, and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime. ~Frederic Bastiat, The Law

When there's a single thief, it's robbery. When there are a thousand thieves, it's taxation. ~Vanya Cohen

When I see the Ten Most Wanted Lists... I always have this thought: If we'd made them feel wanted earlier, they wouldn't be wanted now. ~Edie Cantor

Injustice is relatively easy to bear; it is justice that hurts. ~H.L. Mencken

The more corrupt the republic, the more numerous the laws. ~Tacitus, Annals

The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual crime. ~Max Stirner, The Ego and His Own

Crimes were committed to punish crimes, and crimes were committed to prevent crimes. The world has been filled with prisons and dungeons, with chains and whips, with crosses and gibbets, with thumbscrews and racks, with hangmen and heads-men - and yet these frightful means and instrumentalities have committed far more crimes than they have prevented.... Ignorance, filth, and poverty are the missionaries of crime. As long as dishonorable success outranks honest effort - as long as society bows and cringes before the great thieves, there will be little ones enough to fill the jails. ~Robert Ingersoll, Crimes Against Criminals

The vices of the rich and great are mistaken for error; and those of the poor and lowly, for crimes. ~Lady Marguerite Blessington

An appeal... is when you ask one court to show its contempt for another court. ~Finley Peter Dunne

The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread. ~Anatole France (Jacques Anatole François Thibault), The Red Lily, 1894

Capital punishment turns the state into a murderer. But imprisonment turns the state into a gay dungeon-master. ~Jesse Jackson

One of irony's greatest accomplishments is that one cannot punish the wrongdoing of another without committing a wrongdoing himself. ~Tas Soft Wind

Thursday, May 06, 2004
Dear Coliseum Spectators!




I notice a lot of commie dickhead crucified weasels think that killing IRAQI murderers and rapists is wrong. I notice that these same dickheads think that it is wrong for female soldiers to treat rapists like filth that they are. Let's see, why would anti American zeropean french democratic beaver droppings care about people like these:

d. (U) Mr. Adel L. Nakhla, a US civilian contract translator was questioned about several detainees accused of rape. He observed (sic): They (detainees) were all naked, a bunch of people from MI, the MP were there that night and the inmates were ordered by SGT Granier and SGT Frederick ordered the guys while questioning them to admit what they did. They made them do strange exercises by sliding on their stomach, jump up and down, throw water on them and made them some wet, called them all kinds of names such as gays do they like to make love to guys, then they handcuffed their hands together and their legs with shackles and started to stack them on top of each other by insuring that the bottom guys penis will touch the guy on tops butt.

Why do these women hating and black skin family destroying democrats think that we should apologize to murderers for abusing murderers? Why are we supposed to apologize to nazi jew haters, people who think "contempt of government" is a crime, people who cheered as 9/11 happened and to people who dragged the corpses of American civilians in the street? Is it wrong to put women's underwear on the head of a Saddam loving rapist? Why are these same people not condemning arab filth for putting a burqua on EVERY woman's head? At least you can SEE out of the underwear. Why is the communist filth not protesting when far worse abuses happen in every US prison in democratic states?

Welcome to the truth, commie dickheads.

You think women soldiers who mildly mentally disturb rapists are an "army of scum" ? WELCOME TO THE KNIFE, COMMIE SCUM. IT'S TIME FOR A STABBING!

From the politburo:

They're prisoners of war. They're SUPPOSED to be humiliated. They were humiliated but not physically harmed, oh, the horror!

Where was the outrage of the world in March 2003 when it was learned that the Iraqis had bound the hands of a dozen American prisoners of war with barbed wire, then poured diesel fuel on them and burned them alive? You could hear crickets chirping.

Where was the outrage of the world in March when the Arab terrorists in Fallujah kidnapped and murdered four American civilians and dragged their mutilated bodies through the streets? The Arabs danced in the streets and their sympathizers here wrung their hands and said "we must try to understand why they hate us so."

Where was the outrage of the world last week when the Arab terrorists in Israel murdered a pregnant woman in her car in Israel, then shot her four daughters, and videotaped the act, complete with the dying screams of a two-year-old girl? I don't hear any outrage. I hear crickets chirping.

Fuck them. Fuck them all. Fuck them all in the ass. Fuck them all in the ass with a rusty chainsaw. This war should have gone nuclear before sundown Eastern time on September 11th, 2001. These filthy Arab savages think they're in a position to make demands? Who the fuck do they think they are? And our President is going hat in hand to kowtow to these sneering savages who will always hate our living guts? What the hell?

It's two and a half years past time to start making unarguable statements about who is in a position to make demands of whom. Turn Mecca, Medina, Riyadh, Lahore, Islamabad, Damascus, and Tripoli into radioactive craters. Fallujah, Tikrit, Gaza, Ramallah, and Nablus, too. Then we'll see who demands apologies of whom.

I have reached the point where I no longer care about moral arguments. The Arabs started this war, and by their choice of targets and their behavior they have given up any right to complain about harm to their own civilians or supposed mistreatment of their cowardly inbred IQ-55 "soldiers" who surrender. The Arabs started this war and whatever happens to them, they are bringing on themselves. I no longer care about what the Euro-peons and the traitorous fifth columnists in the US say is write or wrong.

These lying, thieving, inbred, Bronze Age throwback savages are killing Americans and I *do* care about that. And I want the Arab children of today, and their children, and their grandchildren, and their great grandchildren, and all their descendants, forever, and anyone else who is thinking about attacking the US, to have nightmares about what happens when you start a war with America, until the end of time. Fuck Europe and fuck Prince Bandar and fuck the Ayatollahs and fuck anyone who says different. In the ass. With a rusty chainsaw.

Extracted from: GULAG inmate #6 at May 6, 2004 06:38 PM

Extracted from: Bad Commie at May 6, 2004 07:13 PM

More Truth:

Where the Truth Has No Name
by David Vance

Speaking of the recent photographs showing alleged instances of abuse by US and UK soldiers of Iraqi prisoners, the Satellite News TV presenter summed the position up with admirable if alarming frankness. It really doesn't matter if the photos turn out to be fakes, the fact is that Iraqis have seen them and it will confirm their worst fears about the American occupation. Welcome to the land where the truth has no name.

That's a whole heap of prejudice for just one short sentence in a news report but this is symptomatic of what is being served up every hour every day across the spectrum of the global leftist media, and understanding this omnipresent prejudice should help us to recognize that the liberal media will say and do anything to damage President Bush in this election year. We need to accept this inconvenience, stop trying to win liberals' approval and focus on winning the war. This is why the US military withdrawal from Fallujah was such a bad idea sending the wrong message to our friends and enemies.

Whilst our troops are bravely fighting the terrorists in Jihadistan, some sadly laying down their lives in pursuance of providing freedom for Iraqis, the rancid liberals that infest the mass media are pulling out all the stops to undermine their brilliant successes, to besmirch their proud reputation, and to provide succor for the watching enemy.

Consider the prejudice in the reporter's comment that, "It doesn't matter if the photos are fake or not." So truth is irrelevant when determining the veracity of what is happening in Iraq? Well, maybe that's true! After all, the media delighted in splashing images across our screens showing what they termed "the photos Bush didn't want you to see" - being the returning coffins of US soldiers killed in Iraq. When it transpired that the images concerned were actually those of the astronauts tragically killed when the Space Shuttle Colombia space exploded, a discrete silence descended. Why let facts get in the way of an anti-Bush headline?

The further implied prejudice -- that these images will "confirm" Iraqis' worst fears about America -- is also deeply repulsive. How do these reporters know what Iraqis' worst fears are about anything, let alone America? It's just my guess but I reckon the worst fear an Iraqi might have had prior to the US-led liberation was to stand and watch whilst a family member was fed, head-first, into a human-shredding machine, and then be made to pay for the funeral expenses. That is one fear that the US and UK troops have removed from Iraqis but it seems of trivial consequences to some intrepid reporters out to hammer Bush.

Here's a thought. Maybe what these liberal reporters betray is their own deep-seated loathing for their county? Might it be that they are transferring their own visceral dislike of the US onto ordinary Iraqis, many of whom are quite content to see the reassuring presence of American and British troops on the ground? I suggest that conservatives' worst fears about liberal bias in the media are manifest in this sort of "reporting."

The key media objective was to splash images across the world that it knew would embarrass the US and UK governments and ensure that undecided Iraqis had reasons not to support the liberators of their country. The likely consequence of this is that more of our soldiers will die as newly-emboldened terrorists strive to drive a dagger through the heart of the Coalition.

One factor curiously missing from all these liberal news reports is the precise nature of those captured Iraqi prisoners. Time after time they are presented as if they are noble freedom fighters whose only crime has been getting caught whilst trying to throw off the yolk of American despotism. The Euro-weenie media have taken to calling them the "Iraqi Resistance." Every attempt is made to convey spurious credibility upon them.

The fundamental truth is that those who have been taken prisoners by US and UK soldiers are the vile remnants of Saddam brutal army of oppression who, together with imported Jihadists, have set out to kill as many Coalition troops as possible. These are the people who delight in desecrating the bodies of dead Americans. These are Saddam's spawn and whilst no one condones any unwarranted abuses of prisoners a little bit of context might go some way to explain the images.

Groucho Marx once said, "I find television very educational. Every time someone switches it on, I go into a different room and read a book."

Is it any wonder that liberals can't watch enough television?

Monday, May 03, 2004
Dear readers,

Where does communism come from?
Did Karl Marx invent it?
Did the French?

Not, it was the disgusting Greeks! Those filthy smelly French proto-weasels invented democracy because they could not kill each other efficiently enough and because their slaves had too good a chance of going free!

Have these drooling Greek idiots ever apologized for inventing communism (i.e. democracy)? Or are the Greeks still all congenital liars and thieves? Will they pay the United States reparations for their disgusting filthy acts of mass murder?

Here are some of Greece's horrific crimes:

Democracy was first documented [like when the Stasi or the KGB "documented" stuff] in ancient Greece, especially in the city of Athens. But it wasn't the only type of government in Greece. Democracy gradually developed over about 2 centuries -- from 507-318 BC. The form of democracy practiced in Athens was not the same as democracy in the United States today.
In response to unrest among the lower economic classes,[oh - there was unrest, was there? Perhaps they were upset at commies oppressing them?] a written law code was created around 621 BC. The written laws were intended to create a more just system of government, but conflicts between the nobility and the poor continued.[I'm shocked!] Later, the law code was revised, and by the 4th century there was a more direct form of democracy. This "direct" democracy meant that people participated in their government in various ways -- they might be part of:

the Assembly
the Council
the Courts

Not everyone was treated equally in Athens. The people were divided into 3 groups:
Citizens: Only men could be citizens.
Metics: These were foreigners living in Athens -- usually traders or craftsmen.
Slaves: People captured in war or purchased in slave markets. Slaves could be freed by their owners or purchase their own freedom [guess which class is doing all the work]

Remember, if you see a Greek person, STAB THEM IMMEDIATELY. Better safe then sorry! Who cares if 1/100 is not a commie! The filthy coward weasels invented communism (democracy) so they could have an excuse to oppress their slaves. Disgusting communist Greek filth must have communism justified to it. Let's do it by stabbing them! They thought that by using the cover of commie-mocracy they could have their voices count for more than their fair share. Let's share our knives with the weasels, since they like sharing other people's property so much!

Back to politics, here is something to back up what Bad Commie was saying months ago. All men of military honor spit in Kerry's face:

Hundreds of former commanders and military colleagues of presumptive Democrat nominee John Kerry are set to declare in a signed letter that he is "unfit to be commander in chief." They will do so at a press conference Tuesday in Washington.
"What is going to happen on Tuesday is an event that is really historical in dimension," John O'Neill, a Vietnam veteran who served in the Navy as a PCF (Patrol Craft Fast) boat commander, told The event, expected to draw about 25 of the letter-signers, is being organized by a newly formed group called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

"We have 19 of 23 officers who served with [Kerry]. We have every commanding officer he ever had in Vietnam. They all signed a letter that says he is unfit to be commander in chief," O'Neill said.

The above info was from the best site on the web for world class intellectual researched journalism and carefully checked facts,

To make sure all commies are properly scared of W, the bestest commie killer ever, check out this excellent news:

"They were just economic migrants passing through Macedonia illegally to reach some European country to earn money for their poor families," Burney said.

Macedonian police have accused the country's former interior minister, Ljube Boskovski, of ordering the executions and also implicated three top associates, as well as a businessman and two police commandos.

The police charges are a first step in a legal process likely to lead to an official indictment and a trial. If found guilty, they could face life in prison.

Pakistan's government praised Macedonia for revealing the "diabolical plot" and starting legal action.

"This crime is even more shocking and heinous because these murders were pre-planned and were committed to spruce up Macedonia's image as an ally in the war against terrorism," Foreign Ministry spokesman Masood Khan said in a statement.

Ha Ha Ha! Awesome! I love it. It's almost as good as us playing legos and peeing on Iraqi murderers. Actually to be fair, we are not doing nearly enough of that. We need to get up to the Al-Jazeera level of abuse of Islamofascists. We have a long way to go boys, get cracking! Let's show those Islamofascists dictator lovers who they should be scared of! Here is a hint: It isn't jooooooos or their own sadistic mass murderers (i.e. the leaders of their countries). It's FEMALE US Soldiers! Go babes, go!

If you're still not convinced as to why its good to kill scum, read this excellent article titled "Does waging war on a tyrant make one a tyrant? " in Capitalism Magazine.

To conclude, I would like to point out that I have only received 2 death threats in the comments to the blog (both by the same person). On the other hand, Bad Commie has issued a grand total of 3417 stabbing threats to commies, to date. So, who do you think is winning? I thought so.

Bad Commie is great commie stabber!

Sunday, May 02, 2004
As you know, yesterday was International Workers' Day, a commie holiday where communists get upset that 1 person got killed in Chicago while ignoring the millions of people that they murder with their communist democratic policies using the ideology of commie-mocracy. They also spout some retarded garbage about an eight hour work week. Of-course, that part is completely false since no one was forcing employees to work for employers that needed round the clock workers to be competitive. So the disgusting filth wanted to make it illegal for anyone to work more than 8 hours in a day. I assume the stupid filth wanted to kill all farmers, thereby starving the whole country. Mother Fucking CSPAN was showing a speech by Castro who was blathering on communist statistics about infant mortality rates (no, he didn't say anything about the mortality rates under communist dictatorships or how Stalin's "statistics" missed Stalin killing 7 million people in the Ukraine). Well, to make a long story short, there is a knife shaped hole in my television and vomit all over the room.

I was talking with Osama bin Texan and he pointed out to me that my interpretation of the pic I posted yesterday was incorrect:

I naturally assumed some democrat had dressed the woman in a burqua against her will, and then some other democrat had beaten the women for wearing a burqua. Well, it turns out that the first picture was somehow supposed to represent the "normal" state, like in "before and after" pictures. I kind of like the second picture since I could see the evidence of the crime and I assumed violence and death would be swift as the woman took her revenge. Well, now it turns out that I'm supposed to somehow respect the first picture. Last time I get involved in a domestic violence dispute. With any luck the woman was probably one of these.

In other news, Osama bin Texan and Bad Commie were reading this article:

Russert did not play the tape to congratulate Kerry for his truth-telling. On the contrary, he was clearly calling him on the carpet. He even suggested that "a lot" of Kerry's allegations had been discredited. In fact, every word that Kerry spoke then has been shown to be true [A Lie] in an abundance of testimony. Even now, new revelations pour out. For example, the Toledo Blade just won the Pulitzer Prize for unearthing the story of an army company that went on a seven-month rampage in Vietnam, routinely killing peasants, burning villages, cutting off the ears of corpses. Troops in the field can hardly engage in such conduct over a period of months without the knowledge and at least tacit approval of higher authority.

Kerry answered warily. He began by trying to make light of the clip. "Where did all that dark hair go? -- that's a big question for me," he joked. He went on to say that although some of his language had been "excessive," he was still proud of the stand he had taken. His predicament is worth pondering. The powers that be, with the approval of mainstream opinion, had sent him into a misbegotten war whose awful reality they covered up. When he helped uncover it, it was not they but he who was punished. [A lie] In short, by sending young men into an atrocious, mistaken war, they created a truth so distasteful to the public that its disclosure, by discrediting the discloser, keeps them in power.
Kerry's equivocations are indeed related. For if as a soldier in Vietnam in 1968 and '69 he was brought face to face with one reality -- the human reality of the war -- then as a presidential candidate in 2004 he has been driven up against another -- the political reality that no antiwar candidate of modern times has ever made it into the White House. One might think that Kerry's good sense and bravery in opposing the Vietnam War three decades ago might stand him in good stead today. (How many Americans now think getting into Vietnam was a good idea?) But as the Russert interview shows, just the opposite is the case. It is Kerry's bravery as a soldier fighting the mistaken war, not his bravery as a veteran opposing it, that helps him in his bid for the presidency.

And so just as Kerry bowed to political reality by distancing himself from his old testimony while expressing continued pride in it, so he bowed to that same reality by voting for the Iraq authorization (while expressing opposition to "the way" the President went to war). Even today he will not acknowledge that his vote -- and the war -- were a mistake. Kerry is stuck between politics and truth. After the Congressional vote on the war, however, a peculiar thing happened. Kerry's political sails, far from filling with a fresh breeze, began to flap idly in the wind. Polls and pundits agreed: His nomination was dead in the water.
Such is the archeology of the dilemma that Kerry and the Democratic Party face today. Their flip-flopping, which is real enough, is between the truth as they see it and politics as they know it to be. The party is an antiwar party that dares not speak its name. Its candidate is energized, but with a borrowed energy. He has a backbone, but it is a borrowed backbone.

The antiwar movement that has lent Kerry and his party this energy and this backbone faces a dilemma, too. On the one hand, it needs Kerry to win, even though he refuses to repent his vote to authorize the war. On the other hand, neither the movement nor Kerry can afford to let the antiwar energies that were and remain a principal source of their hopes and his, die down. The movement must persist, independent of Kerry and keeping him or making him honest, yet not opposing him. If truth must be an exile from the mainstream of politics, let it thrive on the margins.

Jonathan Schell, Harold Willens Peace Fellow at the Nation Institute, is the author, most recently, of The Unconquerable World: Power, Nonviolence, and the Will of the People (Metropolitan).

This, my fellow stabbers, is what communist filth spouts as its running away in full retreat. I was explaining to Osama bin Texan that it's not considered truth, if you take an action opposite to the truth you supposedly espouse. It is considered lying. Kerry said that he and every other American soldier was a war criminal. Why didn't he shoot himself, if that was true?

Osama bin Texan said:

ObT: Kerry was a truth teller and the commie nation couldn't handle the truth. Kerry said we raped, killed, committed war crimes . . . and yet he his still PRO-WAR. He has a principled position that terrorizes both sides. War is necessary ==> terrorizes liberals with the truth. All your heroes are common criminals ==> terrorizes conservatives with the truth.

I said that terrorizing people was certainly good, but that you have to look at the kind of terrorism Kerry was engaging in. The only kind of war Kerry thinks is necessary is fighting side by side with Hitler, Stalin and Saddam.
And Kerry doesn't want to do anything about the common criminals, except to join them. This is what is known as stating the other side's position as if you believed it and then doing the exact opposite.

At this point, I had terrorized the terrorist, and Osama bin Texan was forced to switch subjects:

ObT: The point is, the other choices for president don't admit they are wrong, and continue to be wrong. Like an alcoholic, the first step is acknowledgement. The United States is a drunkard addicted to the vodka of Commienism.
Only Kerry says we have a problem, so he is our only hope.

Consider the desperateness of our situation - a north-eastern Yankee Liberal who keeps a "manservant" is our only hope. Think about that.

Yes, well, I wouldn't go running into the arms of a serial killer just because your daddy was mean to you, ObT. That's right, ObT, W is your daddy!

Saturday, May 01, 2004
Check out this "compassionate" conservative Douglas Kern ranting about how mass murdering communists should NOT be punched on the nose:

My years as a prosecutor made me a connoisseur of broken noses. Every Monday, a battery of battered women would trundle into the grand jury room, full of reasons why their loutish husbands and brutal boyfriends should get counseling, not jail time. Week after week, I placed victims in the witness chair and asked the same tired questions and endured the same old lies and rationalizations. Sometimes I stared at my victims' noses. They had twisted noses and flat noses; noses skewed to the side and jacked up to a point; noses with irregular planes and sudden drops and unlikely facets; noses that had been broken before, and would be broken again. And who were we to say differently? It's a free country, the women reminded us, and they had the right to love whom they pleased, and to live as they pleased, and to be beaten as they pleased.
One woman who repented of her choices told me about her wedding day. Her soon-to-be husband had beaten her about the face on the night before the wedding. When the loving couple arrived at the judge's office in Kentucky, he laughed out loud. "Lord, he thumped you good last night!" the judge exclaimed, as he examined her black eyes and swollen cheeks. Then he married them. They had a right.
What exactly is the "culture of liberty?" Let me answer that question personally: the culture of liberty is what made me free. Tax cuts are great, but they didn't make me free. Ayn Rand novels are spiffy, but they didn't make me free. We recognize a host of rights -- to pornography, to alcohol, to government benefits, to due process under the law -- but these "rights" did not make me free.

The love of my parents made me free. Their discipline and moral guidance gave me the tools to discern right from wrong, and to reason clearly. That guidance helped me reject the stultifying faux-liberalism that my expensive "education" foisted upon me. Religion gave me the tools and traditions to reject the stranger premises of this era. The organizations and clubs to which I have belonged taught me how democracy really works -- not as an abstract Emersonian ideal, but as an imperfect vehicle for the management of grubby selfish people. These experiences taught me the value of human dignity, and how to think and act in a manner worthy of that dignity. I learned to love freedom enough to die in its defense, and perhaps more remarkably, to live in its defense. In short, I learned to be free.


The force that made me free was not a set of laws, or a strong economy, or an unbeatable military. A culture made me free. The learned, lived experience of wisdom in our society -- our history, our traditions, and all the rhythms and cadences of a free people living honest lives -- made me free. Laws, economies, and militaries serve man only insofar as they protect and nourish those cultural influences that make and shape citizens.
The libertarian language of rights and rationality lends itself to a superb criticism of the suffering that states inflict. But that libertarian language speaks hardly at all to individual, existential suffering -- to the harms that evil, mortality, and loss wreak on every life, every day, everywhere. If libertarianism cannot speak to personal suffering -- the most definitive of human experiences -- ought we to enshrine it as our highest ideal?

An enlightened paternalism will not reshape the world, or re-make human nature; neither will it heal every hurt. But wise statesmanship will acknowledge that men, with all their flaws and shortcomings, will fall short of the libertarian ideal in certain specific areas, particularly relating to sexuality and reproduction. As these shortcomings may lead men to select degradation over ennoblement, and as such choices may endanger the future of a free society, a government may legitimately promote policies that favor families over the absence thereof; that favor children over sterility; that extol the value of freedom over the horror of oppression; and that prefer churches, benevolent societies, and all of Burke's "little platoons" over naked individualism. We must have a society in which judges may say: "It is grotesque that you have beaten this woman. Your marriage would be a mockery. I will not solemnize it." If such a society bruises our precious rights, then so much the worse for our rights.

Libertarianism is sometimes tempted towards the Promethean fallacy -- towards the belief that freedom will triumph forever, if explained carefully enough, often enough. I deny that libertarianism alone can sustain a free society. I believe that freedom is fragile -- exquisitely beautiful, easily abused, often broken, and much in need of protection. Like a nose.

First, I would like to disassociate myself from the lunatic rantings of this unstabbed communist. No true commie stabber (i.e conservative) is compassionate in any way. Compassion is disgusting communist filth. Well, maybe I could use my best dressed knife for stabbing this particular traitor to America and the HOT BUTTERED COMMIE DEATH FOR WHICH IT STANDS. Second as a Bad Commie democrat, his suggestion that government benefits do not make me free is outrageous. Completely fucking unacceptable. I demand free high quality knives from the government stolen from the Chinese at the point of a gun and made by Chinese slave labor. That knife will make me free. As a Bad Commie Republican, his suggestion that Ayn Rand novels do not make me free is the vilest form of treachery. He needs to go back to France - where he came from. And as Bad Commie, the stupid fucker needs to understand that FREEDOM does NOT need to be PROTECTED. Only a retard raised on parental welfare wants the government to "protect" freedom. The government is pathologically incapable of protecting ANYTHING. It can only steal, burn, pillage and loot. In short, it can only act like a democrat. This is what democrats do:

See that? A DEMOCRAT did that. A DEMOCRAT dressed that woman in a burqua (and then beat her). The democratic state of Saudi Arabia is run by disgusting welfare loving democrats. And just like our very own ones at home in America, they love to do this kind of stuff. They orgasm over it. More details of the story here and here.:
Rania al-Baz said her husband, Mohammed al-Fallatta, beat her so hard earlier this week that he broke her nose and fractured her face in 13 places.
The reason why he beat me up was very trivial, we had an argument in which we exchanged no more than four sentences.

He had no reason for attacking me this way, but it wasn't the first time he was violent, although he had never been that violent before.

Here is an opinion by a Saudi Man on the whole thing. As I said in the comments:

Power and control is good, you moron. They are a sign of adequate gifts AND intelligence.

What's bad is that the women don't have guns, not some lack of disgusting communist mass murdering values of "protection". Protection IS HOW THEY GOT INTO THIS MESS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

I submit that the reason all democrats, even the feminazis, love to beat women and blacks is because they are welfare loving, property right hating, mass murderers who love the fact that democrats like Stalin murdered 100's of millions of people. It's their own goal in life. A hundred million people is made up out of a lot of beaten women, fellow commie stabbers. I am going to start stabbing before commies beat again.

Let's compare the actions above with W's heroic efforts in Iraqgypt:

Now, the all the world's communist papers started printing that this was "torture" at first. Bad Commie immediately knew that this statement by Saddam lovers was a bald faced lie. I could tell by looking at the pictures. If there was torture you would see bruises and missing body parts, like when the democrats do it. Now the American Anti American papers have had to back off and say it was merely "abuse". Ok, commieporters, why is "abuse" note worthy? It's not you drooling mongoloid property haters. This is just good old fashioned American fun. Can someone explain to me exactly why it is wrong for Boston soldiers to dress Iraqis up as witches so they can pretend they are having Salem witch trials? I would say this is a stroke of genius, as a matter of fact. Iraqis ARE witches! Excellent! Burn them, Burn them! Oh, and even if there was torture, which there wasn't in this case, Bad Commie would still approve it. All Communists should be tortured to death.

Another example of the benefits of W's rule to Iraqgypt:

See this? W is teaching Iraqis how to stack themselves in pyramids so they can build more of the big ones that Iraq has. W is EDUMACATING their culture about its own benefits. And the commies have the nerve to say that playing legos with iraqis without hurting them is somehow wrong. What's wrong is when you BEAT people commies. Not when you play legos with them.

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